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Migration Letters - Vol. 15 No. 3 - July 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $67.16
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Editorial by Cohen; Investment Expenditure Behavior of Remittance Receiving Households: An Analysis Using Reserve Bank of India Data by Basu and Rajan; From Irregular Stay to Removal through... More > Detention by Bermejo; Westphalia, Migration, and Feudal Privilege by Bauder; Emerging Patterns of Migration Streams in India by Ansary: Religion and Mental Well-being among Central Asian Muslim migrants by Zotova; Reporting Violence against Children by Fletcher et al.; Credit Constraints and Rural Migration by Singh; Migrant-family background and subjective well-being by Beja Jr.; 21st Century Slowdown: The Historic Nature of Recent Declines in the Growth of the Immigrant Population in the United States by Norlander and Sørensen; Four voices of refugee solidarity along the Balkan Route: An exploratory pilot study on motivations for mobilisation by Parent; Employment of Return Migrants in Turkey: Evidence from the Labour Force Survey by Yetkin Aker and Görmüş.< Less
Transnational Marketing Journal - Vol. 6 No. 1 - May 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $63.63
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Editorial Ibrahim Sirkeci Falafel and Shwarma: Israeli Food in Mexico Paulette K. Schuster CASE STUDY: Regional Cultural Differences Within and Across Four Western European... More > Countries Nadine Waehning, Ibrahim Sirkeci, Stephan Dahl, Sinan Zeyneloglu Got To Get You Into My Life: A qualitative investigation of opt-in text marketing Beth W. Ghiloni Book review: Pricing the Final Frontier by G. Rekettye and J. Liu< Less
Migration Letters - Vol. 15 No. 4 - October 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $65.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
Special Issue: Highly Skilled or Highly Wanted? Guest edited by Metka Hercog and Laure Sandoz Editorial by Metka Hercog and Laure Sandoz How policies select immigrants: The role of the recognition of... More > foreign qualifications by Monica Andriescu Being called “skilled”: a multi-scalar approach of migrant doctors’ recognition by Joana Sousa Ribeiro Changes in Highly Skilled Migration Policies: Turkish-German Medical Migration since the 1960s by Lisa Peppler Selecting the highly skilled: norms and practices of the Swiss admission system for non-EU immigrants by Metka Hercog and Laure Sandoz The Dutch battle for highly skilled migrants: policy, implementation and the role of social networks by Isik Kulu-Glasgow, Djamila Schans, Monika Smit Highly skilled asylum seekers: Case studies of refugee students at a Swiss university by Katrin Sontag A migration industry for skilled migrants: the case of relocation services by Florian Tissot Book Review< Less
Remittances Review - Vol. 3 No. 2 - October 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $65.58
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Editorial AKM Ahsan Ullah The Congolese diaspora and the politics of remittances Claude Sumata and Jeffrey H. Cohen The impact of development aid on remittances sent from donor-countries ... More > Sèna Kimm Gnangnon The impact of remittances on food security status in the Global South Narges Ebadi, Davod Ahmadi, Ibrahim Sirkeci, Hugo Melgar- Quiñonez The impact of migration on poverty and income distribution in rural regions in Turkey Özcan Dağdemir, Zeki Kartal, Rukiye Tinas, Hüseyin Gürbüz Managing Migration in a Globalizing World: A Conference Report Philip L. Martin< Less
Transnational Marketing Journal - Vol. 6 No. 2 - October 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $64.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
Transnational Marketing Journal Volume 6 no 2. Editorial Evinç Doğan Understanding determinants of illegal e-book downloading behaviour in the UK and Germany Oliver Jonas and... More > Ibrahim Sirkeci The Dilemma of Place Branding: Transitory mega-events vs. sustainable image-building Evinç Doğan CASE STUDY: Behind Hummus Wars: The Role of the Food in National Identity in the Middle East Özge Çopuroğlu Diaspora Marketing Revisited: The nexus of entrepreneurs and consumers Ibrahim Sirkeci and Fatma Zeren< Less
Border Crossing - Vol 8 No 2 - July-December 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $27.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
