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What are difficulties and sufferings? By Satya
eBook (PDF): $3.06
Difficulties and sufferings have many meanings, have many purposes. First of all, they are springboards that let you ‘jump’ very high. To overcome difficulties, you need to lay down... More > the ‘arms’ of the mind and open the gate of the heart.< Less
'Being’ or ‘being’? By Satya
eBook (PDF): $4.25
Someone wishes to ‘Being’ but chooses to believe and make believe to Being, then he cannot really Being. Someone chooses not to make other believe anything: he simply ‘Is’.
What is the true Love? By Satya
eBook (PDF): $5.32
You can discover the immensity of a ‘new Love’ that satisfies everything, that makes Life a ‘Song of Love’, a ‘Song of Joy’, that donate you the freedom of... More > ‘flying’ high.< Less
Touch the Earth By Satya
eBook (PDF): $3.19
‘Touch’ the world by your feet feeling that you do not belong to it, but you chose to walk on Earth. So, you can look at everything from the top, raise in Heaven freely.
The Journey continues By Satya
eBook (PDF): $4.25
The Journey of Life is a great ‘means’ for a multitude of purposes. They are revealed to you day after day. Every day, you can find new aspects, understand new meanings and see new... More > destinations.< Less
The Awakening of the Soul By Satya
eBook (PDF): $3.19
The ‘Awakening’ starts when you begin understanding ‘Who’ you are, when you start feeling that you are a bright and free Soul, when you start to see that you are the maker of... More > your life.< Less
Make your dailylife serene By Satya
eBook (PDF): $5.32
In everything you can play at everything you can smile for everything you can sing live everything with enthusiasm: so, everything can change…
The inner Healer By Satya
eBook (PDF): $4.25
Look carefully inside you: you will discover that the ‘Great Healer’ is inside you. With him, you can leaf through his 'book': you will discover the means and the modes of cure just for... More > you.< Less
Make shine your body By Satya
eBook (PDF): $3.19
The body is a very beautiful ‘Vase’ that always goes will cleaned, that must be held ‘dusted’, that must be made bright, so that its light can brighter, and it can contain... More > precious balm.< Less
Like a 'Cloud' By Satya
eBook (PDF): $4.25
I chose to be a ‘Cloud’ to be caressed by the ‘Sun’ to be carried away by the ‘Wind’ without asking where… Now I am a free and happy ... More > ‘Cloud’.< Less

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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
Hardcover: $31.49
Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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