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The Meltdown of the Nuclear Family. A Guide for Responsible Parenting. By Luke Bedwell
Paperback: $23.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
We have been taught that parenting is a challenge. We have been taught that it is not for everyone. Are these beliefs based on an innate reality, or are they based on a belief derived from... More > self-loathing? Is this belief based on fear or acceptance? Being a parent is simple, living is simple, but it can be a challenge if we are unaware of its simplicity. This manual is a guide for the prospective parent, to accept their responsibility with confidence, rather than live in fear of their responsibility and become a victim of the stresses, that can arise from it.< Less
Paperback: $22.32
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the world that we think we know, many of us pretned hcildren hav eit better than ever, because they have more toys at their dispoaal, more food to eat, more clothes to wear, more medicine, more... More > money to spend, more tv shows and movies to watch. We know that children do not grow due to maetrial possessions, they grow due to parental influcne guidng them to a life of independnece, resillience, strength and self-respect, why has this been forgotten? What if we aren't parneitng our children, what if children are nothin gmore than toys to the parents? What will happen to childrne in the fuutre if this eprists? How can we stop it as a community? These questions and more will be answered in the foillow up to the first parenitng mnaul, which reminded parents of their responsibility for forgin the futures of the children they delivered, by providing them with warmth, loyalty, stregnth and honesty which is priceless.< Less
The Structure for Societal Sanity. An Expose of a Psychic Dictatorship By Luke Bedwell
Paperback: $21.37
Prints in 3-5 business days
In a world of infinite ideas there appears to be much chaos thriving within this world. We live within a world that is dominated by war but are we truly at war with ourselves as a species? If we... More > are at war with ourselves as a species but live within a world of infinite ideas, whose ideas are we supporting? Have these ideas outlived their usefulness? If they have, are we not worth the effort as a species to desire an existence grander than this one based upon war? Should we not have a world of peace and harmony, opposed to one of chaos, alienation and prejudice? If we do desire a world that abhors prejudice and war, what are we going to do to ensure we will create this world for ourselves and our progenitors? If we desire this harmonic utopia, we first require a thorough comparison of the ideas we are utilizing, and ideas we can still utilize to propel us to this world. I wish for this book to be a guide for us to find that promised land.< Less
The Structure for Societal Sanity: Exposing the Wizard behind the Curtain By Luke Bedwell
Paperback: $21.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the follow up to the Structure for Societal Sanity an Expose of a Psychic Dictatorship, we discover there is an ancient world hidden beneath the streets of our city's and suburbs, below our... More > society there lies a hidden world, the underworld. The underworld is where creatures dwell that cannot afford to be seen in the light of day, to journey deeper into the rabbit hole we have to go underground to gain understanding of what lies above. Lies cement both worlds in our minds eye, to know our minds we must know the lies that binds our minds to these worlds, as above so below and only then will you know.< Less
Monsters Inc. A Tale of Betrayal and Child Abuse By Luke Bedwell
Paperback: $21.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
Society, what is it? How is built? Like nay other structure it is built upon a foundation, a blueprint that will determine its health, vitality and its future with it. But what if the foundations... More > are rotten and weak, what will be the state of that structure then? Decay, of course, we stand upon a rotten foundation and this book will expose it like never before. In the beginning there was light and it was good, this sounds like the birth of a child doe sit not? If a child begins good and bright, where doe sit go wrong? That is your quest to discover readers. If children are the foundation for life, health and vitality for a society how can that life be preserved?< Less
Gods and Humans, What is the Difference? A Code of Ethics for a Medieval World. By Luke Bedwell
Paperback: $23.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
What is a human being? What is the meaning of life? The various religious advocates have their interpretations, but have these interpretations advanced our capacity for peace, or do they divide... More > us? If these interpretations divide us form our own peace, should we not relinquish them, so we can find peace with ourselves? Or are we so conditioned to fight among each other due to these interpretations, that we have no concept of how we can live without fighting among ourselves? Why should we be chained to worship gods that have us fighting each other, when we have the same potential for divinity as they posses? Instead of worshiping shadows, why not worship the bright stars that we can be?< Less
Learning the Code of Neutrality. A Self-Help Guide for a New Age. By Luke Bedwell
Paperback: $24.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
There are many religions and codes of ethics in this world, but have they made this world any brighter to live within? Of what benefit can a religion or code of ethics be, if it does not teach us... More > how we can become more resilient and in doing so teach us how we can prevent our own suffering? Any religion or code of ethics that fails to accomplish this for us, then do not practice what they preach. What do these religions or codes of ethics preach then? Dependency. The code of Humility wishes to provide the guidance for its learners, so they will never have to be dependent upon anything other than themselves. For the truth shall set us free, but not while we are dependent to anything other than ourselves.< Less

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