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Deader 2 By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
Dead Silence describes a history zombies, captured U.S. Special Forces platoons, and what was Done, and what they do
Hyperborealis By John Love
eBook (PDF): $0.00
From the Mind Born Mind a Mystic God Thoth the Atlantean, comes this epic of the Great War, a World torn between sides, and shredded in between, a fight of good against corruption, and the salvation,... More > to prevent the end of the World 256 pages< Less
Deader By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
This info is extremely rare, current covert classified SPEC intel of a violent nature about terrorism and the types terrorist Cells in these cities that can be encountered, of course from experience... More > and research in the field, this stuff some of you might not believe but is real as wood< Less
Deader 3 By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
Describes what the Experiences are as the Living Dead, Automaton Controlled human zombies, look at you and speak in real life but have no Will all their own even when they do
Predestiny By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
Predestiny is what i want you too see, my Liveing Experiences, that come together not just as random, or rational answers, but before i was born
Thunderbird By John Love
eBook (PDF): $7.77
Dead Silence 4 (Thunderbird; the thunder of Silence) is the story of when corruption and Awake murderous zombies ruled the World because common humanity was not violent enough, until all unite, and... More > goth approaches on the extreme. The Immortals, born in the Gobi Desert and White Island are Born to exterminate like the Ninja of Japan every war criminal in the World, burning cities during nightfall, and leaving dead cities in their blessed Holy wrathful wake< Less
Hermetica By John Love
eBook (PDF): $5.69
The Mystic Experience of the Hyperborean Continent. Thoth Hermes was the Messenger for the Goth Thoth the [Atlantean] sent forth too Evolve the human races as the Egyptians and defeat the corruption... More > the war criminals primordial evil, an epic 42 million years in the making, learn how the Sahara Desert was Caused, what Caused the biblical Flood, about Noah, what sank Atlantis, where the Indian Nagas are now in the Antartica, and much more< Less
Entity By John Love
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The Exorcist continues, almost half a century later. When i was only some years younger, the Entity (Sorcerer) corrupt known already in the novel and movie The Exorcist reeled me in as a Social... More > Entity to the Psychiatric Ward Saint Alexius Hospital at the new location in Saint Louis it had planned almost half a century earlier, so The Exorcist continues. Title shortened for Lulu sales page< Less
Evolution By John Love
eBook (PDF): $0.00
How too Evolve the human races. 9,000 years ago my Father wanted too Evolve humanity, now THIS is how too Evolve the human races as best we can today, also a Angry Sorcery can be better than a... More > mindful one if Rage is Controlled and is Peaked and Controlled too concentrate more< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
Paperback: $22.00
Animal Dads Animal Dads By Ami Dobelle
Paperback: $13.49