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Palace of the Mind By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.45
Six stories of wisdom. Ponderings for Writers with a Poetic Soul Does it seem as if this Muse, this wafting figure of all wisdom has yet eluded you? Who will be your Master of the art?
Aquarius: Diaphanous Goddess of the Sapphire Fae By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.36
Aquarius wafts through the dimensions of faery and flower, being sheathed in the perfume of the soul. The secret language of flowers and elemental spirits may be perceived if one is serene in mind.... More > This is a posy for your mind, to dream hither as to your individual expression... a mesmerising blue jewel of power. Sip from the faery goblet and yield to Shakespeare’s fair wine.< Less
Scorpio: Love Goddess Of The Ruby Temple By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.37
Enticing Scorpio… the scarlet, flashy moods of Spain. A love vampire, you know your art well, creating a volatile longing in men that other females can only resent. You suffuse yourself with... More > perfume that does more than suggest a blackened ripple, offering privileged lovers entry into the splendour of the ruby love–temple.< Less
Luminous Love of the Naiades Nymphs By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.55
Herewith are ten beauty secrets that fully aware women have perfected. They need to be well thought over and studied daily until you possess them. Never dismiss the potency of knowledge to acquire... More > what you want. In essence they are presented to your flaming heart from the Naiades, the crystalline mountain springs nymphs of ancient Greek Mythology. Truly, these nature spirits inhabit the living Goddess. The first lights of ancient Greek wisdom will begin to glow upon your thoughts. Contents include: Hibiscus Flower Essence, Exhilaration Bath, Hibiscus Crimson Tea, Hibiscus water facial astringent and Naias Hair Glorifier.< Less
Spirit of Aphrodite By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.55
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece have not left us. They reappear when we seek their golden wisdom by proving our desires. How do we become Aphrodite? What are the secrets of hypnotic... More > seduction and eternal beauty? How is a man enticed to our splendour? Can he be lured to the pool of love-roses where you lay beside the violets whose dew is diamonds? Drape yourself upon the garden altar, near the columns of Adonis. Read the words that are sweet sprinkles on your lips. Athena shall pour olive oil on your brow; pure, smooth thoughts, for the mind to enter its most sacred place. We must depart from our island of disbelief to sail the tumultuous seven seas. Prepare your ship and crew. Set forth with the winds of assurance, for the Gods are with you if your heart is translucent. Cross the cobalt blue waters that represent study, and focus with the sword of the sun firmly in your hand. When you gain the pearl of Neptune you will be honoured with succulence from Olympus. Dive deeply.< Less
Languidly Yours By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.17
1953: Mike is bedazzled on the topaz coast of Italy. Why can't he complete a travel assignment? Something more compelling is asking for his life.
The Lavender Seller's Bag By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.36
Whimsical pixie style knitted bag to go with the story of The Lavender Seller's Fortune. Main section in Flowers of Wisdom lace pattern, soft handle of pure silk ribbon, eyelet drawstrings also in... More > silk ribbon. Lilac glass bead and crystal faceted bead finish the i-cord dangle. Lined in pink lilac pure silk. Fern Leaf edging. 25.5cm/10" deep, 15cm/6" wide. 4ply pure wool in Iris.< Less
The Lavender Seller's Fortune By Dianthe Bells
eBook (PDF): $1.35
Poverty to prosperity. How did they do it in Victorian England days? "The Lavender Seller's Fortune presents flower-seller Fedelia, making her life with pennies. In a rented slum room, she... More > prepares a plan to snatch success. How, you enquire, does a young woman abandoned from childhood know what to do? What guides her and is it obtainable for all? These are the little secrets of life....Quaint advertisements included plus a poem Lavender Damsels by the author. You'll be netted in summer! Two other poems of scented wisdom, plus a crochet pattern for Fedelia’s pencil cosy. It's All Mind Magick!< Less

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