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Building the New Church By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $19.95
God is Beginning to Reveal the Pattern For His End Times Church - It is Bigger Than Anyone Could Have Imagined - Since the time of Paul, God has been revealing how He wants His church to be built.... More > But the Church only went so far before it stopped, and it did not progress anymore. Did We Reach The Perfect Church That God Wants? No, because the Lord has begun to reveal once again to His Apostles what He wants His Church to look like. This is the mandate of Apostle Les, and in this book he shares what the Lord has revealed to him about the End Times Church. This book is only the beginning as God is still revealing and leading. And the Church of the future will not be the same as it always was. But it will be a church filled with God's power, that will shine like a beacon in this world. If God has called you to take part in building His final Church, then this is your handbook that will get you started to move into what God has for you.< Less
Fulfill Your Destiny By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $8.99
God Made You With a Plan in Mind - Since the beginning He knew what you were destined to do. He knew the desires of your heart and He made a plan just for you. In this series Les D. Crause will... More > take you through how you can discover what you were destined to do and live the life that God planned for you. Destiny vs Calling - You will discover how your desires fit into your destiny and what the difference is between your destiny and your calling. What mark will you leave on this world? You are destined to do something that no one else has done. If you have many desires and want to accomplish something with your life you need not fear, it can be done. You can rise up into what you desire, fulfill God's call on your life and live a life filled with joy. Health, Wealth, and Relationships can be yours and it is possible for you to do this right now, it only takes one step to get started.< Less
Psychology In Business and Ministry By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Become An Expert in Psychology and Human Nature - Understanding how God made us and how other people think are essential pieces of knowledge for anyone who wants to succeed in business. In this... More > series, you will learn how you were made to function in this world, and how to identify what goes on inside of others. Then you will be able to not only grow in knowledge and experience, but you will become an expert that others will seek out. When have finished this book not only will you understand how people think but you will understand how "you" yourself think. And you will be able to instantly know how to handle any type of person. The Key To Your Future is YOU! - When You Grow, So Will Your Prosperity and Success< Less
Unleash Your Talents By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $10.99
Yes You Can! - 1. You CAN write that book that is inside of you - 2. You can write that song that burns in your heart - 3. You can develop that artistic talents that you have - 4. You can obtain new... More > talents that you never had before - All of these things come from your spirit within, and they are lying there waiting to be unleashed. The arts is a spiritual thing, and God has made it so that you can tap down into that creative side of you. But you have not known how to release what is inside and bring it into manifestation. In this book Apostle Les shows you how to start tapping into your creativity and the ways that it can be released. If you thought you could not be creative or talented, then think again. This Is About To Change. Because now you have at your fingertips the tool that will point you in the right direction. Now You Have the Ability to Unleash Your Talents!< Less
Prophet In a Box By Les D. Crause & Daphne J. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Your Journey as a Prophet of God - Taken from a live seminar this teaching will lead you through all the stages that a Prophet of God will go through. This comprehensive seminar covered the full... More > teaching on the ministry of the Prophet, from basic prophetic ministry right up to Full Prophetic Office. Expect to get challenged, because Les and Daphne Crause did not pull any punches during this seminar. They called things the way they are and addressed many of the errors that are made by those who think they are prophets. In one book you will get everything you need. This is the Prophet In a Box!< Less
The Apostolic Calling Expanded By Les D. Crause & Nadine Stohler
eBook (ePub): $19.95
The Apostolic Calling is the definitive teaching by Apostle Les on the call to the Apostolic Office. In this New Expanded Edition, you will find extra teaching by Les as well as some teaching from... More > Apostle Nadine Stohler. There are 11 new chapters that were not in the 1st edition. Today many are claiming to be apostles, and there is a lot of confusion on exactly what the Apostolic Calling is. Apostle Les D. Crause will teach you exactly what the Apostle is called to do, and how to identify the Apostolic Call in your life. The call to Apostle is one of the highest Ministry offices that God can call you to. Very often the Lord starts to prepare you from a young age, and can take years before you are prepared to flow in it.This is not a call to be taken lightly. God has been raising up His Apostles in these end times and they have begun to shake the church and the world.< Less

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