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Okinawan Weaponry, Hidden Methods, Ancient Myths of Kobudo & Te By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $24.28
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This work clearly defines and catalogues the fifty historical hand-held weapons that were used in Okinawa Prefecture and the Ryukyu Islands from the dawn of its history. It show the stages of... More > development and introduction of these weapons to the islands and how they affected the culture through the ages. The 'standard five' popular weapons of the modern era (bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku & kama) are described in detail with many scale drawings, but surprisingly, it clearly shows the influence of bladed weapons, such as the curved sword. Firearms also made a huge contribution to Ryukyuan weapon development, so these are also introduced in their historical context. Most surprising is the contextual detail of the historic eras, such as the affects of the Satsuma Invasion of the Ryukyu Islands in 1609 & the dissolution of the monarchy in 1879. Contrary to popular myth, between these years Okinawans did not adopt farmers tools for self protection, for quite a different history is revealed herein.< Less
The Official Constitution of the Universal Martial Arts Federation By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $6.86
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A way forward for many independently minded martial artists; this is the Official Booklet of the Universal Martial Arts Federation (UMAF), a worldwide organisation set up to register practitioners,... More > styles (new & old), schools, clubs and dojo that believe in non-aggressive martial arts as a method of achieving health, longevity, self-defence and a means of giving to society, without the emphasis on taking life. The booklet gives examples of grading systems, guidelines on expected conduct, as well as listing the officers of the UMAF and how to contact them for registration and advice. New styles are encouraged to develop, alongside established systems, while non-damaging forms of self-defence, along with martial-art-based methods of repairing bodies and minds (such as anma, shiatsu, dynamic bodywork & katsu)that have been affected by previous improper and damaging training, are also encouraged.< Less
Okinawan Te (Martial Art of Kings & Nobles) Revealed, Second Edition (Revised & Expanded) By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $26.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Another revealing book by Mark D Bishop. This work expands on the original best-selling version, by including more than 40 extra pages and further explaining the methodology of applications, as well... More > training methods, for proper conditioning. Providing a teaching format for the instructor, it is also an informative workbook for the beginner and a how-to-do manual for those already with experience in the martial arts. In effect, it is the first ever work that deals thoroughly with the training and techniques of Okinawan Te as it developed from 1609, following the Satsuma Invasion of the Ryukyu Islands, until 1879, when the monarchy was dissolved by Japan. Until now, despite demonstrations of its effectiveness, the study of and training in Okinawan Te of this period has been known only to a few adherents. This has led to a mystification and often false representation. However, this can no longer be the case, as all is uncovered in this detailed and brilliantly coordinated work.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part I of VIII) Bishop Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $25.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
Music, money, madness & other mysterious things. This is the karmic tale of the author, adventurer, martial artist & time traveller, Mark D Bishop; an objective look at his genetic ancestral... More > past. It is DNA family history in fascinating detail, a journey through ancestral time, when industrious, creative hard work, births, marriages and burials focused around church life. The reader begins the excursion in a grocer's shop in upmarket Teddington on Thames, before being transported to Rochester on the Medway, with its Norman castle and cathedral; then along the Roman Fosse Way to Chatham, which once was host to the Royal Naval Dockyard. Woodworking trades, such as cart-wheelwrights & cabinetmakers are imbedded in the ancestral search, with Kentish & Sussex surnames;the Wrens who went to America, the Mitchells who were shipwrights. Ancestry often has a darker side too, necessitating a trip through the sordid conditions of 19th century 'madhouses' and a realisation that lovemaking never really changes.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part VIII of VIII) Andrew Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $26.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
An ancestral trail through two English counties inhabited by everyday, church-going country folk. Great-grandmother Mary Brewer Andrew was to grow up in a sheltered Cornish village founded by a Welsh... More > saint, but fate found her transported across the country to Suffolk, where she was to find the man of her dreams and start an idyllic family. Life was good and prosperous as a butcher's wife, the only real tragedy being in WWII with the loss of her youngest child. Yet her own childhood and ancestry tell a tale of death and hardship. Pealing back the pages of the lives of her immediate parents' family, who were agricultural labourers, is a story unto itself. Some ancestors did run successful businesses though. They were millers; but even millers can fall foul of the law, which has necessitated a detailed look into the life inside the notorious Bodmin jail. Chilling though its stories are, the place is now a museum, a skylight looking down into how things should not have been, but how history & karma affect us all.