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Never Say Goodbye By Steve Carlos
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This is a love story in a war situation. A subaltern of the Nigerian Army with the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Peackeeping Force met and fell in love with a Chadian graduate teacher of the... More > Lycee Eboue. It became a whirlwind romance. But like a killjoy, there is the former defence minister, Monsieur Hissene Habre, a French-trained lawyer who was desperate for power. He became the issue in the rounds of conflict that marred Chad’s post-independence journey into nationhood. A bloodthirsty warlord, he mustered a band of hard-fighting men from his base in Sudan and seized power after overrunning the countryside and capturing the capital city of N’Djamena. Thus the lovers were briefly separated when the peacekeeping force left the country. This is a story that highlights the ascendancy to power by sheer superiority of arms of one of Africa’s most brutal rulers in recent history. A story with a happy ending told with earthy humour and an element of romance that carries the entire length of the book.< Less
N'Djamena Combat On The Chari By Steve Carlos
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The history of modern African states is replete with conflicts invariably from the usual imperious merger of the different heterogeneous nationalities done for profit and administrative conveniences... More > by the European colonial adventurers. It is natural that following the granting of independence, the divergence in cultural values and aspirations result to open confrontation among the power elite. The present work set at a period of the growing influence of the Nigerian state, which sees Chad as also the entire African environment as her sphere of responsibility, highlights the impetuosity of the drive for power by recourse to arms in Chad that not quite long ago discovered crude in commercial quantity.< Less
Battle Tale of The Nigerian Civil War By Steve Carlos
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Much as the capture of a battle situation could be a thankless exercise between the covers of a storybook, this work, drawing largely from the grim realities of the Nigerian Civil War, is not... More > intended to glorify the art of violence but as a reminder that war is serious business involving the loss of lives and the wanton destruction of properties. That no matter how long the bloodletting from spirited efforts crafted to stoke the embers of discord from real and perceived societal inequity, invariably after much needless suffering, the erstwhile enemies shall end up converging at a round table to iron out the differences.< Less
The Golden Girls of Sierra Leone & other stories the army told me By Steve Carlos
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It is evident that Nigeria recorded the highest casualty rate in the history of external operations during the ECOMOG action against the full force of Liberia’s Charles Taylor/Yommie... More > Johnson-led rebellion and later the RUF insurrection led by Corporal Foday Sankoh in Sierra Leone. While humanitarian motive on account of the untold suffering of defenceless civilians may have informed the intervention of the monitoring group, equally important is the need to protect vast investments of not just the governments but also some of the ECOWAS heads of state. Invariably, much as a soldier's life is supposed to be a merry one, the pains and disappointments tend to be overlooked in the face of the larger-than-life image of the knight in the shining armour. In this collection of short stories, not just are topics of war and everyday soldiering given priority, but so also are diverse subjects of passion, politics and the foibles of everyday living treated with deserving zeal.< Less
The Chibok Girls By Steve Carlos
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In upwards of a decade, the insurrection in Nigeria has recorded many casualties, mainly defenceless women and children, and millions requiring of urgent humanitarian relief. With over a thousand... More > churches destroyed as well as a few mosques, many orphaned, and many without husbands and wives, there is no known data of young men and women kidnapped, the women forcefully married off or turned into sex slaves and the men as also some of the women conscripted for combat duties. The Chibok Girls, a graphic rerun of the invasion of Chibok community by terrorists and the gratuitous abduction of female students at their hostel in the middle of the night, gives the reader an insight into the prevailing situation and why in spite of the special attention of the civilised world, there is no end to such brazen inhumanity by a sect that lays claim to religious indoctrination as the focal point of its drive but has dispatched several thousands of people to their untimely graves.< Less
Boko Haram: Beyond The Bomb Blasts By Steve Carlos
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A class of disenchanted Nigerian politicians vowed to make the country ungovernable for the incumbent if he got voted in. Close by is the Islamist Boko Haram with links to the al Qaeda. The Boko... More > Haram, having lost its founder in questionable circumstances following confrontation with security forces, is sworn to Islamise the country and obliterate all Western influences. From the succeeding wave of suicide bombings and related acts of violence aimed at spreading terror, there is growing suspicion of a working accord between the two. This angle with relevant data the present work explores intensely. But beyond the bomb blasts is an undercurrent of intrigues, the different ethnic nationalities scheming to make the best of the situation, even as the subversive activities of the Boko Haram threaten the corporate existence of the country.< Less

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