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Dog Training Basics - How to Train Your Dog By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Getting a new puppy or adult dog is always an exciting time for the entire family. There is a good reason why dogs are known as man's best friend, and a loyal dog is more than just a pet as they... More > becoming a beloved member of the family. In order to achieve that level of love and companionship, however, it is important to start you need puppy or adult dog off on the right foot. A solid grounding in obedience and problem behavior avoidance is essential to making your dog, and you, happier and healthier. Contents- Chapter 1: The Basic Commands Chapter 2: Training Your New Puppy Chapter 3: Leash/Collar Training Chapter 4: Head Collar Training Chapter 5: Training Collar or Choke Collar Chapter 6: Reward Training Chapter 7: Crate and House Training Chapter 8: Dog Obedience Training Chapter 9: Dog Training Issues Chapter 10: Advanced Dog Training Exercises Chapter 11: More Dog or Puppy Training Issues and Exercises< Less
Affiliate Marketing Profits Unleashed By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Discover The Secrets To Affiliate Marketing Success and Find Out How You Can Make Instant Affiliate Sales, Time and Time Again! This book will Show You How To Do The Whole Affiliate Marketing... More > 'Thing' - From Choosing The Hottest Products Through To Making Actual Sales... Inside this no-fluff report you'll discover: *How To Become a Successful Affiliate, *How To Choose The Best Products To Promote - and How To Know Which Ones You Should Leave On The Table, *Why You Shouldn't JUST Be An Affiliate Marketer, *How To Build a List of Prospects AND Make Affiliate Sales At The Same Time, *How To Sell To People and Become Their Trusted Advisor, *The One Simple Way Of Instantly Increasing Your Success As An Affiliate (Hint: It's all about timing), *The Simple Methods You Can Use To Make More Sales and Beat The Competition, and much more...< Less
Ultimate Credit Repair Manual By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Your credit score is important, and a poor credit score can even cost you the job of your dreams since many employers now take a potential employee’s credit score into serious consideration.... More > But how can you achieve and maintain a healthy credit score? This book will give you easy-to-follow tips to better your credit scores and your chances of success. These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book: Credit Repair: Resolving Bad Credit, Home Improvement Financing, Secured Financing, Credit Repair: Unsecured Loans, Debt Consolidation, 5 Tips On Credit Repair, Contact Creditors, Try And Circumvent The Collection Agency, Look Into A Secured Credit Card, Consider A Company That Specializes In Credit Repair, Simple Ways to Repair Bad Credit, Bad Credit Private Student Loan, Your Annual Credit Report, Consumer Credit, CCCS Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Consumer Credit Counseling Services Debt Consolidation, Help With Credit Card Debt Consolidation, And more!< Less
How to Create an Audio Book By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
The growing market of audio books has encouraged many authors to create audio versions of their text. While it needs both time and effort to produce an audio book, the experience of transforming your... More > book into another medium is extremely fun and entertaining. You can have your books recorded by professional voice artists, by using a company that will charge you no fees to record your book upfront, then split the profits of the sales 50/50. Alternatively you can pay upfront and keep all the profits yourself. Also, you can record your own book, thereby avoiding any recording artist being required. We cover this option in this book. Current popular destinations for your audio books include Amazon, Audible and iTunes. We cover all these publishing marketplaces in this book too. If you are ready to learn some easy and quick tips on creating an audio book, you are in the right place. This book is a detailed guide on how you can create your own audio book without any hassle or spending money.< Less
Cpa Cash - Make Cash Online With Cpa Marketing By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
CPA, which means "Cost Per Action" where you are paid for every action a lead carries out, has been around for many years now, however only over the last couple of years has it been... More > targeted by mainstream marketers who saw the potential being offered and jumped on board. With CPA, you aren't required to necessarily sell anything, and instead can make money just for collecting leads including names, locations and email addresses. Having the ability to generate consistent cash without ever having to solicit a sale has attracted the attention of the large majority, who up until now, had struggled to make money in traditional affiliate programs. Are you interested in making money even when you do NOT sell a thing? There is no doubt that you can make money with CPA offers, in fact it's the most lucrative of all online opportunities since there are so many networks to choose from and high converting offers that you can promote to make quick cash.< Less
