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The Ghostman By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Jamie Summers works in the Great Yarmouth area as a mentalist, performing magic tricks and various mind routines with a psychological edge. To his friends he is simply known as Jamie but to his... More > audiences he is known by his stage name: Doctor Logic. However, Jamie has a third and more sinister name: The Ghostman. In the role of The Ghostman, he often finds himself in very difficult and scary situations. This collection of short stories takes the form of four different ghost stories, written for both adults and older children. These four tales will thrill and scare you as you read through but, afterwards, you will be left with a smile on your face and a keenness to explore further ghoulish adventures of Jamie Summers: The Ghostman.< Less
Professor Nibbler's Most Amazing Mouse Circus By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Have you seen a real live mouse circus? If you have, you’re very lucky indeed, as very few other people have ever seen one. Sometimes a mouse circus will travel around the country as part of a... More > travelling fair. As part of the performance, the mice will climb upon tightropes, perform amazing acrobatics and scamper about doing all sorts of incredible things. When Professor Nibbler brought his most amazing mouse circus to Luxembourg, two homeless children (Jacob and Molly) were enchanted by the posters that were pasted across the city. They both yearned to see the mice perform and so devised a plan to earn enough money to see the show. However, as is common with other stories from Maxwell Grantly, things don’t go according to plan. Discover how Jacob and Molly got to see the most amazing mouse circus in the world and find out what they saw.< Less
Gobbles - The Hungry Cat By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (ePub): $0.00
When Jack is given a baby kitten, his mother gives him just one rule, “Do not overfeed the cat.” It’s hard for a young child to care for a new pet, without worrying that it is not... More > eating properly. Can Jack remember his mother’s rule, as he cares for his baby kitten? Read the latest story from Maxwell Grantly, where things never go according to plan and the most unexpected outcomes always seem to happen. This story is delightfully illustrated with numerous lovely coloured illustrations throughout the book.< Less
The Fingers Trilogy By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This beautiful trilogy features three incredible stories from the life and times of a Victorian shoeshine boy, Edward Croydon. (Also known as Fingers the Pickpocket.) As an infant, Fingers was... More > abandoned by his parents in the town cemetery, to fend for himself on the streets. Thankfully, he was rescued by another street urchin, his guardian angel, and taken to the sanctuary of a secret attic hideaway. In this series of three stories we find out how Fingers rescued a lost Boston terrier and became entwined in a dastardly attempt to commit an audacious bank robbery. We also find out the identity of the mysterious guardian angel and discover why Fingers was abandoned on the streets, all those years ago. Finally, we learn how Fingers came to find sanctuary at a local children’s home and how he foiled an attempt to steal the children’s dreams, by a corrupt local business man.< Less
Fingers and the Pocket Watch Too By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Friends knew Edward Croydon, the shoeshine boy, as ‘Fingers’ due to his pickpocketing skills. As an infant, Fingers had been abandoned by his parents in the town cemetery, to fend for... More > himself on the streets of New Babbage. Thankfully, he was rescued by a ‘guardian angel’ urchin and taken to the sanctuary of a secret attic hideaway. One day, however, fate led him to a strange man wearing a beautiful pocket watch. When Fingers stole the watch, his life changed in the most unexpected way imaginable. This exciting steampunk story by Maxwell Grantly has been adapted from a previous comic format into an illustrated story, which has many beautiful illustrations to enchant and captivate you. (Thank you to the creators, merchants and residents of Second Life: without their help, this publication would have not been possible.)< Less
The Christmas Penny By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Have you ever wandered down the street and seen a shining new penny laying in the gutter? I bet that you didn't pass it by. Very few children would! This is the story of two street urchins who found... More > a whole new penny laying in the snow, one Christmas in New Babbage. As with all stories by Maxwell Grantly, things never go according to plan.< Less
The Stolen Egg By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
When a local spiv is deceived into stealing a supposed bird’s egg, a series of events start to unfold in the steampunk town of New Babbage. This results in an adventure that no one could have... More > imagined. It is only with the help of the town’s numerous street urchins that order can finally be restored. Find out for yourself what was inside the stolen egg and how this creature came to affect the residents of New Babbage with a series of incredible exploits and adventures. This book is produced as a cartoon series, composed of hundreds of incredibly beautiful and detailed pictures that will enchant you.< Less
Teddy's Many Hats By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Teddy was Edward’s favourite playmate. Being a stuffed toy, Teddy found it difficult to change his clothes. Therefore, when Teddy wanted to dress up, he simply swapped his hat. Teddy had such... More > a large number of hats: hats for watching Edward go fishing, hats for exploring in the garden, hats for playing with Edward’s building blocks and many more hats too! However, when Teddy decided he wanted to tell Edward how much he loved him, he wondered which hat he should wear. Teddy looked in the toy cupboard and found his thinking hat. He sat in the playroom and pondered upon this important question: which hat was best for telling Edward how much he was loved? Finally, Teddy had a simple and remarkable plan. Find out which hat Teddy wore, when he told Edward how much he loved him. Of course, with any story by Maxwell Grantly, things never go according to plan.< Less
Timothy's Big Adventure By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Have you ever wondered how exciting a tortoise’s life is? What exciting things might a tortoise get up to, if it disappears behind a bag of potatoes in the garden shed? George lived with his... More > parents in a small cottage, miles away from anywhere. Since he was too young to go to school, he spent his days playing in the garden with Timothy, his pet tortoise. George never realised what incredible adventures his pet might have, slowly lumbering around the garden. Read “Timothy’s Big Adventure” and find out how this little tortoise crawled behind a bag of potatoes, fell into a void that led into another universe and then encountered the most amazing adventure. Sometimes, the most extraordinary stories can occur in the most unlikely places!< Less
A Clean Sweep By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Isaac Little was a chimney sweep apprentice who worked for the cruel Mr. Grubber. It was a difficult and dangerous life sweeping chimneys, especially as Isaac was forced to crawl within the flues.... More > It was his awful task to climb up the brickwork and loosen the soot with a brush by hand. Each evening Mr. Grubber would spend the day’s takings on drink at the local pub, leaving Isaac to clean the yard and pack the soot into sacks, for sale to farmers as a fertiliser for their fields. The only consolation that Isaac had for this miserable existence was an anonymous handwritten letter that he kept hidden away in his jacket pocket. Isaac couldn’t recall how he had found this note but he knew that it was his, for his name was included in full within the last sentence of the letter. The mysterious note promised Isaac that his life would improve and that he should trust its unknown author. Who wrote the prediction for Isaac’s life and how did the writer know what the future held for the wretched chimney sweep?< Less

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