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Princely Singers of Eros By Fritz Maes
eBook (PDF): $7.00
PRINCELY SINGERS OF EROS were aristocratic vigorous young men who composed ballads of love for their enigmatic precious young women. Such poetry ranged emotionally from the agony to the ecstasy felt... More > by the lordly singers and their lady-lovers during their courtship and/or wedlock. The songs they crafted, whether tragic or cathartic, whether wrathful or thankful, were dynamic artistic celebrations of the natural and healthy sexuality of monogamous male-female affinity. These noble men greatly enjoyed lovemaking with their beautiful women, and then creating high literary artworks honouring them. Accordingly, these worthy men and their wonderful women generated children who constituted both renewed dynastic sovereignty and reborn ethnic nobility, quite literally the fruition of their parents’ various intimate passionate unions. This lyrical love-poetry of Germany is comparable to the best of that from Ireland, England, Denmark, France, Hungary, Russia, Persia, Japan, or anywhere else in the World.< Less
German Chivalry By Fritz Maes
eBook (PDF): $9.00
GERMAN CHIVALRY is a book of four exciting essays: Chivalric Arts and Fight-Books tells you what Teutonic masters of Medieval European martial arts said and taught about their noble warrior culture... More > via their training manuals. Foundationality of Wrestling to Fencing tells you the significance of unarmed grappling combatives to swordfighting. Medieval Martial Meditation tells you about the most forsworn and forgotten aspects of knighthood, both esoteric and practical. Jörg versus Saracen at Ceuta circa 1457 tells you the climactic true story of real knightly dueling to the death during warfare. German Chivalry by Fritz Maes shall surely shock and awe even the most apathetic of academia, anachronistia, and athletica alike. It reveals a dynamic world of great deeds and high adventure. It is a daring book of scholarly vigor and manly prowess. Now you too may read it for yourself…< Less
Ringen By Fritz Maes
eBook (PDF): $39.00
RINGEN Medieval German Martial Art of Wrestling Chivalric Combatives War & Duel & Sport Wrestling of Early Germany Liechtenauer Wrestling Ott Wrestling Gladiatoria-Wien Combat Wrestling Von... More > Danzig Combat Wrestling Ringeck & Hundtfeltz Pinning & Escaping Lignitzer Wrestling Talhoffer Wrestling & Dagger-Fighting Falkner Dagger-Fighting & Wrestling Wurm & Goliath Foot-Wrestling & Crater Goliath Wrestling at the Sword Dürer Wrestling & Fencing Wilhalm Wrestling for Duel & Horse Nameless via Egenolph Wrestling Von Auerswald Sport-Wrestling Foundationality of Wrestling to Fencing Advice for Modern Martial Artists Bibliography & Acknowledgements About the Author< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
Paperback: $15.99
19-20: MS V3.0 19-20: MS V3.0 By Liza Cowan
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