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Gold, jewels, art, land, culture and more - all man has ever had to offer has been up for grabs. All pretense of goodness and morality is dropped the moment a quick bit of 'Loot' is to be had.... More > Whether for the risk, the rush, greed or just desperate necessity, the magnetic pull for ill-gotten plunder is just too strong. What is 'Loot' but the art of swindle, plunder and graft? Rare treasures and exquisite goods are wasted just as fast as pilfered, then lost, or hidden in secret, squirreled away, some never to be found again. Where could all this hidden 'Loot' be? Fortunately, modern man has been afforded the time and resources to ponder enticing mysteries such as these. Rather than carve out a ravaging path of 'Loot' and plunder, most of us challenge convention by peaceably seeking after the truth bound in these legends. Perhaps, in the process, we will even turn up a hidden trove for ourselves.< Less
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‘Only allow ourselves to praise and honor make-believe, and the next thing will be to find it creeping into the very business of state.’-Solon What is Democracy actually? Can you... More > describe it? I would bet large sums of money that you can't... You might ask, “But how can this be? We live in a Democracy don’t we? Are we not educated?” Defining Democracy seems like such a simple thing to do yet the evidence proves otherwise. We are here to discuss this paradox and to journey forward we are forced to acknowledge one simple and quite startling fact: THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT WE IDENTIFY AS 'DEMOCRACY' TODAY IS NOT, I REPEAT, IS NOT ACTUALLY DEMOCRACY! Question: Why are juries selected randomly by lottery? Why don’t we elect jury members if election is such a vastly superior method of obtaining the best individuals to weigh crucial decisions? The hard truth of the matter is that, to the corrupt, true democracy is just bad for business. In other words, the 'Abortion of Democracy'did not happen by chance.< Less

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