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The sentence printed at the top of p.14 is Duplicated in the middle of p.168 and bottom of p.544 within the Context of a 234,348 word text (see p.6 through 609 excluding the Three pages mentioned above). On p.544 the sentence Bleeds onto p.545. By Todd Van Buskirk
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The Indiscerniblity of Identicals is the principle that if two objects are absolutely identical then they must be indistinguishable from one another with respect to all of their properties. But does... More > that include the context of the identical objects? The notion of identical gives rise to many philosophical problems, including: 1. What does it mean for an object to be the same as itself? 2. If x and y are identical (are the same thing), must they always be identical? Are they necessarily identical? 3. What does it mean for an object to be the same, if it changes over time? (Is applet the same as applet+1?) 4. If an object's parts are entirely replaced over time, in what way is it the same?< Less
A birth date, first name, activity and place are determined for each character. Each clue is printed on one page (pages 203 through 215). The birth dates are listed on p.57, the first names on p.463, the activities on p.567, and the places on p.654. By Todd Van Buskirk
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The novel is essentially constructed of two parts; the categories and the clues. It is a mystery regarding four characters in the form of a logic grid puzzle. In each puzzle you are given a series of... More > categories, and an equal number of options within each category. Each option is used once and only once. Each puzzle has only one unique solution, and each can be solved using simple logical processes (i.e. educated guesses are not required). The Logic Grid Puzzle is popular among puzzle enthusiasts and available in magazines dedicated to the subject. It is a format in which the set-up to a scenario is given, as well as the object (for example, determine who brought what dog to a dog show, and what breed each dog was), certain clues are given ("neither Misty nor Rex is the German Shepherd"), and then the reader fills out a matrix with the clues and attempts to deduce the solution.< Less
“Square Box” symbols replace (most) characters (letters) between pages 6 and 638. You may see readable words among the formatting that was stripped out. In particular you notice three (three-letter) words (“ant”) printed on page 6... By Todd Van Buskirk
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It’s hard to argue that word problems, or puzzles, used as they are in our schools as disposable exercises, could be lived with over time, and seen to have inexhaustible levels of meaning (as a... More > parable in the religious sense), particularly poetic meaning about the depths of human experience. There is certainly the element of the indescribable involved in mathematical concepts, particularly those that deal with infinity, or with entities that exist perhaps only as mental images. Although word problems do reflect historical situations of their authors, is it stretching the metaphor to claim that word problems mediate the ultimate reaches of the reality of man? That they involve eschatological crisis, or that they express the drama between human beings and God?< Less
False Barnyard By Todd Van Buskirk
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The Beach Boys "Smile Sessions" box set caused much internet discussion and debate among fans of the legendary unfinished album "SMiLE" from 1966/67. The pages and pages of... More > scholarly debate contrasted with mindless banter regarding prices, shipping and content was a phenomenon to behold, and a fascinating look into pure obsession. No attempt was made to use the most interesting bits from the discussions. The author simply chose a discussion -- warts and all -- encompassing boring mindless banter mixed with insightful comments on "SMiLE" to reveal the "story" on the reception of a long awaited box set. The results are a surreal journey into a strange mythology. The second edition contains the corrected text.< Less
Two train stations (p.6 and p.623) are 100km apart. One train starts from p.6 at 7am and travels towards p.623 at 20km/h speed. Another train starts from p.623 at 8am and travels towards p.6 at 25km/h. What time do they meet? Choose p.8, 333, 457... By Todd Van Buskirk
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Individual sheets of paper accurately represent a lot of things, but is the world one of them? Even a math word-problem can become a powerful testimonial to the presence of the world if the problem... More > begins and ends with an accurate representation of itself. Perhaps the ‘quotidian viewpoint’ doesn’t measurably move the needle on our engagement in interesting stories. They’re ‘real world’ so we are disarmed of their usual question, “When will I ever use this?” There is a second axis we focus on less. That axis looks at work. It looks at what we do as humanity. That work can be real or fake also. The fake work is narrowly focused on precise, abstract, formal calculation. It’s necessary but it interests us less. It interests the world less also. Real work – interesting work, the sort of work we might like to do later in life – involves problem formulation and question development.< Less
Study of a Nude By Linda Moore & Todd Van Buskirk
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“Study of a Nude” was completed between the years 2005-2007, the duration of Moore’s affair with Paul Whitten. This Critical Edition of “Study of a Nude” is the first... More > fully collected text to be published since the novel first appeared in print as an unpublished printed manuscript in May of 2006. “Backgrounds and Contexts” includes a selection of Moore’s school assignments to provide a window into her life before and during the writing of her novel. Moore’s previously unpublished poem “tudy of a ude” is the work that started the novel and is included here. Also included is a previously unpublished interview with Paul Whitten that goes into detail about his life and career as of 2002. “Criticism” offers a wide range of commentary that center on the novel’s major themes of morality, allegory, and self-alienation. Commentaries on Whitten’s art and life are included as well as Moore’s use of narrative, fanfiction and footnotes as literary devices.< Less

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