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The Ornament the Tensurrealist Play By Lepota Luba Cosmo
eBook (ePub): $7.00
The Ornament is philosophic and tensurrealistic play, playlet of art system as literalization of movements of tensurrealism, anabsur, superism, and deabstraction. It contains the main statements,... More > attitudes and viewpoints of art tensur and art poetry movements. in development of lyrical process, and philoart, the avant-garde cult, the coarsening of the "new reality", proart, new nature, euphony, word act, logos, dionysian rebellion, process, hyper-action, sensation, bi-chromatic scale, gender art, soft scale, poetics of attractiveness, mythologism, metacolorism, lyrical practice, intuitive interventions. versatility, in philosophic play.< Less
1 Word 1 Concept 6541 Names of Anamodernism: Superlatives By Lepota Luba Cosmo
eBook (ePub): $500.00
6541 NAMES OF ANAMODERNISM: SUPERLATIVES One word art, one word novel, one word poetry. Entire conceptual piece is made of anagramic art of one word, one word by-so creating more than 200 pages.... More > Twelve letter novel, the true masterpiece of the series Superlatives.< Less
Full-scale Training Technique Encompassing 1000 Swimming Strokes/drills As Switch-in, Flip, and Multi-level Composite Switch-between Swimming Tables Swimming Composition Training Training By Lepota Luba Cosmo
eBook (ePub): $2.12
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Full-scale training technique encompassing 1000 swimming strokes/drills, with advanced training techniques as switch-in, flip, and multi-level composite switch-between. Composite is the further... More > work-out of US combat swimming stroke applied to professional swimming training, where the professional trainee goes through Composite, Composite I, Composite II, Flip and Advanced 0-2, 1-2, and easy swim Half Composite, Easy ½, Turn with ½ or 1 switch, 1½ Composite with the elements as switch-in, switch-between, flip, ½ turn, within the swimming composition training. The book is recommended in the advanced stages of training in the systematic development of swimming power, in constant coaching practice and synchronized swimming.< Less
The Swimming Savant By Lepota Luba Cosmo
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Cosmo's approach to the recorded and new swimming strokes, so to have record and literature on endeavor for swimmers as well as for researchers (great bibl index), and further use in citing and... More > trainee compo develop: Double Spanish stroke, Coupe Indienne, Turtoise, Long Trudgeon, Long backstoke, Free Colchian, Ohnukite, Screw-backstroke, Water Stride, Back Double Trudgen, Inverted Bat, Flicker, Ryowa-noshi, Dalton, Long Seaman’s Stroke. The Frenchman Melchisédech Thévenot wrote The Art of Swimming, describing a breaststroke very similar to the modern breaststroke. While the British raced using breaststroke, the Native Americans swam a variant of the front crawl.< Less

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