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Of Trolls and Evil Things By Richard H. Stephens
Hardcover: $26.14
Prints in 3-5 business days
Travel down an ever-darkening path in, 'Of Trolls and Evil Things.' Two orphans battle to survive upon a perilous mountainside. When the dangers they face force them from their mountain home, they... More > end up in the cutthroat streets of Cliff Face plying their hands as beggars to survive. ​ Quickly, events have them wondering whether the dangers lurking within the city’s shadows, alleyways, and seedy taverns outweigh the perils of braving the creatures stalking them upon the lofty heights. A chance encounter with a member of the royal family sparks a confrontation, setting a series of events into motion that leave the children without a place to flee. Unless... Strange circumstances spin their dwindling options out of control, forcing them onto the nefarious slopes of Mt. Gloom in a desperate effort to escape the unpleasant reality looming over them, only to discover their worst nightmare awaits them with open arms.< Less
The Royal Tournament By Richard H. Stephens
Hardcover: $24.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Royal Tournament has at long last come to the sleepy village of Millsford. For Javen Milford, a local farm boy, the news couldn’t be better. Finally, Javen can perform his chores on the... More > homestead and partake in the biggest military games in the kingdom, hoping beyond hope that just maybe, he might catch the eye of the king. Javen’s expertise in jousting holds him in good stead running the tilts in the tournament's flagship event. The local supporters believe Javen is more than ready to step up to the challenge and defeat the tournament’s reigning ‘Emperor of the Field,' Prince Malcolm. Unfortunately for the naive Javen, he befriends a mystical foreign entrant and quickly learns how ruthless men can be. It doesn't take long for him to realize that the biggest challenge facing him is not whether to duck or parry, but whether to confront his newest revelations and take the chance that will have him fighting for his very life.< Less
Soul Forge By Richard H. Stephens
Hardcover: $36.63
Prints in 3-5 business days
An epic story of a forgotten hero. Scorned by an ungrateful kingdom, unfairly blaming him for the demise of their beloved Queen, Silurian Mintaka decides he can't fight for his kingdom anymore. To... More > re-enter the hostile fray of his peers would probably end up with him killing them all. An old man reaches through his darkness, convincing him the people's need outweighs his loathing of them. Befriending a few eccentric characters along the way, Silurian faces a whirlwind of drastic choices, that once made, may lead to the deaths of those he is entrusted to protect. Embarking upon the greatest journey of their lives, they travel the uncharted waters of the Niad Ocean; not across, but beneath, on a fool's errand to recover the lost enchantment of his fabled blade.< Less
Wizard of the North By Richard H. Stephens
Hardcover: List Price: $36.59 $25.61 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Deception and betrayal abound in the second installment of the Soul Forge trilogy, Wizard of the North. A vision in the flames, ignited by a catastrophic spell, reunites two lost souls, setting them... More > on an epic journey to discover a 500-year-old spirit who watches over an ancient magic. The Royal House of Zephyr is in shambles. A beast is unleashed, and the only hope the kingdom has to survive the imminent firestorm, lies in the hands of an eclectic band of giants, a rogue vigilante, an old man, an orange furred creature and a pair of female pranksters.< Less
Into the Madness By Richard H. Stephens
Hardcover: $36.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
The epic culmination to the Soul Forge Saga. A carefully hidden truth is revealed. The key to the kingdom's salvation if the Wizard of the North and her unstable companion can unlock its secret and... More > survive an encounter with a wyrm bent of destroying the world. Far to the south, a motley group of assassins set out to end the land's suffering. Waylaid by an eccentric necromancer and suffering a tragic loss that threatens to ruin their poorly laid plan, they stagger toward a fate no one ever envisioned. An obsidian nightmare is summoned and Zephyr will never be the same.< Less
Reecah's Flight By Richard H. Stephens
Hardcover: $36.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Fleeing from the only life she has ever known, Reecah Windwalker sets out to avert a terrible tragedy. One that will force the dragons to the edge of extinction. But first, Reecah must find herself. ... More > Braving the perils of a cutthroat city, Reecah discovers that as bad as life may have seemed, nothing had prepared her for what her future has in store. Surviving hardships no one should ever have to endure, she finds herself face-to-face with those seeking her demise. Without the intervention of an eclectic warrior, and the assistance of her dragon friends, Reecah might never realize the gift so many died to protect.< Less

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