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The Electrogravitic Theory of Celestial Motion and Cosmology By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $8.99
About this book... This book presents a revolutionary explanation of celestial motion which challenges Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity and Isaac Newton's view that gravity and inertia... More > are the only forces which generate celestial motion. Employing Electro-Gravitic Theory, Charles Ginenthal maintains that celestial bodies exhibit systematic and symmetric behavior not explained by traditional theory. This theory posits the concept that electromagnetism is a counter force to gravity which can be fully tested in space.< Less
Darwin and Velikovsky : Cataclysmic Metamorphic Evolution a Materialist Theory of Evolution Based on New Principles and Evidence By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The basis of evolutionary change, according to Ginenthal, is master genes that have been conserved from the time of the Cambrian explosion to the present. By following these master genes and using... More > the fossil record as the true evidence of evolution, is it shown why no new phyla have developed since the Cambrian explosion and why the chronology for dating evolution is in serious error. Ginenthal then outlines the evolution of the vertebrates from their earliest appearance to the present via saltations that morph and metamorph new species at the times of Velikovskian global cataclysms. Throughout the book, Ginenthal elucidates how the master genes operate to do this and also presents new evidence connecting this process to physics. Those who read this volume will have an entirely new understanding of evolution and may never think about it in the same way.< Less
Physical Evidence of Global Floods: Ocean Sediments, Circumpolar Muck, Erratics, Buried Forests, and Loess By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Ocean Sediments, Circumpolar Muck, Erratics, Buried Forests, and Loess as Evidence of Global Floods.
Pillars of the Past Volume Two By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Pillars of the Past, Vol. II, continues and enlarges the analysis that began in the previous volume. Here we surprisingly discover that astronomy ties the Old Babylonians directly to Persian times. ... More > Furthermore, the astronomical basis for dating the Neo-Assyrians also places them in the Persian Era along with several other forms of evidence. Technological evidence from digs in Mesopotamia that had been originally dated to the second millennium B.C. indicate that these sites must be moved into the first. Stratigraphical concepts used to support the established chronology are examined and are shown to be so erroneous that these concepts must be dropped. Multiple lines of evidence play roles in unraveling the long chronology and uphold the revisions of Gunnar Heinsohn, Emmet J. Sweeney, and Lynn E. Rose. The metallurgy of gold, silver, and various forms of bronze tells the same story. The chronology of the ancient Near East is shown to require a drastic revision.< Less
Pillars of the Past, Vol. I By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Pillars of the Past explores, through studies based primarily on scientific and technological evidence, the chronology of the ancient Near East. This evidence indicates that the historians and... More > archaeologists have invented over 1500 years of history that simply never existed. The evidence includes astronomical Sothic dating, radiocarbon dating, pottery dating, tin bronze production, iron metallurgy as it relates to cutting diorite and other hard rock. In addition, erosion of Egyptian monuments along with agronomy and soil salinization, climatology, agriculture, as well as archaeological and geological stratigraphy all support the conclusion that at least 1500 years of ancient history are a mirage. Glass development, domestication of the horse and ass, Hebrew, Greek, and Hittite linguistics, forensic studies of the teeth of ancient peoples prove that this millennium and a half or more are historical fiction.< Less
Pillars of the Past Volume Three By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This volume of Pillars meshes Velikovsky’s chronological hypothesis with the short chronology presented in the previous two volumes. It connects the chronology of Egypt with that of the Hebrews... More > as well as with the Assyrians, Greeks, Mitanni, Old Babylonians, and the civilizations of the Aegean. It correlates the movements of domesticated animals from different regions to and from Egypt to tie these chronologies together. It shows that Magan, Meluhha, and Dilmun can be identified with regions that historians have been unable to place, and it examines how the Sea Peoples, the Sealand people, and the Second Sealand Dynasty are all related directly to the Greeks. It examines biblical history and the history of the surrounding regions as they fit into the short chronology based on multiple lines of evidence.< Less
Pillars of the Past Volume Four By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Vol. IV of Pillars of the Past: Stonehenge and the Megalithic World examines the chronology of this period. Archaeologists maintain that these monuments, the pottery, graves, metal and stone tools,... More > skeletons, etc., associated with them only make sense if we place these in the Late Neolithic Age, ca. 4000–1500 B.C. However, there is a wealth of evidence that denies this placement and instead points to the Megalithic Age falling in the post-Roman era/the Early Middle Ages ca. A.D. 600–900. All dating methods used to date the megalithic world have failed and this is admitted repeatedly by modern researchers. The astronomical alignments employed to date these monuments that were used to criticize Velikovsky’s chronological thesis have now fallen into ruins under the scrutiny of these authorities. The only non-controversial alignment that exists at Stonehenge apparently fits there between 500–700 A.D. Multiple lines of evidence are shown to place Stonehenge and the Megalithic Age in post-Roman times.< Less
Ice Core Evidence - Dispelling Arguments Against Immanuel Velikovsky’s Theories Based On Greenland Ice Cores By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The debate over ice core data has spanned many years. I have reexamined the record and analyzed the evidence in terms of Velikovsky's scenario. What I have found is that his critics, who have raised... More > this ice core evidence, have based their objections on uniformitarian concepts and have ignored Velikovsky's scenario. In reality, the data supports Velikovsky's catastrophic scenario and contradicts the uniformitarian interpretation completely.< Less
The Extinction of the Mammoth By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $5.99
About this book... Did the mammoth live in Alaska and Siberia during the Ice Age? Pollen research emphatically denies this. Could the bones, tusks, and bodies of mammoths have been buried gradually... More > and preserved in the tundra? Recent studies prove this could not have occurred. Did the poles of the Earth shift, and is there fundamental evidence to prove this? Yes! Plant geography presents solid support that the orientation of the poles was much less oblique when the mammoths roamed the Arctic. The Extinction of the Mammoth outlines and explains the historical evidence and views of science on these problems and many, many others. It explores the scientific research that has been gleaned over the past twenty-five years from numerous fields, and goes well beyond to expose the inept and contradictory data that indicates that gradualism has failed to explain this extinction.< Less
Minds In Denial By Charles Ginenthal
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This volume deals with a number of the arguments which have arisen in the ongoing academic and intellectual wars involving the theories of the late Dr. Immanuel Valikovsky. Topics dealt with include... More > Milankovitch cycles, dendrochronology, and several similar lines of argument which skeptics have tried to use.< Less

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