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Warrior Prophecy: Rapture's Awakening By Michael Pulse
eBook (ePub): $1.48
Mikha-él Taklishim's involvement in the empire started by falling in love with Terki`îdu·šal, now warning his son to stay away from that primitive world the past is drawn... More > out. Steps are taken which a single individual can’t stop, societies drawn into a dark future and together by these events. Prepared to defend the empire, problems evolve which must be addressed by all deciding together what is accepted. Social order based on equality...yet not all wish for this order thus oppose to the point of death. The one thing which offers savation comes by seeking God to find He has been watching over them all from the beginning. Legends speak of the story known for ages..still it must be lived to be understood. Always a love story passed from one to another, each generation renewing what is important...but what is important only individuals can say.< Less
Warrior Prophecy : The Calling By Michael Pulse
eBook (ePub): $1.48
Everyone looks for a calling finding more to handle, Mikha-él Taklishim a US Marine serving in Vietnam wanted peace of mind as he returned in 1969 for his mother’s funeral. Uncertain if... More > love really existed, both Mikha-él and Terki`îdu·šal’s lives are altered, bound by political reason only allows so much, it is faith which takes the them the full distance. The fates of many rest on fulfilling a prophecy which all know the course but not the path, those looking for a guide are left to question where this leads. Destiny demands Mikha-él willing accept his part, thus leaving no blame on others, as children are raised in a family, young lives fraught with dangers for both society and family. A perfect society it isn’t, with secrets protecting a few to press an empire into danger, the only relief to come as alliances form into a coming war. One not many will survive yet all have parts to play…and must willingly accept them all.< Less
Warrior Prophecy: Passing Sins By Michael Pulse
eBook (ePub): $1.49
The Earth ravaged by an attempted invasion, has shown revelations, life did not end. Guided by those believing the archangel legend, many come to follow who they believe, butd to what end becomes a... More > question. The future only glimpsed as it works its way closer, leaves no direction. The Méní Empire was once well received as Earth's hope, has forces move against this brighter future. Progress easily done with technology, also has a fierce dark side which doesn't want to let go. The shadows come to life, even before the dead come back. Those caught up in this new destiny must assure survival, for all or just themselves is a choice of personal natures. And it is those personal natures where life exists, not just the living but the excitement of life itself.< Less
Warrior Prophecy: Amduat By Michael Pulse
eBook (ePub): $1.49
This story started long ago with the dead already coming to life, ends or not only as all are called by the Divine. Those dead still fight for the living, not giving up on them, for death is not what... More > holds or claims them only what has taken them away. Events happen, people still exist and come back to interact as needed to save more. What events and what existence are only touched in a small way yet show the greater power behind them all. As closure comes to all events, so does the veil open with all to see what truly lies and awaits to happen.< Less

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Full Count Ministries Romans Journal Full Count Ministries... By Carter Reese et al.
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