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Winter Chorus By M .B
Paperback: $29.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
Booklet to a rock opera built like an ancient drama in which the hero dialogues with chorus, both offset and timeless.
The tales of carousel By M .B
Paperback: $30.23
Prints in 3-5 business days
Series of news telling a same day view by different members of the circus with their dramas, their joys, their lives. Every day they go from village to village, planting their tent, giving the show... More > that they are flamboyant characters. But they are also the furtive shadows assemble and dismantle the marquee tirelessly over the days. From far away, they walk their labors, their sufferings and their dreams. They come alive under the lights of the show, then again become invisible for the thousand and one tasks that are needed. They live in the moment, and waiting for their audience.< Less
Travel diary from elsewhere By M .B
Paperback: $29.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lazily drifting in outer space, an object dances among the stars. Gradually, it approaches a blue planet, bathed by the rays of a sun. Thus a good day, this object is placed on the wet sand of a... More > beach. The waves toss, walking from tides by tides. A young boy running on the beach noticed the object. Intrigued, he picks it up. Then he observes. But he really does not see what it can be ! To what use is this strange metal roller? Suddenly, the object becomes luminescent, releasing a ballet images while a serene and monotonous voice announces: "This is the diary of my ship charged with exploring the galaxy. » Surprised, the boy away some of the strange object. Yet despite the fear he feels he is intrigued and curious about more ...< Less
Twenty years in may, and after ? By M .B
Paperback: $29.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
ith the tumult of a May storm, some particularly rough year, opens a fresco in three slices of lives that accompany intersect, separate at the mercy of events. A group of friends plunged into the... More > fray of live when everything changes around them on rhythms more rapid that carry them away. Later, while everyone has more or less found his place, built his life, come questioning, pushing, contractions of another era. So they close ranks, support each other. This new era them heckling, destabilizes them sometimes. Yet they are still trying to realize their dreams.  Finally, the time comes to leave the battlefield, to pass the baton to younger by helping to start. Always with great projects and new dreams, they embark to new horizons where building new lives, calmer, more relaxed, determined to live fully this last part of their journey.< Less
The legends of the turquoise planet, the keys (2nd part) By M .B
Paperback: $48.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Legends of the Turquoise Planet, The Keys Of Grieves ... by Words : A hundred poems are the weft thread through the four parts that make up this collection. Sculptures, paintings, drawings ....... More > Illustrate them by reflecting on and complements (Along Water ... along time, Along wind ... along renewal, Along renewal ... along times, Along moons ... along destinies ). Prelude to the Legends of the Turquoise Planet : First, twelve new where appear all the heroes, such as a range of characters, of sceneries. Then the key of Legends, terms, concepts.< Less
From yesterday to tomorrow By M .B
Paperback: $71.09
Prints in 3-5 business days
From Yesterday to Tomorrow Recomposition : Eight news which say the end of fighting, and devastated lives,  in the peace and serenity found for each hero. Triptych : History always renewed and... More > in become of this changing world, although balance and bathed in light. Crystals of Eternity : Five news during which some heroes are united.< Less
Tomorrow was yesterday By M .B
Paperback: $70.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
Tomorrow was Yesterday Decomposition : Eight news where heroes leave the Turquoise Planet, with concern and sadness, to return on time for new battles. Tetrahedron : History of the world in the... More > heart of the storm where the expectation is to ask to inform  lives in struggles and lead to Renewal. Mirors of Time : Roman where heroes evolve over time, at the option of fighting. Income for life on the Turquoise Planet, they perform what should be coming for the Renewal.< Less
Yesterday will be tomorrow By M .B
Paperback: $77.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Yesterday will be Tomorrow Composition : Eight news during which we discover the heroes, their backgrounds and their arrival on the Turquoise Planet. Trilogy : Story of a changing world, in... More > evolving, where some errors result in long and arduous battle. However, when the time comes, the serenity comes back and continues to grow. Kaleidoscope of Times : Novel that combines the lives of heroes during the last episodes of fighting. Plots in betrayals, kidnappings in heartbreak, this is the story of contemporary existence rather tormented a family.< Less
The justice of predators By M .B
Paperback: $30.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
At all times, the books told stories of dark machinations, conspiracies and betrayals, the course looks fantastic. But … Thus, the characters in this novel have experienced in recent years,... More > and that continues, may seem exaggerated ... Born in the mid-twentieth century, projects in mind, including the purchase and develop a small agricultural property, live peaceful ... events have decided otherwise … However, all the facts in this book are inspired by real facts as characters and events described. Only the names of the characters were changed while places are evoked, and that all other players are hidden behind an initial, but all resemblance etc ... as the saying goes ! The mentioned places, persons known by a name such as behind an initial, facts are inspired by a real story, which might suggest that "Something is rotten in our good kingdom (sorry Republic) of France.< Less
Tales in elsewhere By M .B
Paperback: $37.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
At the mercy of time, through moments, from season to season, they come and go and come back, refrains periods, or souls of the epics. These are Times Travellers. Around them, times are changing, as... More > they cross the worlds from cycles to cycles, them passers came out of nowhere, memories of worlds. The subject is entirely imaginary, in the style of tales and legends, with passages that back, never quite the same, like a chorus, a similar story to tell and renewed view from different angles, such as ocean waves or the clouds which bear the winds Designed as a fresco covering many different eras, they tell the characters that are their heroes, but these legends are those of an other worlds in rainbows. So, beyond worlds, perhaps also a reflection of ours, these characters evolve, both actors and spectators.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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