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30 Days of Grace By Cathy McCarthy
Paperback: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
30 Days of Grace is a daily planner that gives women the tools they need to successfully create a happier and healthier life. You'll be able to clear the mind clutter that keeps you from achieving... More > clarity and confidence. 30 Days of Grace will allow you to; manage stress and define your priorities, organize your life in one, easy, step-by-step planner, achieve success in all areas of your life, Make permanent and positive change, solve problems and have more confidence, create an actionable plan, have the discipline and mindset to take action, manage your emotions and have control over your thoughts, accomplish more in less time, let go of negative emotions, have more courage to do what you've always wanted, live by your own design and on purpose. You'll get Daily Health and Lifestyle Assessment sheets to keep track of your physical health, and Daily Personal Development sheets for self-care. This unique planner has been developed from years of experience and real life coaching techniques.< Less
The 30 Day Goal Crushing Journal By Cathy McCarthy
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The 30 Day Goal Crushing Journal is the FIRST ever planner that teaches you step by step on how to successfully reach your goals. Get ready to plan for massive action, challenges that may take you... More > off guard, and the discipline you need to get it done. Got inspiration? No problem, you’ll find an area to write your notes, reflections, or ideas. The Health & Lifestyle Assessment tracker allows you to organize your meals, track hydration, supplements, movement, and personal development such as self-care, hobbies, connections, and even romance. Every day you’ll have a schedule with space for writing appointments and action items. You’ll also have a whole section on Coach Cathy’s S.T.A.R. Process. This process teaches you how to overcome challenges with real, actionable solutions by training your brain to think differently. You'll finally: break bad habits, make permanent change, boost your confidence, manage your emotions, reduce stress, increase self awareness and live healthier and happier!< Less
The Path to Peace: A Woman's Guide to Managing Stress, Finding Emotional Freedom and Making Permanent Change By Cathy McCarthy
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Women often have to juggle many responsibilities and suffer from chronic stress as a result. Trying to be all things to all people just doesn't work and frankly, this lifestyle will catch up with... More > you in a negative way. Exhaustion, resentment, anger, anxiety, poor health, weight gain, and failing relationships can result from this toxic way of living. Stress is unavoidable and no one is immune. Some stress is good as it can motivate you to make positive change. The key is learning how to manage your stress by managing your mind and changing your bad habits permanently. In the book "The Path to Peace," author Cathy McCarthy shares her experience and success on how you can manage your stress even when life seems overwhelming. Cathy has overcome many life challenges and openly talks about how she rebuilt her life and confidence with her mind management techniques.< Less

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Cardboard Cardboard By Patrick G. Redford
Paperback: $40.00