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Who Stole Know By Lucus Anthony Ren
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There your brain simply stopped. It had to. It tired understanding all of what it saw, and had seen from the time it woke up till now, looking, hearing, touching, and smelling this world. It tried to... More > think what your father was doing with the newspaper. Where the lunch box was. What the hidden eye of Bruce’s father was looking at, and where Ping was, for that was the most upsetting factor in all this crazy uncertainty, which could not be the same place it went to bed last night in. Your brain was thinking, but couldn’t think. It knew, but couldn’t know. Because knowing, it seemed, was gone from everything. Lucus Anthony Ren takes us into a small desert town wakes to find during the night 'know' was stolen. With mayhem spreading can it be found?< Less
Hard Monkey By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The departing glass doors opened, breathed another air. Leaving its expanses you turned seeing all eyes watching you, with apathy. Another step and the doors closed, heads resumed their motions with... More > persisted life. You stood waiting for understanding, your hand was taken and lead to a waiting black sedan. Your mind returning, its chaos intact with the remaining parts of your body hesitantly following into the car. Revenge comes in different packages. Set along a different timeline, how its purpose seemed normal. Except your bizarre way of understanding things. Knowing his past, investigators were more interested in the functioning of the crime, then of those conducting it. Lucas Anthony Ren sends us on another short trip just around the corner, where we'll have to check whether wrong, is actually that.< Less
Naked Letter By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
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Conventional; last person in the world to commit crime; not very self-aware, and very compassionate; believes he is a very good example of what the best is. The analyst remarked, two weeks before a... More > man is to leave on a three week vacation. Before the holiday his analyst released notes of their consultation to his ex-business partners saying to his patient, 'Done with the best intentions for your partners.' Awaiting trial for embezzlement in a foreign country he can't recall which, letters arrive filling his mind of the forgotten past. Or was it someone else's? Think now. While you can. It will start soon. You'll be distracted. Letters written to a man in prison in another country. Slowly they begin unraveling his past he can't recall clearly. Why was he here, and where exactly is that? Who is writing them? And could he have done what the spoke of? Another short tale from Lucus Anthony Ren of black humor thriller, love, and really, stupid people, where reading between the lines might not be well advised.< Less
Steerage By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A short tale from Lucus Anthony Ren, the spring of 1928, drifting through that water which the ‘Princess Salima' calmly makes headway, her last voyage, where a women returns from her cabin... More > below into the sunny afternoon, only to find the the ship empty, its crew vanished, until 40 years later they returned, with a message dark, full of fear, and mystery, not our own tempo, of what we may become. You’ll probably not believe any of this. It is a true story. It did happen. I should warn you though before I begin, your thinking will change because of it, and I am not accountable for any actions brought about. That is to say I do not fear your ability in understanding the tales events, the very contrary. I am certain the ability of your minds attitudes for such are admirable, my concern resting upon facts, one cannot truly trust ones own self, fore one hasn’t affectionately understood the meaning of truth. In its entirety.< Less
Markers By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
What happens when we stop reading? Lucas Anthony Ren sends us into that area without boundaries where understanding who is writing, isn't the question. Rather, what comes next. After it stops. Should... More > its entirety clearly be understood. How simple all of it was in recalling quickly, without warning, things change. Mostly with great vengeance. If the world slid down into some darken pit, not even the most insane could imagine that night, forming a thick stench-full river where clumps of malformed humans their arms reaching out of, where heads floated past who’s eyes had fallen showing only empty black holes and gaping toothless grins. Only people maintained any form at all, as buildings sank, along with cars, busses, all forms of transportation, leaving what moments ago, a routine world, disappearing into a collapsing, limitless, destination. The dams of Hell’s own imagination burst opened.< Less
Shut Eye By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The small town Storten hadn’t noticed the situation. Why would they seeing none in the community slept for over one-hundred and seventy hours. Of everything, how could townsfolk possible... More > understand the present dilemma, for certainly a grand, most profound, never happened prior desolative spirit would befall upon it in the next twenty-seven minutes. So, the story was to unfold, had any of the eight hundred inhabitants known such an event, changing their lives, not one would even remain remotely their prior self because of it, but could recognize firstly there’d be an abrupt shift in the towns temperate, and second most would start hacking away their neighbor with any possible tools quickest at hand, while in such a place meant nearly anything from lawnmowers to skillet pans, to naturally the uncountable amount of firearms, each resident possessed, legally and not. But something changed all that.< Less
Mr E By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
From the 1840’s gold rush in California to a few years from now a young boy seeks out the connections between the giant in the desert and the all seeing VISUALS, how the lovers a hundred years... More > ago resurface in an old abandon canoe, and what that scraping noise under his bed late at night waking him from nightmares along twisting paths dimly lit lasting forever. Everyone wanted to be VISUALS. They wanted that eternity it promised, those wonderfully blended compounds of humanity and technology, which certainly aliens must be constructed of. How else would they too have evolved, if not for the melding of the two for which The Company itself proclaimed there could be no other possibilities than that of an organic and non-organic marriage, and so too must humanity join with its New Human program. Join the universe, join and live beyond.< Less
Bind By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A lost cargo ship emerges 37 years after it vanished without a trace. Heroes from the high school football team disappear during an after game party, while special agents are baffled over a hand... More > found on Monkey Mountain. Lucus Anthony Ren takes us into darken areas of ourselves we seldom travel, for reasons while most are able to find and use the map, the lights simply go out. Two of the most congenial residents at Province Living retirement complex, open and willing to assist in any, Hans and Lizzy, were rightly viewed openly as, hallmarks of good living. A young couple, new comers at the complex were lost in the property, couldn't find their own apartment, saw the party and rode the elevator seeking directions. For Jovan and Aria being lost wasn’t the problem, in knocking on that door opened unto a world forgotten, where its hosts so hospitable informing you can see everything is clearer now, now that you're feeling yourself. Isn't it?< Less
Honestly Speaking in Parallel By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
As the definition easily giving a wrong impression Honestly Speaking in Parallel might be completely innocuous and nothing more than wadding conversations. It may carry negative subliminal meaning to... More > your audience and serves no valuable purpose whatsoever, similar as frankly, or frankly speaking, thus raising challenges whether, “What, you haven't been all along?” and “Your brain could fit into my pocket with plenty of room left for Tapioca so, do you want a spoon?” Join Lucus Anthony Ren along a black-humorist, sarcastic short trail trying to understand what are we really talking about, and does it make any sense, even to ourselves.< Less
Pinned By Lucus Anthony Ren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Of these three short stories within Pinned, I believe I heard someone say something, in a way. And it was in this way I learned I was insane probably from birth. Because I didn’t think in any... More > other way, and it was as long as I remembered, that last 39 years. Almost 40. It was 1974, and fear took hold. I’ll finish the story. Mind you I’m not exaggerating. Just I wouldn’t want to understand. I’d be happy to die not knowing the full details. Of dark humor and twisted logic, of natural selection provided for nature, Lucus Anthony Ren sends us out again asking questions of foul ideas gone mad, and what you believe, isn't really it.< Less

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