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The Hooman Saga: Book 2 - Part One By C. C. Brower
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The meteor talked to Tig as he watched it land. Meteors came now and then. But never one that screamed like it was afraid of landing. All he wanted to do was to make sure his pack was safe against... More > the fire from the sky. But the meteor had called him, somehow. He was there when the meteor turned out to be an escape pod. And opened... His surprise was that the meteor had brought a human female back. She said her name was Sue. And she could talk to wolves like him. That had never happened before. Even when the Hoomans were here. Sue was unlike anything he had ever encountered. He knew she was the solution to their problems - and more. Sue had her own issues, her own reason for returning to Earth. Those would have to wait. First Tig had to get her to safety. Even though she was not as fast or skilled at what she needed in order to survive on her own. There were miles of rough terrain ahead, days of travel, and the ferals had set a trap for them.... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
J. R. Kruze Short Story Collection 02 By J. R. Kruze et al.
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The second collection of short stories by J. R. Kruze. Known for a unique take on common situations, and a dry wit, Kruze is also able to look at usual circumstances and see unusual aspects to write... More > about. These stories will let you start wondering about the world around you. Mystery, fantasy, paranormal, romance and science fiction are a few of this mixed genre collection. Enjoy seeing your world through J. R. Kruze's eyes... This anthology contains: One Thought, Then Gone by J. R. Kruze The Lazurai Returns by C. C. Brower & J. R. Kruze The Case of the Forever Cure by J. R. Kruze Ham & Chaz by C. C. Brower & J. R. Kruse The Girl Who Built Tomorrow by J. R. Kruze Synco (TM) by J. R. Kruze & R. L. Saunders On Love's Edge by J. R. Kruse The Case of the Naughty Nightmare by J. R. Kruse To Laugh At Death by J. R. Kruze Voices by J. R. Kruze The Case of the Walkaway Blues by J. R. Kruze & S. H. Marpel Get Your Copy Now.< Less
C. C. Brower Short Story Collection 02 By J. R. Kruze et al.
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A second collection of short stories from C. C. Brower In addition to later earlier novellas and novels, Brower continues her prolific output with short stories - all full of wonder and high... More > imagination. Contemporary, Fantasy, Science Fiction - 14 wonderful stories from a different view of life. New ways to look at the world you live in, and ask yourself "what if" things were different... For Brower fans, this includes the final installments of the Hooman Saga, where a single human female escapes from a moon colony prison and crash-lands back on earth. Wanting to rescue the rest of her family, she has only the sentient wolf pack she befriended, a decimated human population returned to the Dark Ages, and elemental spirits - but no space technology remaining to cross that 240,000 miles of empty space. And yet... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
New Voices Volume 6 By C. C. Brower et al.
Paperback: $21.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of short stories from new voices - the breaking edge cross-currents of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romance - from works published between November and December 2018. Worlds... More > new or perhaps re-visited - but only you will know if this is the stuff of dreams - or nightmares. - A ghost haunted by her death, since she only appears each year for a few hours, she has little time to work out how she died, and keep it from happening again. - When the amateur detective becomes haunted, it's up to those he's saved to rescue him from his own worst nightmares. - How do you solve someone's problem when they are haunting themselves? A recurring post-apocalypse scenario that only loops on an immortal being trapped at its center, and able to kill anyone who tries to help her. - A Smart Home who kicks out the owners, reassigns their title, and turns off the lights in the neighborhood - except for the red and green lights that pulse in an ominous, haunted glow. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
R. L. Saunders Satire Collection 02 By J. R. Kruze et al.
Paperback: List Price: $11.95 $5.98 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Second Collection of the Dark Humor Satire of R. L. Saunders Life in our dystopian near-futures has never been funnier. Sauders gets inspiration from our daily news, and these stories are therapy... More > for us as well. Skewering what is accepted as conventional wisdom, Saunders explores concepts which are more easily delivered with entertainment than op-eds or tweet-storms. Always taking the "what if" of current controversies to their slippery-slope results, Saunders reminds us constantly to not take the world around us seriously. This anthology contains: Smart Home Revenge by R. L. Saunders and S. H. Marpel For the Love of 'Cagga by C. C. Brower & R. L. Saunders Synco (TM) by J. R. Kruze & R. L. Saunders The Lonely Witness by R. L. Saunders Beltway Gremlin by R. L. Saunders Get Your Copy Now.< Less
The Hooman Saga: Book One By C. C. Brower et al.
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $9.98 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Before the cities left, and plunged our world into a global dark age, there were stories that told that history. Collected here are the works of three authors who have been telling scraps and pieces... More > of what happened. All through the eyes of the people (and animals) who lived it. Some are fantastic, others could be tall tales, perhaps some are downright lies. But that is all why they had to be published as fiction. Because few people would believe it, even as a TV documentary. All highly speculative. And that's why it's called Science Fiction. But its a very human telling. You may even find yourself in here... Get Your Copy Now.< Less

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