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Sleeping Habits and Routines By Huni Hunfjord
Paperback: $4.80
Prints in 3-5 business days
As a parents you have to create one essential routine that you follow every evening, that routine is what I call “The Pre-Game Ritual” or a simple bedtime routine that preps your child... More > for sleep. The routine you set, however, must be very specific. You must follow what’s called A Muscle Memory Routine in order to create a sleepy time ritual with your child. Simply by following the same routine at the same time every night, allows your child to say these magical words: “I’m sleepy, mommy”. You must first be warned about the #1 mistake some parents make when it comes to putting their child down for bed. It’s a mistake that can lead to your child waking up crying in the middle of the night, exhausted children taking over your bed and frustration-filled mornings. You must avoid allowing your child to get out of his or her bed during the night and we go into the details why inside the book.< Less
The Mentorian By Huni Hunfjord
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Join the prince and princess as they put aside their differences to save the last mentorian egg. If they work together, they can protect the egg from the carpet demons, the gulp-royals, the night... More > terrors, the two-headed bald cerberus and all the others that want to steal this priceless egg. Discover how they overcome obstacles to protect their precious egg and find out if they will be able to protect the egg long enough, so that the mentorian can hatch?< Less
Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children By Huni Hunfjord
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a great for all parents to implement simple strategies into their lives and teach their children at an early age how to manifest their dreams, how to visualize anything they want to... More > accomplish, how to be grateful for all the things they have in their lives right now and how giving works. Find your Why. The Law of Attraction. The Power of Rituals and Habits. Know your numbers. Your mindset and how to shift it. Setting your expectations Responsibility, etc. These are not concepts and strategies that most people associate with children, but the earlier they learn the power of these strategies and start to implement them into their lives, the more successful they will become in life. The book will give the family as a whole great value and give the parents who are not already implementing personal growth strategies, the understanding, that when we work on ourselves and then teach our children the same, that’s when we really are contributing our time for our children's futures.< Less
Læringinn By Huni Hunfjord
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Núna verða prinsinn og prinsessan að læra að vinna saman. Þau verða að líta framhjá daglegum erjum, því núna bera þau... More > ábyrgð á síðasta læringjaegginu í heiminum. Ef þeim tekst að komast hjá því að rífast og slást og finna leið til að vinna saman, mun þeim kannski takast að vernda eggið frá teppapúkanum, kóngagleypunum, náttskelfinum, skottukollinum og öllum þeim sem þrá að komast yfir síðasta læringjaeggið í heiminum. Lestu hvernig ævintýrið breytist í martröð og hvort þeim takist að vernda eggið nógu lengi til að byndast bestara-böndum við læringjann, mun læringinn ná að klekjast út? Mun þetta takast hjá þeim?< Less
Our Road without Boundaries By Huni Hunfjord & Alexander Evengroen
Paperback: $17.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Do you know that you already have everything inside of you to become more successful in life than in your wildest dreams? It’s true, but have you ever gotten the HOW in simple steps, to turn... More > that engine on inside of you, that will drive you to your success? You are in the right place, because in this book, two successful serial entrepreneurs reveal the codes in simple steps for you to follow and do the same. Effortless success. Less of an effort, once you know the codes. We look forward to hear your success story soon!< Less

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