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Okinawan Weaponry, Hidden Methods, Ancient Myths of Kobudo & Te By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $24.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
This work clearly defines and catalogues the fifty historical hand-held weapons that were used in Okinawa Prefecture and the Ryukyu Islands from the dawn of its history. It show the stages of... More > development and introduction of these weapons to the islands and how they affected the culture through the ages. The 'standard five' popular weapons of the modern era (bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku & kama) are described in detail with many scale drawings, but surprisingly, it clearly shows the influence of bladed weapons, such as the curved sword. Firearms also made a huge contribution to Ryukyuan weapon development, so these are also introduced in their historical context. Most surprising is the contextual detail of the historic eras, such as the affects of the Satsuma Invasion of the Ryukyu Islands in 1609 & the dissolution of the monarchy in 1879. Contrary to popular myth, between these years Okinawans did not adopt farmers tools for self protection, for quite a different history is revealed herein.< Less
The Official Constitution of the Universal Martial Arts Federation By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $6.86
Prints in 3-5 business days
A way forward for many independently minded martial artists; this is the Official Booklet of the Universal Martial Arts Federation (UMAF), a worldwide organisation set up to register practitioners,... More > styles (new & old), schools, clubs and dojo that believe in non-aggressive martial arts as a method of achieving health, longevity, self-defence and a means of giving to society, without the emphasis on taking life. The booklet gives examples of grading systems, guidelines on expected conduct, as well as listing the officers of the UMAF and how to contact them for registration and advice. New styles are encouraged to develop, alongside established systems, while non-damaging forms of self-defence, along with martial-art-based methods of repairing bodies and minds (such as anma, shiatsu, dynamic bodywork & katsu)that have been affected by previous improper and damaging training, are also encouraged.< Less
Okinawan Te (Martial Art of Kings & Nobles) Revealed, Second Edition (Revised & Expanded) By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $26.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Another revealing book by Mark D Bishop. This work expands on the original best-selling version, by including more than 40 extra pages and further explaining the methodology of applications, as well... More > training methods, for proper conditioning. Providing a teaching format for the instructor, it is also an informative workbook for the beginner and a how-to-do manual for those already with experience in the martial arts. In effect, it is the first ever work that deals thoroughly with the training and techniques of Okinawan Te as it developed from 1609, following the Satsuma Invasion of the Ryukyu Islands, until 1879, when the monarchy was dissolved by Japan. Until now, despite demonstrations of its effectiveness, the study of and training in Okinawan Te of this period has been known only to a few adherents. This has led to a mystification and often false representation. However, this can no longer be the case, as all is uncovered in this detailed and brilliantly coordinated work.< Less
Zen Odyssey, An Okinawan Karate & Martial Arts Journey By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $25.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
An entertaining odyssey by all means, which all readers, not only karate-ka, can enjoy. The work describes a fascinating 'voyage of discovery' through the Okinawan martial arts during the author's... More > younger years. Both informative & factual, the work leads the reader on a journey of initiation from the preliminary stages of being a 'live-in disciple' of Goju-ryu & trainee of Matayoshi Kobudo in post-Reversion Okinawa, as he travels with the reader through the exploration of Uechi-ryu, Shorin-ryu & Okinawan te; also of a vast spectrum of connected Ryukyuan cultural entities. His attention to detail is commendable, as the shared expedition becomes an esoteric odyssey to find the zen spark of enlightenment that evades so many seekers, but which can be found within one's own nature. Mark D Bishop is arguably the foremost authority on historical Okinawa karate & martial arts. He continues to write, travel, research and teach extensively on various aspects of these, including its related anma bodywork & zen.< Less
Okinawan Karate (Kobudo & Te) Teachers, Styles and Secret Techniques: Expanded Third Edition By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $26.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
Time moves on, cultures change with the twists of history and secret arts are lost. To understand the essence of karate, kobudo and te is to read and digest this work. To devour the mysteries of the... More > secret principles it records is to dwell in a former time, only then will the reader know the true meanings of what the masters passed on. This book was a classic of the 20th century and, with the passing of time, is now considered to be an historic record for the modern era; both a time capsule and an integrated tool of knowledge transmission. Also featuring contributions from the latest breed of expert researchers, this Expanded Third Edition keeps the original version alive in its entirety, while bringing the Okinawan karate world up to date, as it expands into an ever-increasing international world. Be warned though, it also answers questions that have not been asked until now and topics that could not have been discussed, while expanding on newly debatable issues. This is what the masters were really saying< Less
