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Into the Wind: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Mail Order Bride: The Seeds Of Love – Devastated by an epidemic, the parents of a young woman ask her to go off and become a mail order bride. Mail Order Bride: Rebecca’s California... More > Rancher – A woman, self sufficient and able to take of herself, suddenly decides she’d like to become a mail order bride. Meeting The Doctor, On The Voyage To Her Mail Order Husband, is a beautiful and emotional and sweet romance about a woman who is fired as a governess in England and decides to chuck it all in and emigrate to the American West as a mail order bride. Mail Order Bride: Sent By God To The California Cowboy, is about a young woman in New York City who has fallen onto hard times after being released from the orphanage she’d been in for a majority of her life.< Less
A Chance to Sing: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Little Bird Sings, is a Victorian mail order bride story about a high society woman who escapes an abusive husband, when he divorces her. A Mail Order Bride For The Sheriff -- A sheriff in the... More > West has almost everything a man could wish for, except for a bride. He asks his tavern owner aunt for advice and help and she sends him the almost perfect woman. Chastity, The Orphan & Mail Order Bride, is a story about a very feisty, intelligent and strong willed orphan, sent to Idaho as a mail order bride and to meet her future husband, a rancher from Germany. Give Love A Chance, is about a woman living in London who is to be married off to a man of her mother’s choice; a baron she has no feelings for.< Less
Wild At Heart: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Meeting The Doctor, On The Voyage To Her Mail Order Husband – A woman journeys to her soon to be husband in America but meets someone on the voyage over that will change her path in life. Mail... More > Order Bride: Starving In Victorian England – A woman, starving and on the streets in Victorian era England, finds a mail order brides wanted poster by chance and makes a decision right then and there to become one. A Rancher Gets A Surprise – An independent woman, and one well able to rough it, decides that she’d like a family and then decides to settle down and become a mail order bride. The Western Mail Order Bride: A Leap of Faith – A man widowed by a tragedy seeks help for his traumatized daughter.< Less
The Search: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Mail Order Bride: Pregnant & Widowed & With A New Family Waiting For Her - This story is about a woman who is pregnant, then finds herself widowed, and with the only means for her survival... More > open to her, becomes a mail order bride to rancher. Traveling West To Help The Sick, is an exciting adventure, as well as a love story. A woman doctor is headed to Sacramento to start a new practice -- she hopes. Where she was from wasn’t exactly behind her plans to set up practice, and she almost lost her faith. Free At Last In California; Sick of the taunts from the inhabitants of her small town, above average weight Jocelyn had endured numerous insults since she was a small child. Give Love A Chance, is about a woman living in London who is to be married off to a man of her mother’s choice; a baron she has no feelings for.< Less
Moving Towards Love: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Will Rolt Monty Stand Alone? – He’s the sheriff of a small town with trouble brewing. On The Train To Their Future is about a man with a very large ranch in Texas, who gets a mail order... More > bride thrust upon him by a couple of farmers he doesn’t know. One Special Christmas Eve Along The Oregon Trail is about a young woman who keeps a journey of her family’s trek along the Oregon Trail. Sofia Seeks Redemption Along The Oregon Trail is about a woman who is forced into a less than desirable life by a madam who eventually takes pity on her.< Less
Lonely By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Jake & Laura’s Story is about a lonely California rancher who requests a mail order bride, but considers sending her back when she tells him adamantly that she doesn’t want to get... More > married yet -- or ever. Lola & Isaac’s Story - A woman travels to a small town in Nevada to become the bride of a man she hardly knows. She has no idea how he’ll react to her appearance and when he finally arrives outside of the bar where she’s waiting, he is in the shadows. This is a wonderful love story full of love and faith in humanity, and the Lord.< Less
Waiting for His Bride By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Losing Her Cowboy Before She Can Marry Him - A woman decides to become a mail order bride but goes west under subterfuge – she already has a man lined up even though she will be supposedly... More > matched up with a cowboy by the company who is paying her way. When she gets there, she can’t find him, so settles for an unappetizing but un-assigned man. Things do go downhill rather fast from that point onward. Living Off The Land For Her Husband, is about an independent spark of a woman from London, suddenly deciding to become a mail order bride and live in the Old West. The trouble is...she has no clue how to cook, clean house, or even get along with another human being within the closeness that marriage brings; let alone learn the ‘farm to table’ philosophy that will feed them both.< Less
Desperado By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Racing The Wind For Her Cowboy - Two men in one small town, a bad boy and a rancher, send away for a mail order bride; the only problem is -- one woman arrives on the train a few weeks later. A... More > rivalry develops between the younger and older man and the gorgeous, talented and cultured mail order bride from Germany. Found In The River - A young woman from Rhode Island takes the trek west to become the mail order bride of a rancher, but things rapidly deteriorate and her dream of becoming a mail order bride are left in the dust of the small Texas town.< Less
Under Primitive Conditions By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Alone, a woman travels across the prairies to meet her cowboy fiancé in Nevada, but is unable to find him at first in the primitive tent town where he works. They get together and he and a... More > drunken man who was on the floor of his shop travel to the man’s brother first to drop him off, then to the tiny cabin where they are to live. She’s a self-sufficient woman though and after they get married, tries to make a go of it until some bad news makes her wonder if they will survive the winter.< Less
Stormy Weather Ahead By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A Widow & Her Rival – A pregnant Civil War widow is hired by a man to be his housekeeper and look after his children. Both have no idea what will happen when the man decides he wants a... More > mail order bride as well. Mixed Up Sisters For The Twin Cowboys - A woman and her reluctant sister head west because one is to be married to a cowboy, who doesn’t know about the sister, and when they arrive a deception is formulated which could make everything fall apart; especially when the cowboy’s twin brother shows up unexpectedly.< Less

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