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Count On Teddy By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Edward had a special playmate called Teddy, who owned a lot of different hats. Teddy had a smart bowler hat for listening to the BBC news on the radio, a baseball cap for riding his tricycle across... More > the lawn and even a special shabby top hat for talking with Edward in the garden. You might wonder how many hats Teddy owned: Edward certainly did! Sadly, Teddy was unable to count. Therefore, Edward decided to take Teddy for a special walk around the village and teach the little bear all the important numbers, up to five. Can Teddy remember his first five numbers and then answer a simple quiz? Like all zany stories from Maxwell Grantly, things are bound to go wrong in the most unexpected way. However, there is a simple moral to this story and younger readers are sure to appreciate the beautiful illustrations that accompany this lively tale.< Less
Gobbler and the Mirror By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Gobbler was a poor orphan who lived on the streets of the steampunk town of New Babbage. He would spend his days searching for scraps of food to steal and, whenever he found some morsel, he would... More > gobble it down quickly. It was for this reason that the other street children gave him the nickname of “Gobbler.” One day Gobbler’s luck seemed to change when he spied an open door of a rich house and he sneaked inside to search for something to eat. However, he found himself stumbling upon a meeting of local businessmen and he accidentally discovered the announcement of an amazing new invention that would change his life forever. Find out how Gobbler managed to eavesdrop on the most important scientific discovery in the history of New Babbage and what he found out. Like all stories by Maxwell Grantly, all is not what it may seem to be.< Less
Albert's Wiggly Tooth By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Not many children do. Even the thirty-two young boys and girls at the New Babbage orphanage knew that Mr. Bagshaw, the resident housemaster, really took their old... More > teeth and left a silver sixpence under their pillows. Even still, a whole sixpence is such a lot of money: you can buy so many sweets with just the one coin. When Albert’s wiggly tooth fell out, he wondered what happened to it when he left it under his pillow. To his surprise, he discovered that Mr. Bagshaw was selling the children’s teeth to a local dentist, in order to build dentures for the elderly people in town. Discover the crazy antics of what happened in church the following Sunday morning, when Albert discovered the identity of the new owner of the children’s missing teeth. Like all stories from Maxwell Grantly, nothing ever goes to plan!< Less
Alfred and the Broken Flute By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Alfred wasn’t like other children; he had no mother or father to look after him. Alfred only owned an old top hat and a small wooden flute. Therefore, Alfred would earn his keep by playing his... More > flute on street corners, to collect donations from passers-by. However, one day, Alfred’s life was to turn upside down when two local villains decided to kidnap him and sell him to a local mine owner, Mr. Slugger. This was how Alfred’s flute became broken. Discover what happened and find out whether Alfred ever managed to regain his freedom from the two thugs. In common with many stories by Maxwell Grantly, things rarely ever go according to plan.< Less
Fingers and the Dream Thief By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Have you ever met a dream thief? Edward Croydon (also known as “Fingers”) was abandoned by his uncaring parents and left on the streets of New Babbage. Fate forced him to work in order... More > to survive, shining shoes and picking the pockets of rich passers-by. Finally, the kindness of one sympathetic gentleman encouraged Fingers to consider moving into the local orphanage, financed by the town’s wealthy photographer: Mr. Snude. Fingers found that the children of the home were very well-cared for and that they were allowed to play with as many toys as they could wish for. The orphanage looked like a paradise for homeless street children! However, despite all of this, Finger discovered that the children lacked imagination and he soon discovered that this children’s home had a dark and dreadful secret: Mr. Snude was a dream thief! Discover how Fingers saved the children from a life devoid of dreams and how he was able to teach Mr. Snude a lesson that he would never forget.< Less
Jack and the Space Pirates By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Jack lives and works on EM-05, a steampunk space station found on a major trade route between Earth and Mars. He spends his days tarring the insides of frigates and galleons, as they stop for repairs... More > and supplies, on their way to the distant planets of the Solar System. There are very few other children that work on EM-05 and so it can get very lonely for Jack. However, he does have one close friend, an abandoned cat named Jet, and the two of them are inseparable. Jack and Jet find that their lives are thrown into turmoil when a gang of space pirates steals a valuable galleon. The two friends are flung into an incredible adventure and Jack is forced to devise a cunning plan to return them both to their intergalactic home. Jack and the Space Pirates is a beautifully produced children’s storybook, with lovely enchanting illustrations on every page.< Less
Sprocket and the Sparrow By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Sprocket (Robot Thirty-Seven) loves his work and he takes great pride in packing tin cans neatly into wooden crates. One day Sprocket catches a fleeting glance of a sparrow, perching outside on the... More > factory windowsill, and he becomes entranced by the natural beauty of the tiny creature. He tries to share his newfound excitement of the sparrow discovery with his fellow robotic co-workers but to no avail. Sprocket remains fascinated with his chance glimpse of the sparrow and decides to escape from Mr. Rivet’s tin can factory to try and trace the small bird. His adventures lead him to the adjacent woodland where he makes a terrible discovery that could change his life, the sparrow’s home and the entire future of Mr. Rivet’s tin can factory. Will Sprocket save the day?< Less
The Incredible Adventure of Fingers and Boston By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Abandoned by his parents and forced by fate to work on the streets of New Babbage shining shoes, Edward Croydon (also known as “Fingers”) has to pick the pockets of rich gentlemen in... More > order to survive. However, his life takes an unexpected turn of events when he discovers a stray Boston terrier wandering alone on the streets: a stray dog with the most peculiar-shaped dog tag hanging from her collar. Unfortunately, it’s not only Fingers who is interested in finding out the meaning of this curious dog tag; a gang of local criminals are searching for this dog and her tag too. They will do anything to seize the dog tag for themselves, within the Law or not. Will Fingers find out the significance behind the strange-shaped dog tag of his new canine friend? Will the local police be able to trace the missing Boston terrier before the criminals track Fingers and the lost dog? Will the new friendship of Fingers and his terrier overcome the problems that they face together?< Less
Fingers and the Pocket Watch By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Meet Edward Croydon (known by his friends as “Fingers” due to his pick pocketing skills.) As an infant, Fingers was abandoned by his parents in the town cemetery one winter’s day.... More > He was left alone, to fend for himself on the streets of New Babbage. Rescued by a strange guardian angel and taken to the sanctuary of an attic, he soon settled down to an impoverished life on the streets, shining shoes for rich gentlemen during the day and picking their pockets whenever he could. Fate bought him into contact with one strange man, wearing a beautiful pocket watch. When Fingers deceitfully gained possession of the watch, his life was to change in the most unexpected way. The theft of the watch bought him all sorts of new and confusing dilemmas and led him through the streets of New Babbage, in a futile attempt to make sense of his tragic past. This new steampunk story by Maxwell Grantly has been composed in a lively comic format and has many beautiful illustrations that will enchant and captivate you.< Less
Bandit the Short-Sighted Cat Burglar By Maxwell Grantly
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Sophie and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Goggles, lived in the town of Myopia. Everyone in Myopia was short-sighted and so it was no surprise that, when the time came, Sophie should fail her eye test... More > too. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. Goggles bought their daughter a small kitten, as a present, in order to console her. Of course, the family guessed that the kitten was bound to be short-sighted. After all, everyone in Myopia wore corrective eye-pieces. However, they never realised that their new kitty addition was an accomplished cat burglar, with a dreadful criminal record. As you may guess, everything was bound to go wrong. Read Maxwell Grantly’s latest delightful story, Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar, to find out what happened and how Bandit regained Sophie’s trust.< Less

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