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Behind Her Lies Truth By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
Every topic addressed in this book are matters of each writer’s heart. It will reveal problems that are passionate to every writer. Conversely, every issue is unveiled in hopes to bring... More > worldwide awareness. It is imperative to bring awareness about the lack of sufficient support for mothers with substance use disorders, the importance of early education and the funds needed, children being negatively affected by over usage of video games, and the damaging effects of emotional child abuse. Every writer’s topic has been thoroughly researched and gives remedies to challenging worldwide problems. Each writer has presented writing paradigms that may assist other students in refining their proficiencies. They have presented great examples of MLA and APA research writing layouts. These student writers put their hearts into their research because they chose topics that they are passionate about, and employed their education to elevate awareness to inspire change.< Less
Educating Ourselves and Others on Critical Social Issues By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $2.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
The student writers of this book came to college to broaden their awareness, learn new skills and better their lives through education. Each was tasked with choosing a topic that was meaningful to... More > them.  Affects of drug ads, animal crueltyeducati, on system, same sex adoption, and water contamination.  These topics chosen are from varying points all unique to the writers. This small group of writers exhibit their subjects in profound and genuine manners while using evidences and conclusions to work through difficult issues at hand.  They provide valuable examples of MLA and APA research writing styles to display open minded thoughts and compelling writing.These profound articles are deeply written in hopes that they can educate society and expand our horizons.< Less
Change - Our Roadmap to a Better Future By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.23
Prints in 3-5 business days
The student writers of this book have come to college to further their own education. In doing so, they have come to realize that there are social issues that need to be addressed in today's society.... More > Climate control, the rising cost of higher education, gender-bias when starting a business, abuse of the elderly, the cruel practice of animal testing, and cyber security--These are all issues that our society faces today that touch the heart. Each one of these women felt a passionate connection to these issues, and decided to tackle them head on, and identify resolutions to these problems. As a result, they have been able to present us with not only the information we need to assist in problem-resolutions, but they also submitted excellent writing models for other students to reference to improve their own writing skills. With examples of both MLA and APA writing styles, each writer used her college education to produce thought-provoking articles that will surely touch your heart.< Less
A Journey in Education By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $2.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
Asked why each of these women have chosen to continue their education the answers would be as eclectic as they are. Each in different stages of their lives and careers, they share the common bond of... More > seeking ways to grow, better themselves, their families, their peers, their jobs and their communities. Change is the process of becoming different and change is what is necessary for growth but we cannot change if we are not aware. The issues these women bring to this publication are those that speak to caring and improving the lives of others. The best way to bring about change is not only through awareness but also through education. Starting with themselves they now choose to open their minds and hearts to the topics that will help others grow and make the changes necessary to improve their quality of life.< Less
New Horizons The Path To Change By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $2.72
Prints in 3-5 business days
For the traditional student, college can be daunting. For the women who have authored this book the task of returning to school as an adult with adult responsibilities makes the task seem that much... More > greater of a battle. While juggling their daily lives, working full time jobs, raising children, and caring for households, they took the leap into a better future. Social and cultural issues that concern them such as the availability of healthy food, the difficulties facing those seeking physical and mental health care, and the role that technology plays in modern society, are the issues covered in this book. Their goal is not to solve the problems of the world, but to bring an awareness to the issues plaguing our country, in hopes that a solution will one day be found.< Less
Hear A Woman Speak By Bay Path Students
Paperback: $3.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
There are issues in day to day life that go noticed but are never addressed. The women who wrote the articles in this book have taken the time to research and bring awareness to the issues... More > that they feel passionate about.  The issues include body weight and health,  the effectiveness of reiki as a complementary alternative treatment, and mobile devices in procedure areas.  All these issues are relevant in the world of the authors and through their articles they intend to educate and inform the audience on the issues as well as persuade them to become proactive to make the change. The women who compiled these articles all come from different backgrounds and lead different lives. They have been brought together by the common decision that they all made to better their lives through education. Like many of the issues addressed in this book, the first step in achieving change is to take initiative and attain a better understanding of the world around us.< Less

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