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Seven Stories By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $7.00
"She disappeared before I knew it, but appeared near me at the next moment. Like a witch." (from "Which Is the Witch?") This is the first English collection of Dr. MORI,... More > Hiroshi's seven short stories. It includes two works from 'S&M (Saikawa & Moe) Series', which has been overwhelmingly popular over two decades, and has been made into a TV drama series and a TV animation series. Dr. MORI is Japan's best novelist, selected as a "Hall of Fame Author" by This is the birth of what can be considered the miraculous compilation, selected from a vast amount of his star-studded, diverse works. An interpretative script written by Ryusui Seiryoin (Chief Editor of The BBB / Translator) is also included. Finally, the world discovers "Dr. MORI, Hiroshi", the legendary mystery novelist from Japan. This collection includes: "The Girl Who Was the Little Bird" "A Pair of Hearts" "I'm In Debt to Akiko" "Silent Prayer In Empty" "Kappa" "The Rooftop Ornaments of Stone Ratha" "Which Is the Witch?"< Less
Theories and Experiments for Gyro Monorails By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $0.00
It started with a red gyro monorail exhibited by Mr. Akio Inoue at the JAM Convention (International Railway Model Convention) in the summer of 2007. Dr. MORI, Hiroshi, a popular novelist, who once... More > taught dynamics in a university, was consulted about the theories by Mr. Inoue, his mentor in the field of railway modeling. It inspired Dr. MORI to build it for himself. A gyro monorail runs on a single rail, while delicately keeping the balance. The mysterious view of the car turning curves fast once fascinated people, and it was researched as the “vehicle of the future” in the past. When Dr. MORI uploaded the video footage of his Prototype No. 9 on the Internet, inquiry e-mails and accesses flooded into his website. This eBook features his takes on the theories and experiments for gyro monorails. “How to Build a Simple Gyro Monorail” is also available. (This work first appeared on 2010 May and June issues of a Japanese monthly magazine “Hobby of Model Railroading” by Kigei Publishing.)< Less
How to Build a Simple Gyro Monorail By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Dr. MORI, Hiroshi is a popular novelist and also known as a modeler. After studying theories and repeating the experiments, he got a sense of achievement from his gyro monorail (Prototype No. 9).... More > Then, he has decided to rebuild Prototype No. 7, as a smaller model than No. 9. He used no special parts, stuck to simple craft procedures, and kept the size of the car manageable. More than anything, the car conforms to the design that is so reminiscent of railroad trains. Dr. MORI discloses the parts list and drawings, and then takes great care in explaining them in detail with significant points, so that many people can learn from them and build the gyro monorails of their own. This eBook passionately features the practical guideline for building gyro monorails. “Theories and Experiments for Gyro Monorails” is also available. (This work first appeared on 2010 August issue of a Japanese monthly magazine “Hobby of Model Railroading” by Kigei Publishing.)< Less
The Sky Crawlers: Episode 4, Episode 5, Epilogue By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Do we care or not about coming back to the same place again when taking off from the runway? I do not care about such a miracle. When flying above the clouds and viewing the stars in the heavens, I... More > can forget about the things that lie in the future. I can exchange my whole life with leaving the ground, or with the distance from the ground. I never doubt the outrageousness. The important point is whether we have such spirits of children or not. The story about the formidable children named "Kildren", who kill each other in the eternal flow of time, concludes with deadly silence. At the same time, magnificent "The Sky Crawlers" series starts from this masterpiece. To the skies of the whole world, their pure spirits continue to ascend boundlessly.< Less
The Sky Crawlers: Prologue, Episode 1 By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $3.00
“Are you getting angry, because I just said ‘Like a child.’ ...?” “I’m a child.” I utter, and then smile. That is the way it is, because I am a professional... More > pilot. It is a profession that adults cannot take. The war, which is theatrically staged, goes on in the world. “Kildren” (children who are capable of living eternally in adolescence) engage in actual combat operations as daily routines. Which leads to happier existences, to live or to die? “The Sky Crawlers” has been written by the revolutionary, the one and only author Dr. MORI, Hiroshi. It has been regarded as THE masterpiece by the author himself. This view of the world is brutally innocent enough to fascinate numerous readers. Also, the animation movie version “The Sky Crawlers”, directed by Mamoru Oshii, has attracted global attention. The English version of “The Sky Crawlers”, the novel series long-awaited by the whole world, has just taken off.< Less
