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Toxic People Steal your Soul By William Jenkins
Paperback: $9.98
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I think good healthy relationships should include things you don't want to hear, painful honest truths etc. I think this is exactly why it is so hard to identify relationships that are truly toxic,... More > because they contain elements of good healthy relationships but for me it is about balance and boundaries. A good friend delivering a painful truth will do it respectfully and carefully, treating it as rare event it is and they won’t fling it at you in anger (or blindside you with it in a public place or at a significant event) and they will be prepared for you to disagree. Even the best of friends can bungle it though, so it's not about doing it perfectly every time it's about not doing it dangerously imperfectly almost every time. Something that makes it hard to take action about a toxic relationship, is that sometimes (probably most times) a person whose behavior is toxic is so because they are (pretty visibly) in some kind of emotional pain, from something now or in the past.< Less
Data Collector Process & the Road to Appraiser By William Jenkins
Paperback: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The book can be used as a training manual for the new employee or a reference book for those that are already on the job. In this day and age of great demands on assess to perform many... More > administrative duties other than appraising property, we have to devise a more uniform procedure that will help us organize our time in a more efficient manner. Remember, our main objective is to establish fair and equitable assessment throughout our jurisdiction. If a property is measured incorrectly, someone will be paying more or less than his or her fair share. The market analysis will be less accurate, and most of all, there will be a decrease in taxpayer’s confidence in our assessments. Being right the first time is the goal. Follow-ups take extra time and are somewhat embarrassing. The tools not only include those for measuring a dwelling, but they include support tools in the hiring and training of Data Collector< Less
Can a relationship survive without intimacy? By William Jenkins
Paperback: $9.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
You can have intimacy with or without sex. And, you can have sex with or without intimacy. Sex with intimacy is the engine that makes a relationship sing. Lack of intimacy and sex means that the... More > relationship is being held together by something unhealthy – perhaps fear or mutual dependency. Sex provides us with a wonderful way to connect with another to experience an ecstatic moment or luxuriate in the sensuality of another body. Intimacy is the experience of true closeness to another, true knowing and being known. It elevates sex to something spiritual. It takes a mechanical act—no matter how alluring—and turns it into an act of love.< Less
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Betrayal, aggression, and just plain insensitivity: people can hurt us in a million ways, and forgiveness isn’t always easy. Whether you’ve been cut off in traffic, slighted by your... More > mother-in-law, betrayed by a spouse, or badmouthed by a co-worker, most of us are faced with a variety of situations both serious and mundane that we can choose to ruminate over or forgive. But forgiveness, like so many things in life, is easier said than done. As spiritual beings on a human journey, we decided to live a lifetime on this earth to learn lessons that will enable us to grow as souls. Many of the lessons we have chosen to require complex decisions< Less
Men Have Tears at Night By William Jenkins
Paperback: $7.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Men are known as the less emotional sex; they are supposed to be bastions of stability; the rock in the middle of a storm; unflappably cool no matter what the circumstance, of course, it’s not... More > wrong for men to get emotional. It’s unhealthy to keep one’s feelings bottled up and shoved deep down inside. But when is it okay for a man to cry out!< Less
Broken HEART, BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, & SOUL By William Jenkins
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Has your heart been broken? Has something terrible happened—or not happened—that feels like it has shattered your life in a million pieces? If so, you are not alone. Jesus’ heart... More > was also broken. He was battered, betrayed, abandoned, and rejected, but He emerged victorious. That’s good news for us, because it means we can emerge victorious when our heart has been broken too! This wound will be high maintenance, I fear, and take a while to heal. It’s so vulnerable, an area of the body that’s so active and important for everyday life. We’re all doing what we can—short of wrapping it in bubble wrap—to steer clear of it. It can be really hard to protect a wound from further damage from outside influences. That got me thinking about other kinds of wounds.Deep wounds that are just as vulnerable to daily life but aren’t front and center for all to see and tiptoe around.< Less
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