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The Beast of Rogue By Autumn Russell
eBook (PDF): $1.49
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In an effort to work on his relationship with his self-involved wife, Joanie, Curt takes their son Tommy to visit his grandmother in Rogue, Montana. Tommy is taken on a fantastical adventure when his... More > grandmother tells him a story about Rogue many moons ago. It starts in the eighteen-twenties with Lucinda, the unhappy wife of an impoverished fisherman, who more than anything wants a child of her own, and will do the unthinkable to get her wish—even kill. Mysterious shadow wolves stalk the forest in search of prey, wreaking havoc and terror on eighteen-hundreds Rogue. And then there’s Bella, a prostitute who works and lives in The House of the Rising Sun. She desperately wants to escape the people in Rogue with their accusatory stares and condemning whispers. Tragedy strikes when she least expects it, leaving her more alone than ever before. Clementine, a miner’s daughter, is in love with a young man whose world is very different from hers.< Less
A Walk Around Audubon By Autumn Russell
eBook (PDF): $1.49
Come join me on a walk around Audubon. Walk right into the lives of four very eccentric characters. You’ll first meet five-foot Hester and his wife six-nine Mavis. Along the way, you’ll... More > also be introduced to their good friend and boarder, Tallulah. Although originally from West Africa, she’s lived in the United States for many years and still struggles in her quest to learn how to drive. She has many mishaps along the way, one in particular being a hair disaster that leaves her bald. Finally you’ll meet Hester’s second cousin, retired psychologist, Doctor Quack. He practices a very unorthodox form of therapy and is sought after by Mavis and Tallulah, when Hester’s love for animals takes an extreme turn. After discovering the carefully preserved body of a rat in the freezer, they decide it’s time for an intervention. With the state park and Spokane River nearby, the occasional wildlife finds their way into Audubon as well.< Less
Lost Souls By Autumn Russell
eBook (PDF): $1.49
Malevolent dreams and unexplained happenings haunt Elizabeth, leaving her wondering if the severe illness that put her mother, Ava, in the insane asylum, is now wreaking havoc with her. Elizabeth is... More > plunged into a nightmare when she awakens to discover a doll lying in place of where her infant daughter should have been. Panic seizes her as she frantically searches for the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of her daughter Abigail. Convinced she gave birth to a healthy baby girl; Elizabeth is horrified when her psychiatrist husband, Owen, her best friend Rosemary, and the local obstetrician, tell her that Abigail was stillborn. Refusing to believe that her daughter is dead, Elizabeth relentlessly searches for the child she is sure still lives. When Elizabeth receives cryptic anonymous notes warning her of coming danger and Abigail's existence, her convictions are strengthened, leading to an explosive revelation.< Less
The Queen Unmasked By Autumn Russell
eBook (ePub): $1.49
If beauty is only skin deep then envy is rottenness to the bones, causing a slow decay of both mind and soul… IVY, IVY… After suffering an unforgivable betrayal at the hands of her... More > sister, Ivy is taken against her will to a castle on a distant, isolated island, is forced into a loveless marriage to a king she knows nothing about, and has to endure sharing the castle with Scarlet, a stepdaughter she grows to fear. It’s there, in those hidden corridors and winding stairwells, that Ivy realizes there’s much more about her new husband and home that she’s yet to uncover. POISON IVY… It soon becomes clear that the king never got over the death of his first wife, Saphirra, and harbors an uncanny obsession with her. Worse yet, Ivy begins to fear for her life, when whispers seeming to hint at danger preoccupy both her waking and sleeping hours. The strained relationship between stepmother and stepdaughter deteriorates as the years pass.< Less
Fatal Obsession By AUTUMN RUSSELL & Autumn Russell
eBook (PDF): $1.49
Cindy Matherson thought she had the perfect man and the perfect marriage, until a woman from her husband’s past, resurfaces. They are plagued by incessant calls in the night. Worse yet, Erica... More > has carnal knowledge of Kevin and their marriage, leaving Cindy doubting her husband’s fidelity. Soon it becomes evident that they have inadvertently stumbled into the crosshairs of a psychopath bent on destroying their seemingly idyllic marriage. Awakening to a dead body, Kevin is plunged into a nightmare of blackmail and murder. When the body count of those close to them rises, it’s a race against time to piece together Erica’s identity before more blood is shed. Cindy and Kevin soon realize this is much more than an infatuation. It’s a fatal obsession. When does love turn to obsession and obsession to murder? Cindy thinks she has the perfect husband. But how well does she know him? Are there hidden truths that still need to be revealed?< Less

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