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part IV of VIII) Parr Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $21.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ancestry is a dual aspect entity, both private and public. It is private because it is personal. It is public because the stories of the ancestors need to be told. This work deals with both these... More > aspects, while recording the facts for the family researcher and putting across the stories and lives that shaped the ancestors and how they saw and understood the world around them. One should never be ashamed of one's ancestors, for we have no more a right to judge them than they have to judge us. Yes, they really do live among us and they really do affect us from beyond the grave, not only with the material goods they leave us, but also with the karma that is passed down to us. It is our job, the living, to deal with this karma, to dig out the hidden aspects of our ancestors' lives that society and culture would not allow them to express. Seen through her eyes, Volume IV is the life & ancestry, the somewhat sad story, of that 19th-century matriarch of the Parr family, dear Florence -bless her tender heart.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part II of VIII) Battersby Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $22.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
Following on from Ancestral Chains DNA Part I, this work takes the reader a step further along the intrigue of the Family Tree. Viewing Victorian life through the mind-set of great-grandmother, Kate,... More > the stage is set in a posh Georgian terrace in Lewes that serves as the Sussex Probate Office. Money matters are inevitable, but madness and attempted murder play out the scenes of life, as a large family adapt to the sudden incarceration of their father. Clockmakers, the Tolkiens and the creator of Lorna Doone in Teddington, all play their roles in the Battersby family saga. There is mischief and innuendo too, as when the early 19th century grocer from Isleworth is buried with 2 of his 3 wives; the headstone even today forming a paving stone in the church path, regularly walked over by worshippers. A search & locate mission for a great uncle lost in the Battlefield at Passchendaele in 1917 is launched; love was not lost on his finance though because his elder brother took on the cause.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part VII of VIII) Morgan Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $21.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this work, the reader is directed to Claydon village in rural Suffolk. Here the Morgan family of the author's memory lived, worked and propagated. Life was generally good with some up-and-downs,... More > as these Morgans were descended from the minor gentry of Suffolk who originally hailed from Ipswich. Yet the Morgan Bloodline in the 19th and 20th centuries was ruled by trades people; the butchers & blacksmiths of the village, each with his business at the other end of town. Butcher by trade, but not by temperament and sporting the name Winfred Edward Mosart Morgan, this great-grandfather had had much trauma in his early life, but was fun to be with. Even then, he would never admit that he and the Morgan blacksmith family down the lane were distant cousins. Musical flair was in the church-going family who were integral to village life, but tragedy was never far away, as attested by the Henry Moore sculpture that graced their local church before strangely being moved to nearby Barham. Oh yes, there was money, too!< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part VI of VIII) Meers Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $21.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
Refugees have been part & parcel of the social history & landscape of the British Isles since time immemorial. They have come in waves and they have arrived in droves. They have melted into... More > the DNA pot, enhancing and enriching all aspects of society. Growing up in the Thames Valley, the author would often hear the Italian name Gagette, one or several refugees who arrived on these shores as a result of the French Revolution. One Gagette descendant married into the Meers family of Dickensian Bethnal Green; and they were poor by the standards of some of his other ancestors. It was when Eliza Priscilla Meers married a hard working and enthusiastic young man who was to work as an engineer in Gibraltar and later as the Thames Conservancy Engineer for the area between Teddington and Windsor, that fortunes changed for the better. But in ancestral research, change is never far away it seems and tragedy can be found just around the next bend of Old Father Thames. For, like that river, life has its currents and eddies.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part V of VIII) Fortune Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $22.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
Like the phases of the moon, fortunes wax & wane. From humble beginnings in Lacock; from hard-working agricultural labourer stock in Avon, to mining and engineering, the Fortune family flourished... More > as it spread throughout the globe. From gold digging in NZ, to administration in Hong Kong, the Fortunes worked far & wide. The inevitability of war sorted the men from the boys & the Fortunes were there; but sometimes at a terrible price. Not only did great-grandfather, John Alfred Fortune, lose cousins though; his own mother was to disappear in very mysterious circumstances. Was it murder? Did she run off with Sailor Sam to the antipodes, or was she just not able to deal with family life? But what she left behind was an urge to travel in John Alfred Fortune, an urge to help others and a benevolent attitude to those who worked for him. In his short life he served the aorta of England, the River Thames as Conservancy Engineer, but did the River serve him? However one views it, his legacy, his monument, is that River.< Less

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