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Topsy Turvy Television - British Edition By Thomas W. Hunter
eBook (ePub): $2.22
An all-new, amazing anagram challenge for fans of the small screen. "Sue the Snob"; "Mister Señor Cop"; "The Ginger Dolls"... These TV titles may not ring any... More > bells at first glance. But switch around the letters, and you'll find favorite shows from across all eras. Wacky wordsmith Thomas W. Hunter has created 300 anagrams to test your brain power - a perfect way to keep TV buffs occupied during the commercial breaks... This is the British edition, featuring shows broadcast or streamed in the U.K. Please note: due to the author's cheeky sense of schoolboy humour, this book contains some slightly 'saucy' language. Parental guidance is recommended for younger readers.< Less
Time-warps: A Wibbly-wobbly, Jumbly-wumbly Doctor Who Anagram Quiz Book By Thomas W. Hunter
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Time-Warps: A wibbly-wobbly, jumbly-wumbly Doctor Who anagram quiz book. Enjoy a journey to a parallel universe, where Britain's favourite sci-fi show has taken a strange turn. All the stories,... More > characters and creatures you know and love have been jumbled up beyond recognition. Here, the good Doctor is joined by companions such as 'RORY STEEL' & 'A NON-BLONDE', for adventures like 'THE BOOTS OF HATRED', 'THE GHERKIN OF SATAN' & the thrilling classic, 'OH NO! I'M THE CORRRRS!". Even the show's creators have regenerated - who the Dickens are 'IRON RANGER' & 'ELMO'S BROTHER'? Can you unscramble these twisted time-warps, to restore actors like 'JEALOUS SIMONE' & 'DR GOODFELLA' to their original identities? There are 366 anagrams to solve, devised by the wicked wordsmith Thomas W. Hunter, the best-selling quiz-book author in the world*. *Not in THIS world, sadly. But there's a distant, geek-loving galaxy somewhere out there...< Less
The Mixed-up Movie Matinee By Thomas W. Hunter
eBook (ePub): $1.80
A mind-blowing anagram quiz for movie masterminds. Ever heard of "The Deathfrog"? How about "Loads of Leg", "Salmon Feet", or "Northern Eagle"? Of course... More > not; none of the above are real movies. But shuffle around the letters a little, and you'll find 2 classic gangster movies and 2 blockbusters from recent years. Thomas W. Hunter has created 300 ingenious movie anagrams to test your mental agility and dazzle your friends.< Less