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The Last Savior book 2 By Jalleh Doty Pari Adli
Paperback: $28.98
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A hero's journey continues in the world as he finds his place as to who he is. But who is Yazdon really? Jesus Christ to some? A demigod? A spiritually enlightened man?a miracle worker to others who... More > perceive him from there own image as to who he must be? But even a demigod can be all too human, as he must deal with frailties of humanity within himself. But how is Yazdon willing to go about to fulfill his purpose? Knowing what he must do to save humanity from itself? A test of his resolve perhaps? Or must he remind people as to where they came from and as to why they must be more kinder to each other. But the people are hungry for change, starving to be saved from the madness of the world and the corruption of those in power and some make a god out of a man. But even as a man, our hero Yazdon only has one course in life. To preach kindness and realize that we are connected and that we as a human race are not alone in the world. How will people register his message? In so many ways to numerous to count.< Less
The Last Savior book 3 By Jalleh Doty Pari Adli
Paperback: $23.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
My name is Clement, I have been silent until now. I am all things to many people. I am liar, degenerate, creep and hated by those in Yazdons circle and the media. What I have written is my confession... More > about what happened as Yazdon became so popular and I was nothing more than being a person who was in and out of his circle. I was the person crippled emotionally by the NWO and forced to do a deplorable act to help extinguish a person who should've become king of this earth. I write this as I have so much to explain as to how things went down as I turned in the man who saved me from myself. I write this for those care for him most and in particular for you monica, who showed me human kindness in the world. I am not asking to be forgiven, I am not asking for any form of leniency. For history may label me as one greatest traitors and my place in Hell will be assured. This story is my account as to what happened. As to why such a great man called 'The consoler' was arrested and treated like a common criminal.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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