Google Adsense for Newbies By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
How can you build up you fortune online with google AdSense. Create A Massive Auto-Pilot Income With The Google AdSense Program Starting Now. Many website owners have built a fortune at breakneck... More > speed using this plan, and now we're going to show you exactly how you can do it, too even if you have no experience with e-commerce or online advertising. You can create killer content that draws thousands Of hits a day to your site using simple tools. Contents-- Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Building Content-Rich Sites, Chapter 3: SEO—Search Engine Optimization, Chapter 4: About Specific Keyword Density Ranges, Chapter 5: About Extreme Content Sites, Chapter 6: Using Traffic Equalizer, Chapter 7: Using Traffic Hurricane, Chapter 8: MetaWebs, Chapter 9: Additional Web Page Creation Software, Chapter 10: The Eyes Have it—So Where are They? Chapter 11: Building a Virtual Content Empire to Display, Chapter 12: Using RSS Feeds for Content, Chapter 13: Summing Up< Less
Amazon Kindle Mania - Learn the Amazing Profit Making Kindle Strategies By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.99
- Imagine yourself as a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle with thousands of books published by YOU, and each of them are selling like HOT cakes! This isn't fantasy. Amazon Kindle MANIA is jam... More > packed with killer strategies that will almost guarantee your success in your publishing career on Amazon Kindle. But that's not all, you will learn how to write topics that your customers would love to buy. You no longer have to worry about what to sell and write. - Would you like to have a guide that tells you everything about creating killer books and generating thousands of buyers? Amazon Kindle MANIA can be your mantra to guide you along your journey in your publishing business. You will eventually save a lot of time, effort, and money. Whenever you are stuck, it is always there to guide you through.< Less
Making Money Online - Let's Get Started By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
“Is it really possible to earn money on the Internet?” The answer to this question is an unmitigated 'Yes'. Earning significant income using the Internet doesn't require any specific... More > skill or a long history of becoming familiar with computers or the Internet itself. There is an incredible amount of information available to you to help you get started with your own profitable online business no matter how much or how little experience you may have. With this book, we hope to familiarize you with some of the basic information needed to get your Internet business up and running including such topics as what kind of business to choose, how to design a website, and even attracting visitors to the website once it's built. Make sure to take your time and study each section carefully because throughout the book we have provided you with detailed information and website links that will give you all the resources necessary to get started today. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started...< Less
Drop Fat the Low Carb Way By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
A beginners guide that will reveal how to drop fat the low carb way: - Learn Exactly What A Low Carb Diet Is - Discover The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet - Practical Advice On How To Start A Low Carb... More > Diet - Whether Or Not Low Carb Diets Are Safe And More... This book will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and finally achieve your dream of dropping the fat through dieting. Making weight loss promises to yourself is easy but making them stick is something else which requires much more than just some words and thoughts. In the quest to make weight loss resolutions that eventually see some level of success there needs to be some careful planning and thought exercised beforehand. Content: Why Is The Population Becoming Fat? What Is A Low Carb Diet? The Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet Are Low Carb Diets Safe? A Low Carb Sample Meal Plan Shopping Advice For Low Carb Dieters Eating Out On A Low Carb Diet Maintaining A Low Carb Diet Common Mistakes On A Low Carb Diet< Less
Losing Weight Nature’s Way By Eric Spencer
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Do You Want to Peel Those Pounds Off This Year? Without Medication? Without Side Effects? Without Dieting or Spending a Ton of Money on Supplements, Drugs or Strange Weight Loss... More > Gimmicks! "Losing Weight Nature’s Way" is Your Answer! Have faith. Inside this eBook are the most powerful techniques that we could find anywhere for eliminating excess weight without the use of medication. You don’t need to use medications or alternative therapies. You will not have to spend any more money on expensive therapist or doctor visits. By practicing this book's technique: - Your pounds will disappear. - Your confidence will escalate - And best of all - your weight loss will last forever! Whether you are at home or at work it just takes seconds for you to implement this program. You can perform this technique whenever or wherever you happen to be whether you are work, at the mall or socializing with friends.< Less

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