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Clean Energy: Review On Clean Energy Sources By Sivakumaran Sivaramanan
eBook (PDF): $0.99
According to Global Economic Symposium (2016), in the past two decades proven gas reserves have increased by 70% and proven oil reserves by 40%. Even though the ultimate objective or solution of the... More > energy crisis is not providing clean energy alone, increasing environmental hazards such as climate change or global warming due to increasing trend in greenhouse gas emission, acid rain and adverse effects of other air pollutants resulting from fuel combustion elevates the need for green energy. This book reviews the current trend of world’s energy consumption, possible mitigations for energy crisis and type of clean energy sources such as geothermal power, hydropower, wind power, solar power, tidal power, wave energy, fuel cell, nuclear power, biofuels and manpower, their electricity generation process, usage, benefits and negative impacts on environmental and human prospective.< Less
Introduction to Water Pollutants, Sources and Wastewater Treatment Schemes By Sivakumaran Sivaramanan
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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Water is an essential renewable resource, increasing population increases the demand for fresh potable water, thus the need for reclamation of used water is being realized. Several countries... More > successfully recycle the water up to the consumable standards. Though it varies depending on the treatment systems, limiting the uses, public acceptance, social and health related controversy is still an international issue. Increasing population and urbanization increases the need of sophisticated techniques to handle wastewater, in many areas contamination of harmful industrial or municipal wastewater into drinking waterways created severe threat to the society, or unsanitary waste water discharging practices have worsen the surrounding environment due to odour, providing sink for pathogens, breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other vectors. This book reviews kinds of waste water treatment systems and their roles in waste water treatment.< Less
Principles of Waste Management Techniques By Sivakumaran Sivaramanan
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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A country’s status and reputation is more importantly determined by its cleanness. Strategies and technologies are available, the major reason is behavior of public, still citizens of most... More > developing nations avoid keeping public discipline such as avoid thronging waste on street, not spitting on the pavement and etc. thus it is now being realized there is a need for strict legislatory outfit to correct the public at behavior level, though awareness programmes and public stewardship are yet less effective compare to laws. This book attempts to provide a complete review on wastes and most successful waste management techniques all over the world. None of the images and information provided are collected with permission, thus author do apologize for any inconvenience caused by the data usage, however, citations are given appropriately and he strongly believes for the sake of environmental science such errors and mistakes can be excused by the viewers as well as the resource personals.< Less
Green Heart: Animal Slaughtering, Abuse and Cruelty By Sivakumaran Sivaramanan
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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Animal abuse, cruelty and slaughtering are still in an increasing trend in this modern era. animals are slaughtered for various business needs, entertainment and sports. This book attempts to bring ... More > “what happens from farm to fridge?”.< Less

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