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The Origin of the Checkers and Modern Chess Game. Volume II By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $44.90
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This book, Volume II, at this moment is one of the most profound, rigorous and well-documented investigations ever into the history of draughts or chess. In this monumental work, around one thousand... More > books dealing with history, bibliography, technical treatises, literature, general culture, etc. were carefully studied and referenced. The intersection between the games of chess and draughts was much greater than was first thought, as the present research demonstrates. And as could not be otherwise: with the work and cooperation of one of the all-time great figures of the history of draughts and a chess historian specialized in the medieval and renaissance period and technical bibliography, everything would out. Indeed, a solid foundation on which to accommodate a truth that had so fiercely resisted the light of day. If this were not the case, without this team work, a lot, and maybe too much, time would have gone by until everything would have finally settled into its rightful place.< Less
Draughts and La Celestina’s creator Francesch Vicent (Lucena), author of: Peregrino y Ginebra, signed by Hernando Díaz By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $303.04
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Seeing that little was known about Hernán Díaz it was clear that this author could be Francesch Vicent (Lucena), because as we know, Francesch Vicent was in Ferrara in those years. This... More > was confirmed by JGAAP and other linguistic proofs thanks to the research of Dr. Rolf Eberenz.< Less
My Young Years by the side of Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands, Future World Champions By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $46.72
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It is convenient to observe the youth group of the Brinta Tournament of 1963/1964, because it would be the start of forthcoming world champions. I was the youth champion of The Netherlands and I also... More > participated in this event. Ton Sijbrands won the tournament with 16 points and had only two draws. I lost to Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands, which was enough for me to tell the whole world that these two players would be future world champions. Ton Sijbrands accomplished this feat in 1972 and 1973. However, the achievements of International Grandmaster Harm Wiersma are better still. He was six times world champion in the years 1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, and 1983- 1984. On the other hand he was Europe’s champion in 1999 before Ton Sijbrands! I recommend this book to psycologists and all professionals who work with children as a source of knowledge and a challenge to think in new concepts.< Less
The History of alquerque-12. Texts of the game - Volume III. By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $65.08
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Researchers are always referring to the fact that alquerque or Quirkat was being played throughout Egypt. In this sense we have to take into account that with regards to the alquerque games we have... More > three man morris, six man morris, nine man morris, and twelve man morris. Each game was played in a certain period. Most historians and archaeologists were following Murray, and stated that alquerque-12 was native to Egypt in the 14th and 13th century B.C., because boards had been found carved into the blocks of stone that form the Luxor temple’s roof in Kurna, Egypt. However, alquerque-12 has nothing to do with this period. Alquerque-12 in various countries always had to do with Christians and the church. It was probably played by the church authorities, European crusaders, Knight Templars, Knights of the Order of Santiago, and other soldiers. For that reason we hypothesise that the game was an invention of or related to the activities of the Catholic Church not earlier than the sixth century.< Less
Blanca y sus hierbas medicinales de antaño By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $30.02
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Sobre el futuro de la agricultura como opción de negocio, un empresario de chufas no tiene duda: "La huerta tiene mucho futuro". Un profesor de Formación Profesional advierte... More > de que "en la agricultura sobran técnicos y faltan agricultores del siglo XXI, con calidad emprendedora. Se terminó la visión de nuestros abuelos, que tenían magníficas cosechas cuyos beneficios se perdían en intermediarios. La clave para el éxito de la huerta es especialización y profesionalización”. Los idiomas son parte fundamental en la formación de profesionales pues brindan herramientas clave para el desempeño laboral y la innovación. Los conocimientos antiguos de nuestros abuelos son hoy fuente de estudio de la medicina moderna en busca de "nuevos" conocimientos y medicamentos más efectivos con menos efectos secundarios. Con estas nuevas tendencias el mundo agrícola está cambiando poco a poco y podemos preguntarnos: ¿Cuál ha de ser el nivel medio profesional del agricultor en los momentos actuales?< Less
Muslim history of the Region of Murcia (1080-1228) - Volume II By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $37.46
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This work is the result of studies led by me during my long stay in Blanca (Murcia, Spain). The darkness and oblivion opposed my purpose, of a nation that almost for eight centuries dominated in... More > Spain and where the political history of the Spanish Arabs (Muslims) in Murcia remained in the deepest darkness until recently. I do not deny the glory of Dozy and the immense service he has done with its publications to Spain, but we cannot ignore that today we have Arabists in Muria and Spain who follow the footsteps of the wise Dutch and have improved on him a lot. Murcia belonged to Al-Andalus and throughout the period of Islamic rule, Al-Andalus was a remarkable example and outstanding model of tolerance. All Jews and Christians were allowed to maintain their beliefs and live their lives as they desired as long as they respected their Muslim rulers. The Muslims played a principal role in the history of Spain. Their presence illuminated the Iberian Peninsula while the rest of Europe was engulfed in darkness.< Less
La Celestina: Lucena y Juan del Encina. Tomo III By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $65.63
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Conocer la presente obra implica que comenzamos a conocer mejor a Lucena (Francesch Vicent) durante sus estancias en Ferrara y Roma y descubrimos que él fue el inventor del juego de las damas.
Draughts and La Celestina’s creator Francesch Vicent (Lucena) in Ferrara By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $232.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lucena (Francesch Vicent), the Draughts and La Celestina’s creator, adapted the name Francesco and became the chess teacher of Lucrezia Borgia around 1505. In those years an anonymous author... More > dedicated a poem to Lucrezia that was published in 1522 in the book Arnalte y Lucenda. Again this is going in the direction of Lucena, because as we know, the books of Diego de San Pedro were introduced by Lucena in Ferrara.< Less
La Celestina: Lucena y Juan del Encina. Tomo IV By Govert Westerveld
Hardcover: $48.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ahora ya estoy convencido otra vez que Francesch Vicent y Lucena eran la misma persona. De tal forma que he publicado varios libros sobre el aragonés Francesch Vicent, hombre que aparte de... More > inventar el juego de las damas también publicó en 1495 el primer libro en el mundo de ajedrez moderno que era una nueva modalidad inventada en el año 1475. Si este hombre no quiso indicar en sus obras de ajedrez en Italia y Francia su verdadero nombre y prefería usar seudónimos, lo mismo podría haber ocurrido con sus otras obras humanísticas.< Less

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