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How to Make Money with Your Phone: (Make Money at Home or on the Move) By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.51
The phone has always been a tool to make money; with the dawning of the mobile phone age the phone increased its ability tenfold to make money Now in the smart phone age the money making ability has... More > increased a hundredfold. Now anyone can make money with a smart phone. This book shows you how to, in most case no experience, skills or money needed.< Less
Relationship Guidance and Advice From Celtic Wisdom By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.46
Relationships are not easy are they? Finding the right person, keeping the relationship alive and working for both parties. But when they do work they are wonderful two hearts beating as one, working... More > in union. A light in the dark holding back the dark things in the world that always threaten to engulf the solo us. A strong unison is a "caer"( aka stronghold) to raise and nurture the wee ones, strong unions are the support pillars that the foundations a clan depends on. So how do we find and navigate these complex issues? There are many places to look for guidance and advice, but one rich under looked source is Celtic wisdom. This source provides guidance and advice via its stories and customs if you are Celtic or not.< Less
The Celtic Cariad: A Celtic book of Love By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.47
This book explores the rich romantic element found in Celtic lore and some of the customs, traditions, stories and places. Most of heard of Welsh love spoons but what about the "Celtic... More > Vegas" or the Celtic "St Valentine". It is a great resource for any old romantics looking for a Celtic flavour or any one planning a big day and wishing to weave in some of the old Celtic customs.< Less
How to Make Money While you Sleep: (With or Without Cash) By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $6.31
In this book we explore methods to earn an income while you sleep, with or without cash.
How to Get Rich.......Eventually: (The Arian Income Generator Method) By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $6.13
Money we all want more of it, getting it that’s another story, there are more "get rich quick methods" out there than you can shake a stick at, most are plain 24 karat scams. With... More > research you will find the "slower" methods are more legit, you get scams with these as well; but most take cash investment, really hard work and luck. This book is about the "Arain System" a 23 stages method bringing together unorthodox methods; from mainly outside conventional money making stragies that work together to become a money making method. The Arain system takes a long time to build up, but you start on a balance of 0.00. That’s the sales pitch over not going to give you the whole "you too can live the dream bit" I know it works if you want to take a leap of faith then you are more than welcome to do so.< Less
Spirit Sales and Pagan Products: (How to set a Holistic Business with your loose change or less) By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.46
This book is a how to for anyone wishing to set a spiritual based business or holistic practice.It has simple and practical methods to set up; using tried and tested methods gained from first hand... More > experiences. The book also shows you how to get funding even if you have a bad credit rating.< Less
In the Shadow of the Celtic Giants By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.48
Some mystical creatures are unique to a culture and area, such as the Thunderbird is a legendary creature to North American indigenous peoples or the Rainbow Serpent in Australian Aboriginal... More > mythology. Celtic culture has its own like the Cefel Dwr (Water Horse). But there some mystical creatures that many cultures share, such as Dragons, Mermaids and Giants. This book explores the Celtic giants and their influence on Celtic culture.< Less
The Celtic Atlantis Flooded and Magical Kingdoms of the Celts By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.46
This book explores the flood myths of the Celtic people; and the influence of the flood myths of other cultures on the Celtic people.
Legends from the Upper Swansea Valley and the Surrounding Area By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.47
This book explores the legends found in the upper Swansea valley and the surrounding area a very beautiful and magical area; which has spawned many legends which are in this book. Many of these... More > legends are well known and others only known locally.< Less
The Nature of the Universe and the Accession of the Soul: (Celtic Myrddin Book 1) By Martin Vaughan Watkin
eBook (PDF): $2.47
There are many big questions that life asks on our spiritual path….. What is the meaning of Life? What happened at creation and how will it all end? What happens at death and afterwards? There... More > are many individuals and groups that offer “concrete answers” to these questions; either prophets of one kind or another. Those that have” answers” get them from a deity or other non-terrestrial source, or/and varies science schools that can be conservative and not so conservative. This book does not offer such “concrete answers” as such but answers that can be explored through a Celtic spiritual filter.< Less

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