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Kill Frankenstein By Emma God'son
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
...One is going to get rude correction... One is going to get severe insult upon the dignity of her womanhood... The other is going to get the hell bitter bust up of her life. This is the... More > psychological moment for the young mythic man, Mr. Wyiwori Jamez—and yet to be truly well-adjusted he sets out to upgrade the emasculation in his capsized life. Now it falls to the creator to destroy his creation; but leaving out the causative demeanour or make them mishmash? This is his question here about this monster—a world he invented that goes out of control and becomes dangerous. Carefully crafted with kinetic motion, action and adventure, Kill Frankenstein is an indispensable interesting follow-up of the book ‘Dark And Mysterious’. It bursts with authenticity, giving a complete overwhelming insider’s look.< Less
Cloud-Cuckoo-Land By Emma God'son
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Things he sees can be the plot for a sci-fi thriller and he is willing to create a deep reading experience and he strives to use sophisticated writing structure to do it. He has the audacity to... More > dream and he desires to hold on to the biggest dreams of fabulous scopes for the world to celebrate him. He has a vision to own ideal home. He has a vision to add peerless value to the literary world. But at the same time, he sees some countervailing vicissitude tantamount to the end of the road—A bleak future and heartless love that represent helpless tomorrow. Having scenario of another dubious venture to dread, every angle Mr. Wyi Worri takes these dreams is a fat suspicion. Cloud-Cuckoo-Land is one distinctive book that appreciates the power of the human mind.< Less
Eternal Triangle By Emma God'son
Paperback: $12.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
Chrisette is an ambitious young lady on the brink of her love life. Needing to step into her trousseaux as a household wife, she is coping with a foundering betrothal and the lure of an extremely... More > charming young corps member. But when on the scent of this attracting love another woman comes into the picture and causes havoc on her chance, with the knowledge of this lady being his fiancée, Chrisette heads out on a trail of jealousy beyond any code of love, but that of her own illegitimate urge. Emma God'son, in this yet another riveting spellbinder, shows peerless skill at the shifting dynamics between conscience and emotion, illicit and licit, theories and practicalities.< Less
Dark And Mysterious By Emma God'son
Paperback: $14.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
While one is still lamenting over colleagues bitten to death by rat, the lizards are trooping to the professional to sharpen their teeth for attack. Since he won’t conform to the unsavoury... More > heirloom with the trait of his lineage, Mr. Wyiwori Jamez sees a circle of danger closing on him—and he knows that he must find a way out, because there is no retreating and no retrograding. What keeps him anchored is his over-relied ally he finds in the love of Miss Telma. But when one shattering suspicion about the bizarre life of Miss Telma suddenly reveals a treacherous anti-culture, he finds his life is spinning out of control, leaving him nowhere to get it repaired but back the place he shall not turn to. 'Dark And Mysterious' is a brilliant insider’s look—and just like his books, Emma God'son explores in depth incompatible characters and consequential actions.< Less

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