Citizenship and the Indonesian Diaspora: Lessons from the South Korean and Indian Experiences by Harijanti, Dewansyah, Abdurahman, Dramanda; Syrian Refugees’ Children Instructional Challenges... More > and Solutions in Jordan: Teachers’ and Parents’ Perspectives by Alkhawaldeh; Metamorphosis of educational understanding: Temporary integration of Syrians in Turkey by Samuk; International Migration to Seville by Dudu; Turkish teachers and schools in the eyes of refugee students by Dogutas; Trapped on Love Boat: Middling and Transient Entrapment among Balkan Seafarers in the Cruise Industry by Ellis; The Syrian diaspora in London through the transnational lens: a distinctive contribution to contemporary public space and citizenship by Caruso; The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Utilisation of Natural Resources in Nigeria by Akinwalere; 1930’lu Yıllar Amerikan Tiyatrosunda Toplumsal Eleştiri ve Clifford Odets by Bese; Conference Report: The Migration Conference 2018, Lisbon, Portugal by Cohen< Less
Migration Letters - Vol. 16 No. 1 - January 2019 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $65.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Special Issue: Inequalities and Youth Mobilities in Europe - Guest edited by Samuk, Kmiotek-Meier, Nienaber, Vysotskaya; Introduction to Special Issue by Samuk, Kmiotek-Meier, Nienaber, Vysotskaya;... More > Capturing agency in different educational settings by Schlimbach, Skrobanek, Kmiotek-Meier, Vysotskaya; Why is it so hard? And for whom? byKmiotek-Meier, Skrobanek, Nienaber, Vysotskaya, Samuk, Ardic, Pavlova, Dabasi-Halázs, Diaz, Bissinger, Schlimbach, Horvath; Structural framework conditions and individual motivations for youth-mobility by Hemming, Schlimbach, Tillmann, Nienaber, Roman, Skrobanek; International youth mobility in Eastern and Western Europe by Dabasi-Halász, Kiss, Manafi, Marinescu, Lipták, Roman, Lorenzo-Rodriguez; It’s the taking part that counts Di­az-Chorne, Suárez-Lledó, Rodriguez; Are you mobile, too? by Herz, Díaz-Chorne, Díaz-Catalán, Altissimo, Carignani; Youth Migration Aspirations in Georgia and Moldova by Bastianon< Less
Border Crossing - Vol 8 No 2SI - December 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $33.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
SPECIAL ISSUE of Border Crossing: Proceedings of International Migration in the 21st Century Conference, October 2017, KEKAM, Yeditepe University. Guest edited by Gökçe Bayındır... More > Goularas Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue by Goularas; Labor Migration in Qatar: A Study on the Identity of Second Generation Migrants byEl Berni; Beyond the Porte de Saint-Denis: Looking inside the 10th arrondissement of Paris by Hasırcıoğlu and Yıldırım; Turkish Nationalism and the Incorporation of Migrants and Minorities into the Turkish State: a Study in the Civic and Ethnic Contours of Turkish Nationalism byConrad-Bradshaw; A field analysis on the emergence of migrant entrepreneurs in Japan and their integration into the Japanese society by Karayılmaz; Global Security and International Migration by Gülsoy; The Readmission Agreement of Turkey by Çınar; International Protection System of The New Turkish Law by Bozkurt; Transformation of Migration Rules from Local to Global by Erkan< Less
Migration Letters - Vol. 16 No. 3 - July 2019 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $78.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
Migration Letters journal: Special Issue: Resilience and Wellbeing in Forced Migration Edited by Denise Lewis and Alexander Rödlach Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Resilience and... More > Wellbeing in Forced Migration Denise Lewis and Alexander Rödlach More than victims: Resiliency of undocumented Latinas near Chicago, United States, and the strategic use of psychological suffering in obtaining legal status Stephanie Kohl Understanding waiting and wellbeing through liminal experiences of Syrian refugees May Mzayek Powerful in flight: Cambodian and Karen refugee narratives of strength and resilience Denise Lewis and Savannah Spivey Young Refugee health and religion: Karenni Catholics in Omaha, United States Alexander Rödlach< Less
Göç Dergisi - Vol. 5 No. 1 - May 2018 By Transnational Press London
Paperback: $46.95
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Göç Dergisi - Cilt 5 Sayı 1 - Mayıs 2018 Editörden Pınar Yazgan Suriyeli Bir Aileye Kültürel Özellikleri Doğrultusunda Uygulanan... More > Hemşirelik Bakım Süreci: Olgu Sunumu Hacer Gök Uğur, Oya Sevcan Orak, Şüheda Yüksel Suriyeli Göçmenler ve Önemli bir Üreme Sağlığı Sorunu Erken Yaş Gebelikleri Sema Çifçi, Vasfiye Bayram Değer, Melikşah Ertem Suriye’de Unutulanlar: Tanıdık Bir Hikâye, Çerkesler ve Göç Onur Limon Türkiye’de İç Göçün Sanattaki İzdüşümleri: Gurbet Kuşları Filmine Medyalararası Bir Bakış Hande Altar Çatışma ve Göç Kültürü Modeli Bağlamında Yüksel Pazarkaya’nın Savrulanlar Adlı Göç Romanı Okuması Ali Tilbe, Kamil Civelek Veri Sunumu: 2016 Yılı İtibarıyla Türkiye’de Hemşehri Dernekleri Ayşegül Kayaoğlu Kitap incelemeleri< Less

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