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Quality Revolution: The Flood, The Re-birth, The Race. THE 21 SECRETS TO GET YOUR COMPANY REPUTATION TO THE TOP OF THE MARKET By Noel Cardona
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There are three stages in any company on its journey towards top position in the market: The Flood, The Re-birth and the Race. This book is an essential guide for you to know the path that must be... More > followed and the tools required to be successful on such endeavor. You will learn 23 tools (secrets) which will allow you to create a thriving culture of innovation and leadership, leading your company to achieve recognition, by customers and competitors, on the Quality of your products and services. This book is born from experience rather than theory and therefore is written in plain English for easy understanding.< Less
Paperback: $5.77
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A short book designed to show the big picture as to how your company can achieve operational excellence. 10 enemies on your road towards a free of errors business. Also the 5 main pillars you need to... More > establish to ensure such enemies are not successful at damaging your business. Operational excellence is just a milestone and successful CEOs must not ignore the rest of the road which ultimate goal is to achieve customer happiness.< Less
Customer Happyland: How Smart Companies Design, Choose and Keep their Customers Forever By Noel Cardona
Paperback: $15.09
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Customer Happyland is about you as a business leader gaining clarity where your business is going on how to get there fast! What is the connection between business efficiency, employees' dreams,... More > shareholder's vision and customer needs? This book is about their hidden connection you wouldn't normally see. Myth 1: Average business leaders believe customers are king. They are not! Your organisation must become the center of their life, you must control them and get them to truly believe they can not do without you. Myth 2: Customer Happiness can only be achieved by giving them what they want. Wrong! As with any human being, expectations can, and should be managed, in order to make them happy in advance.< Less
Paperback: $576.77
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HOW TO GET CERTIFIED IN ISO 9001:2015 IN 21 STEPS GUARANTEED! is a book born from experience not just theory. This book is just part of a full course that comes with it: You also get 26 additional... More > tools which will guide you through your certification process. Among the tools you get template for quick implementation as well as 3 hours of video content explaining the two most critical systems you must setup to not only get certified on ISO 9001:2015 but to create an award winning Quality System that will take you to the top of the market. This book condenses over 12 years of working in Quality which means practical, zero nonsense, ground breaking tools.< Less
The Mental Breakfast: First is Mental Freedom then is Financial Freedom By Noel Cardona
Paperback: $17.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is not just a book. It is the tool that you need to learn the most important skill that you will require in life, that is, to get your Mental Freedom. What is that would you ask, well, is... More > basically the capacity you have to do what you said you would do, with no excuses and with no hiding from fear or any other reason you may come up with no to achieve your dreams. This book is for people who are committed to their life, the make the most of it, without laziness, without "life is not fair" attitudes. If you have what it takes to break through obstacles and be the best in the work at what you love, this is the book for you.< Less
The Intentional Winner Assessment By Noel Cardona
Paperback: $7.72
Prints in 3-5 business days
THis is a workbook which complements my book Intentional Winner released in Feb 2019. 30 questions which get you to think whether or one you know where you are going and how well you are doing.
Intentional Winner. And 21 skills you must master to become one By Noel Cardona
Paperback: $18.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is about getting the necessary skills required to become an Intentional Winner. In other words, to become one who know where he or she is going and who is willing to take the time and make... More > the effort to transform himself or herself to get where he or she needs to get to. Many people know but most of them don't understand. There is a massive difference between those two and that difference is this: awareness. This book is aimed to build on your awareness and shows you 21 skills you must understand to become an Intentional Winner. I invite you to come with me on this journey a never ending one and that my friend is the fun part of it.< Less

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