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Ariel's Tear: A Tale of Rehavan By Justin Rose
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“Beauty is always worth protecting.” Set in the fictional world of Rehavan, Ariel’s Tear tells the story of Reheuel, Captain of the Guards in the small human city of Gath Odrenoch.... More > An aging soldier haunted by memories of his bloody youth, Reheuel lives a sedate but contented life with his family. Disillusioned with warfare and the glories of his nation’s conquests, he raises his children to value beauty and the wonders that enrich their lives. His peaceful world shatters, however, when a tribe of goblins threatens both Gath Odrenoch and the nearby Fairy City. Intent on saving his family and on protecting the innocence of the childlike fairies, Reheuel sets off on a journey to save both cities. Lifting his sword once more, he rediscovers the true cost of earthly beauty.< Less
Hammer of Gath: A Tale of Rehavan By Justin Rose
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“The blow struck in anger always returns to the striker.” In a time millennia before the Golden Iris reigned supreme, before Salinor and the race of men ever dreamed of nationhood, the... More > elven empire of Elisidor stands as Rehavan’s greatest power. To their east lies the ocean, to their west lies Gath, the sprawling democracy of the minotaurs, their only option for expansion. As both nations grow and swell, one lusting for mineral wealth, the other for fertile land, differences in belief and custom become divisive. Factions rise desirous of conquest. A chance misfortune sparks bloodshed, and as this bloodshed increases, two blacksmiths from opposing cultures find themselves thrust into prominence, living out their personal grudge on the stage of international war. The war ravages Rehavan, casting doubt upon ancient customs, religious teachings, and ideals, and ultimately posing the question: What is the nature of power? "Hammer of Gath" is the second novel in the series "Tales of Rehavan."< Less

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