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Six Misfits - A Man and His Dog By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $5.45
Following from the popular book "Six Misfits", the story continues with more adventures for our group of six very different, LGBT and Teen Baby, 'social misfits'. While holidaying together... More > again at the scene of their previous encounter with trouble, our group of teenage 'misfits' encounter a mysterious man and his adorable dog, Harley. Naturally, this leads to adventure and even more discovery of who they are and how it is okay to be who they are... even if they are Princesses or babies!< Less
Six Misfits By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $5.37
Six teenagers - all misfits from society - are taken to a country camp as part of their Group Therapy. Daria is an angry Indian Lesbian, Steven - a gay Aboriginal, Lily - an Asian transgender girl,... More > Chloe - an obsessive Lolita Cosplay addict, Martha - rejected by her Exclusive Brethren family and finally, Dylan, a Teen Baby. Together, these six misfits from society with identity issues come together on a camp none of them wanted to go on. And there the adventure - and discovery - begins...< Less
Living With Chrissie By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $5.45
For every Adult Baby there is a story behind the life and the lifestyle. For those who are older, these stories begin with isolation, confusion and often, distress. Dylan Lewis is a product of the... More > 1960s in Australia, growing up with regressive baby feelings and a deep attraction to nappies. As he grew up, he also learned about Chrissie, the toddler girl who was inside of him and who often caused distress and difficulty. This book talks about his life and his successful integration of an inner baby girl with a successful adult male exterior. Well recommended to any age AB who is on the journey of discovery and acceptance of.... the baby within.< Less
The Adult Baby Identity - Healing Childhood Wounds By Dylan Lewis
eBook (PDF): $7.09
It is said that ‘no one gets out of child-hood unharmed’. This is one of those truisms that understands that we all carry some scars and drag around some burden that developed in... More > childhood. Despite the best efforts of parents, family, teachers and those around us, there are always things we pick up along the way that cause us a measure of trouble or difficulty later on. Fortunately for most of us, these childhood-grown issues are relatively small and well within our capacity to manage and live with. But not everyone is so lucky. This new book by Dylan Lewis – the third in the series – explores the issue of early childhood, where are memories do not reach, but the effects are still felt today. For Adult Babies, there is an element of difficulty or trauma that was most likely trivial to everyone else, but ‘wounding’ to ABs. Go on a journey of discovery with Dylan Lewis and Healing Childhood Wounds< Less
Becoming Me: A Journey to Self-acceptance By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $8.15
Being an Adult Baby is not what anyone would choose – if such a choice were even possible. While we can enjoy some of the aspects of being ABDL, the strong desires and unquenchable drive to... More > regress and to become as if we were infants again, is uncomfortable, confusing and for many, quite disturbing. But we are not given this choice. It is instead, imposed upon us during the misty, unknowable times of our actual infancy and it leaves us craving a return back to that spot in our history when we were real babies. In this book, Dylan Lewis explores self-acceptance and self-image by addressing who we are inside and the conflicts and failures that have made us who we are. He then leads us on a journey to finding a path back to wholeness. If you are an Adult Baby, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST for your library.< Less
The Adult Baby Identity - Coming Out As an Adult Baby By Dylan Lewis
eBook (PDF): $6.33
Who we are and who we understand ourselves to be is of immense importance to us and yet, as Adult Babies, we are often flummoxed by that question. Why do we have these babyish feelings? Why do we... More > wear diapers and can still access our toddler feelings and emotions? This new book by Dylan Lewis explores the psyche of the Adult Baby and how it functions and through various stages of development. If you are an Adult Baby, this book is recommended to help you understand not just who you are, but also your value and place as an AB in the world. You are not common, but you are normal. You are poorly understood by the world, but you don’t need to be poorly understood by yourself.< Less

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