The Sky Crawlers: Episode 2, Episode 3 By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $3.00
I am still a child. At times, my right hand kills humans. Instead of that. I would probably let someone’s right hand kill me. "Kildren" (children who are capable of living eternally... More > in adolescence) aviate their fighter aircrafts and shoot enemies down every day. In order to continue to live as children, they have to engage in the war, to kill time. Some of them die in combat. The cockpits of aircrafts rocking in dark waves are coffins for the pilots. In the dead silence of the deep sea, what method of death would those painfully pure-hearted ones wish for? This is the second installment of "The Sky Crawlers", which the whole world has been craving for. The story soars skyward into the higher altitude.< Less
The Sky Crawlers By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $7.00
Dr. MORI, Hiroshi, one of the most popular novelists in Japan, recognizes "The Sky Crawlers" as his masterpiece. This complete edition comes with Prologue, Episodes 1-5, and Epilogue. The... More > animation movie version of the same title, directed by the masterful Mamoru Oshii, has attracted the global attention as well. "Kildren", who live eternally in adolescence unless they are killed in combat or commit suicide, innocently crave for being released from the curse of the gravity, and continue to ascend to the end of the clear blue sky. I can fall anytime. I can die anytime. With the resistance, we cannot fly. This work is the first installation of the serialized novels for the magnificent "The Sky Crawlers" series, and chronologically the last story in the timeline of the series. At the end of the book, "The Interview About The Sky Crawlers With Dr. MORI, Hiroshi" is also included.< Less
None But Air: Episode 2, Episode 3 By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Everyone puts his or her own life on the aircraft, and fly high into the sky. Because of that point of argument, I respect all the pilots, regardless of whether they are my friendlies or enemies.... More > Some of the pilots, who may be able to become more and more skillful or still possess the potential for the future, may suffer from bad luck and be shot down. In reality, we cannot practice for aerial combats. Once we fail, everything will come to nothing. This is the most notable feature of our job. There are no such things as gods for us. What we believe are our mechanics and our own hands that hold the control sticks. “You are the number-one pilot among those whom I know. You will probably surpass me in not-so-distant future.” This is a story about the Teacher and me.< Less
None But Air: Prologue, Episode 1 By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Everyone called him only by the codename. He was just that special. I had been admiring a genius pilot, known and feared as the Teacher, who had shot down numerous enemies already. As I had... More > requested by submitting the application, I was assigned to the elite military flight team stationed in this airbase. Then, I started taking off, with the Teacher, to shoot down enemies, faster than anyone, hunting its prey gracefully like a raptor. “In short, you are already the number two pilot here.” This novel “None But Air” is the second installment from the masterly “The Sky Crawlers” series (written by Dr. MORI, Hiroshi), and it takes place in the earliest chronological phase of the entire storyline. The dawning of the grand story that will eventually lead to the novel “The Sky Crawlers”, the finale of the series, commences now.< Less
None But Air By MORI Hiroshi
eBook (ePub): $7.00
Dr. MORI, Hiroshi, the greatest treasure of the Japanese publishing industry, admits “The Sky Crawlers” series is his masterpiece. “None But Air” is the second novel of the... More > series and takes place in the earliest chronological phase of the entire storyline. This much-anticipated complete edition comes with Prologue, Episodes 1-4, and Epilogue. As I admire a genius pilot whose codename is “the Teacher”, I also take off into the sky. In the place which is none but air, I can surely feel myself only when I am innocently facing enemies and dancing like a bird. I was not born to love someone. I was not born to be loved by anyone. Just lightly ... I was born to fly. The story leading to “The Sky Crawlers”, the finale of the series, has commenced here. At the end of the book, “The Interview About None But Air with Dr. MORI, Hiroshi” is also included.< Less

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