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Our Garden of Struggles By Bay Path Students
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All of the topics are different, but they impact our lives in similar ways. We are all very passionate about our subjects, since we truly relate to our writing. The reality is that life can be tough... More > and often it teaches us to be stronger for ourselves, our families, and for those whom we wish to help. In our book, we research many topics such as children with autism and those affected emotionally by being bullied by their peers. We also discuss the experiences of women whom have suffered through domestic violence and how their families have been impacted. We explore the challenges of a cancer diagnosis on the patients and their families. In additional research, we look at the inequality of pay for women in the work place versus men. We also examined the stress and challenges facing adult learners returning to school.  Finally, we looked at the unfairness in social economics and ideas to remedy this problem in today’s society. We have all come together and put a lot of effort into our review of these topics.< Less
Optimism 360, Changing the World One Step at a Time By Bay Path Students
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We live in a world of social media full of tweets, texts, and posts, rarely taking the time to compose a sustained, thoughtful, and researched argument for or against something that matters to us. ... More > The articles in Voices on Paper: Women Addressing Issues That Matter -- One Word at a Time seek changes for the betterment of society as a whole. The important topics include physician-assisted suicide, breaking the stigma of addiction, mainstreaming young children with disabilities, poverty and its effects on children’s education, immigration in America, affordable college education, caring for soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, the fight against poverty for single mothers and children, and the gender wage gap. As women, we are advocates and we are using writing as a vehicle to address what is important to us. Individually each of us chose a topic of personal interest, but collectively we offer solutions for a changing world in the midst of the great challenges we currently face.< Less
Breaking Down the Barriers on Taboo Topics By Bay Path Students
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There is much that we do not know about the world, and that will always be true. As people, we have a spark within us that makes us want to learn more and explore more, to see the world, to meet... More > people, and to start getting closer and closer to knowing the truth. In this college research class, we had the opportunity to learn and explore more about topics that matter, and those which many people do not fully understand. In doing the research and presenting our findings, we are bringing topics to light – sharing our findings and our solutions to make the world a brighter place.< Less
Cultivating Solutions for a Better Tomorrow By Bay Path Students
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As part of an English class assignment, female students conducted scholarly research on individual topics using Aristotle’s Rhetoric Concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos to... More > convey their message, with the intention to raise awareness about their topics and evoke change. These women have introduced health and social issues which have impacted their lives on a personal level, their families, and collectively as a society. Join us as we embark on this journey of consciousness!< Less
America at a Crossroads By Bay Path Students
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America is at a crossroads – facing a range of social challenges that affect all of us as a nation and touch us as individuals. This book confronts these challenges and offers solutions based... More > on the research and findings of a small group of students from The American Women’s College who embarked on a writing assignment designed to apply Aristotle’s rhetorical concepts of logos, ethos, and pathos. The students were given free rein to choose their research topics and nurture them from the seed of an idea to a fully developed research paper. While the articles were written individually, this book is the work of a team of women who supported and encouraged each other along the way – women who, much like being at a crossroads, were uncertain of their direction at times, but determined to reach their goals.< Less
Articles of Awareness, A Book of Female Perspectives for Significant Topics By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
Students of The American Women’s College at Bay Path University have researched and given voice to many important issues such as social work, violence against women, reforming education, gender... More > equality, teen pregnancy and more. The tone in these articles are personal to the students writing them with a means to raise awareness for each topic in great hopes to make a difference in each matter. This book is a collaborative effort of support and dedication from the female students striving forward as future female leaders in America. We have no doubt that the readers will feel their passion for each topic published. All published works are in APA format and are in compliance with the current standards.< Less
Life Unexpected By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.61
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Writing with compassion, these women tackle difficult topics with a purpose. Domestic violence, gender pay gaps, and suicide prevention are all serious issues facing today’s society. Focusing... More > on the inequality in school funding, as well as, teen pregnancy and STD prevention, these writers offer their thoughts and solutions. Society and its communication among its members are discussed, while addressing virtual addictions, and the increasing autistic adult population. Gathering their research, they have provided their facts and findings, as well as their own thoughts and ideas, to produce thought provoking articles of persuasion. Under the guidance of their professor, these student writers have taken on the tough social issues facing today’s society and in the process produced excellent writing models for future students.< Less
Pursuit of Change By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
Women enrolled in the online Writing in the Disciplines course at The American Women’s College (TAWC), Bay Path University, are in pursuit of higher education to better their lives. In this... More > pursuit, they have also opened their minds to explore a variety of social issues that are begging for change. In this collection of essays, appropriately titled Pursuit of Change, these women writers propose solutions to real world struggles. In their appeals to logos, these women writers conducted careful research using scholarly databases to present factual information to support their positions. In their appeals to pathos, the authors show how each of these issues affect us all, and in their appeals to ethos, they boldly confront opposing viewpoints and courageously discuss their own personal experiences with the topics they explore in Pursuit of Change.< Less
Stairway to Success: Building for Tomorrow's Future By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
Each student writer chose a topic that means something to her. Our topics include Domestic Violence, Competency of the CT Scan Operator, The Impact of Alcoholic Parents Have On Their Children, Gun... More > Violence, Why Pre-School Teachers are Underpaid, What Mothers Face in the Workplace and Living Balanced Lives, Why DCF Workers Should Get Special Training, and College Awareness of Students With Mental Illness. The issues we chose to write about are challenging. The nine writers of these articles want to persuade and bring awareness, and discuss how we as a society can offer solutions to make improvements.< Less
Real World Issues, Real World Solutions By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
Having the chance to be heard is something women are not always given. The authors in this book have taken a regular class assignment and turned it into an opportunity for change. Although they all... More > come from different backgrounds and have overcome their own diversities, they have managed to keep it all together while also attending college. That alone should prove their credibility when listening to their individual writings. Over the last several weeks these women were able to, decide on a subject that they feel passionate about, research the ins and outs of that subject, give reasonable solutions, all while managing to keep the MLA and APA format at a mastery level. The persuasive writings provided came from not only the minds of scholarly resources, but the hearts of these strong women. Ultimately they hope that their readers will see that sometimes small voices should be heard loud and clear.< Less

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