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ninety three wbhs injury four By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
After I partied with Garrison Hearst & Andre Rison, I was in a wreck. You can now read about my life.
1993 wbhs Injury Survivor6 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $8.99
I give a recap of my life since my 6 month coma 4 month wheelchair. You see my life on the disability list!
993 WBHS Injury Survivor2 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $2.00
After I unbuckled, took a vengeful breath, I was about to learn life. I had been told a promise was a dream. 16 years old. I was dealing with it the wrong way. I was drunk. I unbuckled & prayed... More > for death. JM dozed off. MH, ZT, & I were drunk. We went off the right side of Highway 8, then the left, then through a Pine Hills Golf Course light pole. After getting slung all over MH's Honda Accord, I was slung out the rear window. If you want to see my great papa, whose pic is up in the Winder court house-- JB Lay-- take a look. My great uncle on the other side, Norman Sims, used to sing with Jerry Lee Lewis & Bill Anderson. JB owned 886 acres of Winder, Ga.< Less
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor3 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $8.99
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor, written by Michael House, has appeal. His doctors cost $1m. His brother & dad, on drugs, were murdered by drug dealers. Michael had countless surgeries, decade of... More > rehab, dirty Dr. Callahan at Emory, dirty college TMC, wheelchair, & plastic surgery. Now you can read about his life.< Less
deez-commentary87 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
ARTHRITIS IS SOMETHING Papa had, always moaning. Soughing. & groaning. Dad. Pinched nerve in his back. Always moaning. Soughing. & groaning. Both of them got old. Then I went through a... More > window. Got arthritis. Always moaning. Soughing. & groaning. (Till my La-z-boy!) Hereditary determinism. Learned behavior. Now my calling is memoirs. Always reflecting. DIGGING up old memories to write about. Reflect over. My biggest pain was when Granny told a boldfaced lie. Said a promised truck was a dream. Hardigree road & my 79 Toyota are part of my ugly past never to be seen again. 79 Toyota was all I could afford. Daily broke down. Daily needed parts. Filled me with enormous rage. Set me on a trek of revenge, journeying of paying back. I drank, partied 23 months then went through a car window. Part of the stupid revenge I was looking for. It made me dependent on my family. I had say when I was getting hustled by TMC & Dr. Callahan. I knew they were best avoided. I, a past< Less
deez-commentary84 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
This ebook is about my anger!!!! Praise Lord Jesus who God raised from dead for junk yards. I couldn't afford anything but junk when I was 16, working for minimum wage. I bought a 79 Toyota pickup... More > that broke down everyday, leaving me stranded, till I poured a dash of gas in her carb. I was sinking every penny I had. But Dad was a asking for a payment, ragging me if it was just the day before since I made my last truck payment. Granny was shrugging oh well every time I told jeer I broke down. There is NO word that will describe the overwhelming anger I was feeling. My anger was causing my grades to fall. Plus, work was soaking up study & homework time. I was a very angry teenager. I smelled like gas from working on my truck every morning. I was very uncomfortable as I sat in class. Girls saw me as the boy who smelled like gas. All my money was going to junkyards, auto parts stores, gas< Less
deez-commentary82 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I was in the wrong. I was 16. I was immature. Promised I'd be getting a truck for my 16th birthday, i didn't think I'd be getting anything different. Then when i was told it was all a dream i pulled... More > out all the stops.  I had promised not to drink. So i started drinking. Boy, did i ever. It got to where a weekend absolutely never passed without alcohol. Highs got higher. Lows got lower. On the way home from Ol' Malley's night club, i unbuckled & prayed for death. The driver dozed. I was  slung all over the car, out the rear window. On EMT, my football coach 5 years hence picked me up & put me in the ambulance. Then came the hospital, countless surgeries, nerve damage, paralyzed palate, limp, decade rehab, lost all my friends, dirty rehab manager Marian Hope led me to dirty Dr. Callahan & dirty TMC College. Then i moved home & became a freelance writer "DEEZ-COMMENTARY" at Now I have reached my calling. I need my driver's license & Independence. I've< Less
deez-commentary85 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Learn about teen boys. See about me. Check out my thinking. 1993, I went through a car window. Had a decade of rehab. Got rejected by 219 women. Found rejects are God's way of showing who is wrong... More > for me. Read MEN'S RIGHTS FREE by Michael House at I have learned so much about women since I broke down 7 days a week 16 years old. Joshua said I talk about my past too much. I agree. I talk about my past like I do because rehab nudged it 1 decade. The driver fell asleep. I was thrown all over the car then out the window, sustaining 6 months coma, brain surgeries, broke left side, paralyzed palate, nerve damage, worsened eye sight, worsened speech, & limp. I went to TMC. What classes do I take? 1 hard. 1 easy. They put me in 4. I instantly found PCs was a must. Dr. Taylor was putting unseen, invisible, unseeable, unobserved, undetected stuff on the tests. It was IMPOSSIBLE to study for!!! Then how do you pass? Doc kept telling us< Less
deez-commentary86 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Me $100 Tiffany $5,000. The math didn't calculate. (The dates differed.) When I was promised a truck then at my 16th birthday party got told it was all a dream, I set out on a trek of vengeance, a... More > trip of retaliation. The driver fell asleep. I was thrown all over the car then out the window, sustaining 6 months coma, brain surgeries, broke left side, paralyzed palate, nerve damage, worsened eye sight, worsened speech, & limp. I had been making plans to attend the college, Georgia Southern University, that I had been accepted to in the 11th grade. But I felt an overwhelming compulsion to level the playing field. It was with Granny. She had said a promised truck was a dream at my 16th birthday. That very second, I started breathing wretchedness. Started planning what I'd do to penalize Granny. I was immature, adolescent, & juvenile. Let God be your revenge. People who do you wrongly are digging their own grave. As I lay in a coma, having lost my driver's< Less
deez- commentary62b By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Stolen blower. It was Papa's. The thief was a neighbor. I was cold about it till I found he was on drugs & realized drug addiction is a disease. Dad was an addict. I guess that's a big reason I... More > was so understanding. I wouldn't expect to be understood if I were the thief. That could be because I have been misunderstood. As the time Granny laughed a promise was a dream. The fulfillment is my dream carer I want to advertise in Winder, GA news, Winder, GA radio, & Winder, GA TV. That's my dream. Selling my memoirs to as many Winder, GA citizens as I can possibly reach. Then id like to reach every PC in the world, every TV in the world, every newspaper in the world, every major highway in the world. Getting my e books of countless experiences out is a dream come true. I'd like to have a board of marketeers. Read every marketing book I can get my hands on. Channel 468 or 168. I don't know what that is. I looked at both channels. 168 is uplifting TV & 468 is Me-< Less

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