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G.O.D. By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $9.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
Our God is but a child and, like all children, he attends school. A school with only one subject. How to create a planet. How to bring about a world of his own creation. It's a daunting project; one... More > he is at a loss on how to begin. Should he rely on the wisdom of his teachers for guidance, or the advice of his intrusive peers? Should he make the divine appearance to his people, like so many of the others have? With so much to do and all the questions in the universe to ask, why are they creating worlds anyway?< Less
Fate's Eyes By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $15.11
Prints in 3-5 business days
Some people believe that fate is predestined. That our futures are already laid out before us and we simply follow it blindly, never disrupting the pre-destined path of our lives. They are... More > wrong. There are two. And Darren can see both.< Less
S.A.T.A.N. By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $9.02
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ghain's world is a success and he has been rewarded with a planet all to himself. It's a lonely existence but he's been at it so long that he has long since forgotten there were ever others like him.... More > All he remembers is that he is God; the only deity of the world he has always ruled. Or so he thinks. Something is resisting his rule. It's as if someone else is there, on his world.< Less
R.A.P.T.U.R.E. By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $9.34
Prints in 3-5 business days
Once again a student's class work has been rewarded with a graduation and earned them the right to leave the college. But what about the others? There's no new task being offered to keep them... More > enrolled this time. Finally it is time for them to discover what happens to those that leave the college without graduating.< Less
Regression By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $9.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Two species once lived ignorant of each other. The Somatic and the Enlightened. The nature attuned Somatic. With the ability to lay claim to anything the land the possessed, bonding the Provision to... More > their back and using it as an additional limb. While the winged Enlightened are attuned to themselves. Possessing minds that can segment each individual memory or emotion, and Purge any unwanted piece. That was all before the Augury. Both species are now trapped within the volatile safety of a volcano. The open land is no longer safe. A new airborne species, the Augury, attempt to kill any who climb the peak. Their only hope lies with Ehud the Singular. Their god; a radiating sun residing above the cloud line and out of their combined reach.< Less
Stately Sublime By Luke Bleckly
Paperback: $11.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lith, I don't know when you'll remember me, but I want to help you. When you're ready. When you're able to read these words. I found your journal. Still where I saw you hide it. Did you know I saw... More > you? I suppose it still being there answers that. Or that you trusted me. If so then I like to hope retrieving it hasn't broken that. I didn't read it, but I want you to. Every day when you're able. Every day until you remember not just the words, but the days they recant. Then, perhaps, you can tell the rest of us. Oxy< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60