Zen Bodywork Dynamics, Enigma Key to Restorative Martial Arts: Primary Course (Part 1) By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $17.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
Zen Bodywork Dynamics is a natural, martial-arts-based, hands-on method of helping to restore health in a holistic way. It corresponds with other martial-arts training, which it is seen as... More > complementing - whatever the style. Thumbs, hands, elbows and feet, etc. are used to apply pressure and relieve pent-up stress in the format of: Relax, Release & Let Go. Many trainees have benefitted from its wisdom, as have thousands of members of the public - the book is highly recommended.< Less
Karate Uncovered (Fact & Fiction, Wisdom & Magic) By Mark D Bishop
eBook (PDF): $6.48
Explosively direct, powerfully subtle. Always one to stand his ground for technical reality and historical fact, this work by Mark D Bishop is amazingly eye-opening & to the point. Poignant... More > questions are asked, debates are raised and down-to-earth, enlightening answers are given. Much of what is considered to be tradition by many a karate-ka is shown not to be the case: If you think the closed-fist punch is standard fair, read the Facts. If you have been taught that karate is an ancient Japanese art founded on violence, reconsider the Fiction. If you think karate training is for self-development, absorb the Wisdom. If you seek the truth about zen, enjoy the Magic. Packed with information, this book leads the way for the karate-ka and bodyworker to discover those hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface. Decades of training will give any teacher insights, and the author has more than most to offer. Read this book, absorb it, be enriched by it and uncover your true self through karate and its related arts.< Less
Okinawan Karate, Revised and Expanded Second Edition; Master Version By Mark D Bishop
eBook (PDF): $5.20
Progression is a positive trait, as long as one keeps in touch with the past and has a staple backdrop to focus or fall back on. Although the Revised Expanded Third Edition contains all the wording... More > and photographs that are reproduced in both the first edition, as well as this Revised and Expanded Second Edition, it comparatively represents a step into what was, for these latter two books, the future. The year 2019, in which I am writing this foreword, represents respectively 30 years and 20 years into the future since the publication of these two books, so I think this faithful reproduction of the Master Version by Q&I Publications as an eBook is well timed. For some readers it might bring about nostalgia, for others it might be an eye-opener into a world that is not always truthfully represented, due to commercial or other reasons. For the teachers who I interviewed and have been embodied herein, I hope this Master Version will remain a testament into how they wished to be represented for time immemorial.< Less
Zen Odyssey: An Okinawan Karate & Martial Arts Journey By Mark D Bishop
eBook (PDF): $9.11
After finally returning to my native England from Okinawa in 1990, many of my martial-arts’ colleagues expressed a desire to make a comparatively brief study trip to the karate Mecca that... More > Okinawa represents. Even a short visit proved impossible for the great majority of these hopefuls though, as it has for many thousands of others around the world, while an extended visit such as was mine, has proved to be flatly beyond the bounds of even the most fervent imagination. This reality partly stimulated me to write some articles for the renowned magazine Fighting Arts International. Yet, successful as the magazine had been and popular as my articles proved to be the magazine ceased publication in 1996, temporarily taking my articles to the grave with it at a very inopportune moment; for the text was not half of the way through the struggles of my odyssey. With some alteration, those articles are resurrected here, along with the remainder of the manuscript and many previously unpublished photographs< Less
Zen & Kobudo 'Mysteries': A History of Okinawan Weapons, Te & Karate (Revised & Expanded Edition) By Mark D Bishop
eBook (PDF): $9.11
This work has been published to enhance an Okinawan cultural asset that can help to advance individual development and creativity. "The book," the author states, "is not intended to be... More > a beautification of brutality, or a glorification of the misdeeds of an ancient and evil epoch, when the sword ruled supreme. These distorted, negative images associated with the martial arts are a gory remnant of a withered time, the skeletal remains of a diseased nightmare that should be buried forever and left alone to decay in peace - although a means to an end they might well have been. However, the positive aspects of martial arts, the concepts of improving and protecting oneself and one’s vigour, that have brought civilisation through the dark ages, are still very much alive in present-day Okinawa Prefecture as a form of recreation, spiritual discipline and health preservation." Thus, in unravelling the many 'mysteries' surrounding Okinawan karate, weaponry & te, the author opens the doors of positive understanding.< Less

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