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eBook (PDF): $3.00
Pick Michael House's brain. See what Michael"DEE"house thinks about. Check out his understanding.
1993 wbhs Injury Survivor26 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
THE life of a disabled. Hear it from the horse's mouth. What insight! 1993 WBHS INJURY SSURVIVOR26 ----------------------- ... More > The driver fell asleep. I was thrown all over the car then out the window, sustaining 6 months coma, brain surgeries, broke left side, paralyzed palate, nerve damage, worsened eye sight, worsened speech, & limp. ----------------------------------- iN tHE sHOES oF a dISABLED ----------------------------------- Dumbbells- Mom made me leave my dumbbells. So now I do push ups. My goal is 100. meds- My meds ended my torturing thoughts. i love that. unplug laptop- I do that every night. There are many storms in Floridaa. lulu michaeldeehouse- that's my pennamee in i need my own blog. dream I was untangling clothes hangers. I still need to enter that in 'dream dictionary.' guest house- I think of Papa's guest house with.... DEDICATED TO IBERIAMORTGAGE.COM< Less
1993 wbhs Injury Survivor27 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Desirous diary! Search for "1993 wbhs Injury Survivor" in!! It has a large list of diaries i have published. I talk about my life since my 6 month coma, I show whaat it's like to... More > be a disabled. I have no social life. That's good in the long run. It means i have more time to devote to my writing. 1993 wbhs Injury Survivor26. That is a book i hd published today. i also sent it out to a bunch of fbrs. Look at all my lulu books. It took prayer, adjusting, & gratuity to get my book published. I just dreamed my aunt was driving through a wet yard, leaving marks. I have dreams every night. It's like my bed is a cinema. Then she was telling me not to get my burger on, meaning don't start fighting.< Less
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor24 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The life of a disabled. Learn about my doings. Learn about my getting deceived, crippled. Learn about my wrath. Learn about my shrink. Learn about my interests.
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor25 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
The life of a disable. Paper form in an ebook. I was an honor student, scored 2nd in my college class, & 2nd in a 12-man video game tournament. 1993 I had a traumatic brain injury. Look at my... More > coma pics:< Less
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor22 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $0.00
See what my life is like. Look at the coma pics. $1m dr bills. Now I'm still recovering 23 years later. This ebook is... More > like a breeze of fresh air. Its bearing is loud. You'll be gratified. You'll feel healthy. Your thoughts will change for the better. You'll make tough decisions better. This ebook is above average.< Less
1993: WBHS: Injury: Survivor8 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $0.00
$1m dr bills, 6 month rehab. Decade rehab. Dirty dr, rehab manager Marian Hope, & college. I was working on my note to Dr. Rivera, my psychiatrist. Then Mom headed to bed & told me to keep up... More > with “20/20.” I was writing. Earlier, I had been listening to church on my Web. I kept up with “20/20” & texted what had happened. It was about a guy wrongly convicted. He got a dismissal from jail, charges released, car, job, & baby. He was amazed at the sounds he didn't hear in jail but a bunch of noise I texted Mom the happening because I'd forget it. She was sleeping. Then after she got up I told her. She went back to her room & never came back. Pastor Anthony's sermon keeps cutting out. I sent my old dormie Pastor Anthony's blog. It cut off. It was easy to leave my ear buds for my pills. I took a long nap after Mom & I ate at Molly's. I had 3 pieces of leftover catfish.< Less
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor23 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The life of a disabled. Get the scoop. In "1993 wbhs Injury Survivor23," you'll find things you never realized. I went through a window & 6 month coma. Check it out.
1993 wbhs Injury Survivor20 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $0.00
If you ever need any welding done, call ANDY WOODS CONSTRUCTION WELDING 770-725-7480. He's been receiving accolades. I'm watching Family food, had Sleepy Time Tea, & I'm headed to bed. Early in... More > the morning, I have blood work for my psychiatrist. I think it has something to do with my meds & my wrath for my 219 rejections. I just got up, showered, & sent out prayer for good blood work.< Less
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor21 By Michael House

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