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Moment: String Chemistry By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $5.99
If we place two Hydrogen atoms together, they still behave like Hydrogen, but physics tells us that the combination of two protons both having the same behavior results in a different consequence... More > through Helium. How can this be? If neither Hydrogen nor Oxygen behave like water, then where do the properties of water come from when they are combined? These are some of the more obvious and commonly overlooked questions addressed in this book trying to unravel the chemist's domain by re-evaluating their assertions through logic, which in some cases appears to be violated because we cannot alter the behavior of a substance by simply repeating it, copying it, or making more of it. This book also introduces the concept of 'String Chemistry' inverting our current interpretation of what chemistry is trying to do, as well as its source of information allowing substances to manifest through behaviors apparently not contained by any of their components.< Less
Moment: Higgs Event Model Impossibility By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $5.99
It could be argued that a Non-Existence context is unscientific because we can place information into it and remove it at will. The problem with this argument is that scientists and mathematicians... More > are doing this anyway, and therefore tacitly assert the need for such a context. Even the Big Bang theory seems to demand such a context to explain how the Universe could be constructed from a 'nothing', in addition to the fact that relative definition appears to require it, unless we wish to define the entire Existence circularly through itself, thereby making it scientifically invalid. This book explores the notion of incorporating a Non-Existence context into our science, as well as the implications of particle physics experiments generating consequences having the capacity to alter the Universe's inherent behavior and geometry requirements being defined relatively through the Non-Existence context. The Universe was not created from nothing. It was created from a Non-Existence, thereby obscuring its source.< Less
Moment: Materials Spin Integrals By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $6.99
In simple terms, a material is just another substance composed of mass, but from within a relative motion Universe everything must move, bringing into question any scientific model not incorporating... More > movement into its explanations. In addition to being able to physically move a material, we must consider its construction from movement alone, requiring that we view it in terms of a movement-only construct generating mass through its material composition as an effect and not its cause. This book attempts to rectify the current static modeling paradigm by incorporating movement fields into the construction of materials as cause, implying that we are able to use spin or movement integrals to map the multi-dimensional topography of a material through movement alone, and then use this information to represent the cause deemed responsible for the construction of a material. A material is a movement condition, requiring that we model it through movement alone, or via spin integrals.< Less
Moment: Infinity By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $5.99
What is an infinity? And what happens when we remove one infinity from another one? The infinity is an enigmatic phenomenon because it never seems to end, which in itself must assert that it contains... More > some form of movement, making it difficult to account for through any body of immutability-defined mathematics. This book takes a look at the infinity through its bidirectional construction process resulting in an infinite number of infinity levels described via simple algorithm, while noting the odd behavior associated with an infinity, such as by apparently removing information from it while not reducing its state. We also provide an alternate treatment of the infinity through the physical context as well, and not just the mathematical one, which is viewed as being deficient in terms of being able to completely account for any movement condition if the discipline doesn't recognize the behavior of movement within its own artifacts. But more surprisingly, what happens physically when you add one to an infinity?< Less
Moment: Zero By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Zero is fundamentally a difficult artifact to interpret because the mathematician has defined their zero artifact as a condition capable of having its behavior determined, while also requiring no... More > information to construct this behavior, or behaving as if it contains no information. This book addresses a number of the issues associated with trying to define the undefinable, subsequently resulting in some rather surprising outcomes, through its alternate assessment of the zero artifact as a physical condition and not a purely mathematical one. Zero doesn't just mean 'nothing'. It is a lot more than this.< Less
Moment: Dna By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $6.99
DNA is the most complex riddle ever devised, one responsible for life itself, which has been grossly underestimated by geneticists. Life is a movement condition and everything alive moves, even... More > beyond the fact that in a relative motion Universe everything must continually move, asserting that life must move even more or manifest via particular pattern of movement, one driven by DNA. But if life is a movement condition, then how can it be described with a double helix, a static artifact of mathematics? For an immutable condition to be responsible for life, it must create movement or energy from nothing, which conservation of energy forbids. To describe life, the DNA model must be dynamic, whereas a static model can only be responsible for death, since dead organisms aren't required to move on their own. In order to put the difficulty of this riddle into perspective, if scientists managed to figure out absolutely everything about the Universe, then DNA would be the last thing remaining.< Less
Moment: Probability By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $6.99
If we can use probabilities to calculate the probability of an event occurring, then what is the probability of calculating this probability? If we cannot determine this, then how can we validly... More > apply probability theory to anything else when it is incapable of even assessing its own probability? This is one of the many difficult questions addressed by this book, where the interpretation of probabilistic outcomes appears to have been guided into the direction of mathematics without any concern about whether or not this modeling can validly be applied to a physical Universe within which these events are presumably executing. And how do we resolve a probability with a possibility, in the sense that an event either does or doesn't occur, as there are no partial events in the Universe? This book subjects these questions and many more to the scrutiny they deserve, providing a physical reinterpretation of a mathematical discipline to assess its validity within the physical realm and not an abstract mathematical one.< Less
Moment: Solar System By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Does space move? Within a relative motion Universe, everything must move, thereby presumably answering our own question. This book provides a summary exploration of space and the solar system, not in... More > static terms but through the dynamic of a construction process required to account for space itself, in addition to the solar system being manifested within it. It is one thing to simply view space as a condition separating or contained by objects, but the ability to construct space from velocity requires that we view it as a moving condition, one demanding an explicit definition and not simply an abstraction interpreting it as something that is here into which we insert objects. Through the discussion, we provide an assessment into the dynamics of space, resulting not only in its scientific redefinition, but other surprising discoveries as well.< Less
Moment: Entanglement By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $6.99
The gyroscope is an interesting device because it seems to defy logic. In terms of science and mathematics, a summary explanation can be sourced, but the difficulty appears to be in comprehending... More > these explanations. A gyroscope simply makes no sense. In this regard, what if we stop forcing it to make sense and simply assume that it isn't supposed to, thereby providing our initial condition? This would normally be considered dubious in terms of science until we remember that quantum particles don't make much sense either, and yet an entire branch of science has been devoted to them. If quantum particles manifest through odd behaviors, and the gyroscope also exhibits an odd behavior, then what if we treated it like a macro level quantum particle just to see what happens? This book offers a different viewpoint on the gyroscope when trying to make sense out of nonsense by no longer forcing it into the Classical Physics mold and evolving it into the quantum. Quantum particle behaviors have little to do with size.< Less
Moment: Intelligence By Jerry Boich
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The first requirement of intelligence is continuity. Without a continuity there can be no intelligence, however, all continuity requires an infinity to construct, and this is where we run into... More > problems with the modern computer system at a fundamental level when trying to construct any form of intelligence. This book is a summary exploration of the various aspects of intelligence applied not only to the human realm and computer systems, but also its application to less obvious conditions, such as the requirement to construct a boundary if we are to generate any observable consequence. This requires that we explore boundary intelligence systems (XI) due to our self-imposed requirement demanding that our AI not only exhibits intelligence but demonstrates it as well, something not required of a human, exposing a fundamental limitation of modern AI thinking, one commonly overlooked.< Less

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