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Il Communionismo (a Treatise About New Kind of Communes) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This is a paper about one of my many ideas for bettering of the society, namely for building of /voluntarily chosen families/, by the simple reason that the families came down from historical scene... More > but they are necessary, we are social animals, some kind of communes are always needed. So that I begin firstly with the motivation of this process, and what will happen if we will not realize this idea. Then I explain it in rough strokes, then come to other, higher, levels of communization, then to the changes in our social life that will appear with the introduction of this idea as collateral effects, then to some discussion (here with myself) about the need or religions and how they have to look in the age of space flights and cell phones. But if you are convinced anti-communist you better skip this paper.< Less
Woman Trinity Church (Idea About New Atheistic Religion, the P A W Cult) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This is my latest idea about one, preferably atheistic, Church, that can be called WoTri (i.e. of Woman Trinity) Church, or PAW Cult, because there are worshiped three deities, Putna, Afro, and... More > Wimei, and in triangular churches, in three different altars, but in one church. I find all this pretty original and having in mind my advanced age I publish the idea without invention of religious fables, but only as deep theosophical thoughts and ideas about the phenomenon of feminine human being.< Less
The Napuk Party (Manifesto, Program, Codex — In English) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $1.99
There are three papers about NAPUK party, in all of the provided languages, that go hand in hand, namely: the Manifesto, the Program, and the Codex; they are related, but are different. | I.... More > MANIFESTO [ Here is explained what this party means, why it is so important and unique, which are the basic requirements of its policy, in economic and social aspects, and why it is a must for contemporary decaying capitalist society. ] | II. PROGRAM [ Here are explained in more details the economic moments of activities of this party, more precisely how this livelong allowances must be paid, also the maintaining of social prices for the social products, and other moments in the future. ] | III. CODEX [ Here we are concerned chiefly with the moral image of NAPUK party followers, but also with the immorality on money and how to avoid it, with the social ruling, and with other related, or not exactly, questions, which is good to be mentioned somewhere. ] |< Less
Hellow-Mellow++ (Presentation Of Jotata) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This article is in English and is quite heterogeneous, for it has to fulfill several purposes, as to: explain why I decided to “pollute” the Internet with the strange Bulgarian language... More > and in even stranger form, give a possibly brief summary of what was in the Open Letter, provide the readers with some non-standard information about my country, tell you something about the very author, then make you acquainted with one my idea for using of Latin alphabet for good writing of /all/ world languages, which I use in order to give some peculiar explanations about several addressings of people, and hint how I can be used by the readers, for which purpose I have invented and/or translated some poetry in English, Russian, and Bulgarian. This was written first for one Italian site, and then completed with point 8A in Russian and 8B in Bulgarian.< Less
The Sweet Apocalypse (an Essay About Dying Current Civilization) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This is a paper about the decline of our civilization, in what we don’t believe en masse because it is not felt as dying, it /smells/ good, yet it is a decline, obviously for those who give a... More > thought to it. So that I will explain why this is so, in what it chiefly expresses itself, and what would have been good to do, if we don’t like much this idea. But this time, maybe for change, or because you, people, as a rule, don’t like especially structured things, they look boring for most of you, I will not structure the material, it will be just a narration, dreams, play of the imagination, such things.< Less
Коммунионизм (Трактат о Новом Виде Коммун) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In Russian. Это статья об одной из многих... More > моих идей об улучшении общества, точнее для создания /добровольно выбираемых семьей/, по простой причине, что семьи сошли с исторической сцены, но они нужны, мы социальные животные, какой-то вид коммун всегда нужен. Так что я начинаю сначала с мотивацией этого процесса, и что случится если мы не реализуем эту идею. Потом я разъясняю её в общих чертах, потом иду к другим, более высоким уровням коммунизации, потом к изменениям в нашей социальной жизни, которые появятся со внедрением этой идеи как побочные эффекты, потом к некоторым дискуссиям (здесь наедине с собою) о необходимости религий и как они должны выглядеть в эпохе космических полётов и сотовых телефонов. Но если вы убеждённый антикоммунист, то вы лучше выходите из этой статьи.< Less
Церковь Женской Троицы (Идея о Новой Атеистической Религии, ПАВ Культ) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In Russian. Это моя последняя идея об... More > одной, желательно атеистической, Церкви, которая может быть названа ЖеТри (т.е. Женской Троицы, WoTri) Церковь, или ПАВ (PAW) Культ, потому что там преклоняются перед тремя богинями, Путна (Putna), Афро (Afro), и Вимеи (Wimei), и в треугольных церквях, в трёх различных алтарей, но в одной церкви. Я нашёл это довольно оригинальным, и имея в виду мой пожилой возраст, я публикую идею без выдумывания религиозных сказок, а только как глубоко философские мысли и идеи о феномене женского человеческого существа.< Less
Комунионизъм (Трактат За Нов Вид Комуни) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In Bulgarian. Това е статия за една от моите... More > много идеи за подобряване на обществото, по-точно за създаване на /доброволно избираеми семейства/, по простата причина, че семействата слязоха от историческата сцена, но те са нужни, ние сме социални животни, някакъв вид комуни винаги ни е нужен. Така че аз започвам най-напред с мотивацията на този процес, и какво ще се случи ако ние не реализираме тази идея. После я разяснявам в общи линии, после минавам към други, по-високи нива на комунизация, после към измененията в нашия социален живот, които ще настъпят с въвеждането на тази идея като странични ефекти, и после към някои дискусии (тук сам със себе си) за нуждата от религиите и как те трябва да изглеждат в ерата на космическите полети и клетъчните телефони. Но ако вие сте убеден антикомунист, то по-добре излизайте от тази статия.< Less
Църква На Женската Троица (Идея За Нова Атеистична Религия, Култа ПАВ) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In Bulgarian. Това е моята последна идея за... More > една, желателно атеистична, Църква, която може да бъде наречена ЖеТри (т.е. Женска Троица, WoTri) Църква, или ПАВ (PAW) Култ, защото там се прекланят пред три богини, Путна (Putna), Афро (Afro), и Вимеи (Wimei), и в триъгълни църкви, в три различни олтара, но в една църква. Аз намерих това за доста оригинално, и имайки предвид моята напреднала възраст, публикувам идеята без измисляне на религиозни приказки, а само като дълбоко философски мисли и идеи за феномена на женското човешко същество.< Less
Il Communionismo : (Abhandlung Über Neue Art Von Kommunen) By Ivancho Jotata
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In German. Das ist ein Artikel über eine meiner vielen Ideen zur Verbesserung der Gesellschaft, nämlich für den Aufbau von /freiwillig gewählten Familien/, aus dem einfachen... More > Grund, dass die Familien aus der historischen Szene kamen, aber sie sind notwendig, wir sind soziale Tiere, eine Art von Gemeinden wird immer benötigt.< Less

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