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The Great War was either over twenty years ago, or not quite thirty. Most survivors aren't certain. That's because most terrans and dwarves want to forget. They don’t want to remember the... More > bloodshed or the agony, or that their peoples were sheared to near extinction. And they certainly don’t want to remember those responsible – the brak. The brak, following their defeat, were exiled to the wastelands beyond the Barrier. It was thought they would not survive; no one expected them to flourish. But flourish they have, and led by Lord Gehv, have plotted the ultimate revenge. The known world will soon be reduced to ash. A vision of warning is sent to two terrans. To overcome the brak, they will face extreme dangers, and mystical and forgotten concepts. But what are the Light Crystal and the Mountain of Forever? And what do these legends have to do with the brak plot? They must soon decide if they can believe in things they have never seen; rediscovering the purpose of a long abandoned belief.< Less
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Samuel Aristotle Dee sits alone. Not that he is alone - far from it. The physicist, forty-one years of age, is surrounded by the masses, all coming and going. And yet he feels like an island... More > within a metropolis... a solitary star in the black void of space... the first neutrino detected from another galaxy... Amidst the billions, Sam hides in plain sight. He hides from a confused past and an uncertain future. So he sits, not sure what to do or where to go. And then one day a mysterious and foreign stranger approaches him, offering the physicist a way out of his existential crisis. The foreigner asks Sam how far he would go to live forever? Would he travel through time and space?< Less

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