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The Ruler's Greek World Crossovers and Others Sneak Peek book By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $3.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
From 'Ruler and the Gods' to 'The One Who Hides', this book will gives us a sneak peek to; Ruler and the Gods:1-6, Erinwen Vosvandor: The Thiradean Wizard: 1-4, The Land of Rosvandor: 1 & 2, The... More > Classic Tales of San Francisco books, the Mystery Hunters Gang: A Clue for a Crew books, A Task to Challenge Puzzlebook Novel: The Haunted Castle Challenge, The Chronicles of Monster Kingdom: The First Wizard, Jake Mann in the 22nd Century books, Year 1969: The Life, the Drugs and All the Above, Mr. Richman's: 10 Days of Being Rich, The Adventures of the Arnadrog Stone, the Tales in the Past, The Game Warrior and The One Who Hides. There's even new sneak peeks like; The Greek World Rulers: The Hunt for Pandora's Box, the Nightmare in the Challenger's Deep, Stanley Steele's Christmas and many others.< Less
Ruler and the Gods and the Athanatos Stone By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
For fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise comes a seven book series (with other series as well) into another world we never knew existed called the... More > Greek World in ‘Ruler and the Gods’ book series. The story is about a twenty-one year old named Jesse Talley who is chosen to defeat Hades. On his way, he meets well known Gods and Goddesses and fights familiar monsters. But, there’s more than just them; there are new people to meet, creatures to find and places to see. So, grab a sword while we take a journey through a magical but thrilling world in… Ruler and the Gods.< Less
Ruler and the Gods and the Revenge of Hades By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the 2nd book of the Ruler and the Gods series, we see our chosen warrior hero, Jesse Talley again, but this time in the Human World. The story talks a lot about Jesse and his friend, Jake (which... More > we will see who he truly is). But, in the middle of the story, there will be a much darker Jesse Talley who destroys parts of his hometown, Pensacola. So, it’s up to two Gods; Ares and Hermes and one Goddess; Athena to help their friend from Hades’ revenge.< Less
Ruler and the Gods and the Rise of Poseidon By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.81
Prints in 3-5 business days
Following after the 2nd book, the 3rd adaption to the Ruler and the Gods book series continues in the Human World where we see Jesse, Athena, Ares and Hermes still hanging around in Pensacola,... More > Florida. Unfortunately, they will have to leave the Human World forever and head back to their home in the Greek World. While they’re there, they have a new home called ‘Twilight Town’. They see other new monsters and finally defeat Poseidon once and for all.< Less
Erinwen Vosvandor: The Thiradean Wizard: The Thiradean Spy By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.37
Prints in 3-5 business days
For those who love ‘Harry Potter’ comes a magical book series of my own that is based in a city called, Thiradean City; owned by the wizard ruler himself, in Rosvandor’s land (known... More > as the Land of Good Spirits in ‘Ruler and the Gods and the God Stone’). In the story, three young adult wizards; Erinwen Vosvandor, Emivilina Rossvalin and Rofgardson Kantarson try to find out who the spy that is roaming around the town secretly and in the end, Erinwen will meet his arch enemy, also, Thiradean’s old arch enemy, Rorvosdon. During their time in Thiradean City, they have fun in the magical, modern day city and explore other lands.< Less
Erinwen Vosvandor: The Thiradean Wizard: The Dragon Stone By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the 3rd book, there are two main things in this story; it’s a love story more than the first two books and finally, Erinwen starts having evil thoughts that are caused by Dream Catchers and... More > their master, Dream Killer who only reveal themselves in human thoughts. Erinwen’s best friend, Emivilina goes out with a Derastiton Phoenix team player and Erinwen doesn’t like him at all. However, things start to change between them. During all of this, they have to find the Dragon Stone before Rorvosdon does.< Less
Erinwen Vosvandor: The Thiradean Wizard: The Hunt for the Rwenstrum Dragon By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the 2nd book, Erinwen, Emivilina and Rofgardson are challengers who go through two tournaments; the Watersteps Challenge Race and the Dark Maze Tournament. During, they will visit the Thiradean... More > Amusement Park. After the challenges, they go see the four ghosts at the Haunted Thiradean Castle. Then, at last, they will head on an adventure to hunt down the Rwenstrum Dragon in Reingrawdre Land. During the travel along with the Salavantra Knights, they see the Giant Thiradean Wizard, meet the Wolf King of Arugariton and see many other places. With the help of the Rwenstrum Dragon, Erinwen will meet the greatest wizard of them all even Thiradean… The Moon Wizard; the creator of the magic in all the worlds.< Less
Jake Mann in the 22nd Century: The Mar's War By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $2.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
The story takes place in the 22nd century with actual future technology that’s going to happen or already has happened and a little bit of stuff of my own like ‘Space Sports’, new... More > species and alien on a planet; there’s also one theory in this book that might happen at the end of the century (which we won’t have to worry about), Earth will be swallowed up the ocean because glaciers melting. The story is about an enemy named Sigismond who wants to destroy all planets even Earth. So, it’s up to Jake Mann and his army to fight against him.< Less
A Task to Challenge: The Haunted Castle Challenge By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $18.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Based in the 1990s, there is a gameshow located in Tampa, Florida and each ten players are chosen to be on there and face many challenges. The best part is that you’re not just the reader; you... More > are the player! Before the night of the gameshow begins, the characters hang around and do things in their hometown before the day of the gameshow begins. On the night of the gameshow, two players out of ten go into five teams; Red Pirates, Blue Knights, Yellow Mummies, Green Dinosaurs and Orange Cowboys. The challenges in this book are; Trivia Challenge, 2+2=, the Jungle Swings, the Pyramid of History, Haunted Floor Maze, the Room of Keys, 5 Door Room Challenge and many other challenges. In the end, they (you) must go through the Haunted Castle, find the key and get out without being caught by the Banshee.< Less
Silly Animal Toons: A Fright in the Haunted Hotel/Dam of Beaver and Badger/A Mad Doctor Crazy for Animals/A Mystery Unsolved/Merry Christmas By Cole Bruce
Paperback: $5.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
A wolf named John Wolf heads into a haunted hotel where ghosts try to get him out/Two mobsters animals; David Badger the leader and Robert Beaver the dummy, rob a bank and it’s up to John Wolf... More > to get it back there and the two animals in jail/Inside a castle, a Mad Doctor turns two animals into one, so Jack Red Fox tries to save the animals even if that means confronting the doctor/Based in Atlantis, the streets are filled with sea creatures and in an alley, a Killer Whale shoots down a fish, so Detective Charles Shark tries to find out who did this. In the end, Charles Shark challenges his arch enemy, the Killer Whale/John Wolf invites all the ‘Silly Animal Toons’ character for a Christmas dinner.< Less

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