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Myths and Realities of Bitcoin By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
1. Bitcoin is money. 2. Bitcoin has a true intrinsic value. 3. Bitcoin is safe and reliable because it is supported by the market forces. 4. Bitcoin is indestructible. 5. Bitcoin is a better... More > investment than dollar, gold, silver, oil and stocks. 6. Bitcoin will displace the traditional currencies.< Less
What Is the Great Dream of the Communists?, Demystifying the Fallacies of Communism... By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The great dream of the communists is the existence of an advanced scientific and technological society that works perfectly, led by a communist, secular and atheist government, in which there are no... More > economic inequalities among citizens, nor is there money. This is evidenced in the Soviet futurist history In 2017 and in the television series Star Trek.< Less
The Trial of Annas and Caiaphas By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Second Part of The Trial of Pontius Pilate: The World Court crosses the red line between democracy and dictatorship. After the trial against Annas and Caiaphas ends, Transcendence obtains an... More > impressive victory in the elections. However, the ruling magistrates prepare a plan to limit the authority of the new Universal Assembly and aspire to immediately begin the second trial against Pontius Pilate...< Less
From a False Age of Prosperity to a Democratic Era, a Science Fiction Story of Capitalism and Communism By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.59
It was the year 2060. After the third world war, the President of the European Union is elected World President, establishing a dictatorship that would lead to a serious economic crisis,... More > unprecedented in human history. In the year 2228, the dissident scientists reached an agreement to travel through time and avoid the establishment of the global dictatorial government.< Less
Christianity Vs. New Age, a Latent Conflict By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
There is an ideological confrontation between two extremes of the religious thought. On the one hand, the Christianity, based on the existence of Jesus and the incredible miracle of his resurrection,... More > proclaims the power and sovereignty of God. And on the other hand, the New Age minimizes the Lord, underestimates Jesus and the Holy Spirit.< Less
The Astrology, an Anti Christian Pseudoscience By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Currently, scientists, modern philosophers and religious ones refute the astrological beliefs. The latter are against the ideas of the New Age and the postmodern thought. Obviously, the future is not... More > written in the stars, and the astrology is a controversial, questionable, false, anti-religious and anti-Christian pseudoscience, which has no scientific, philosophical and religious foundations.< Less
Deciphering the Power of Money, Why Is It So Influential In Our Lives? By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Money is the best human invention, which competes with the domain of fire and writing, being an exceptional instrument of exchange, saving and valuation, which allows the functioning of the modern... More > world. However, it is difficult to answer these questions: Why is money so influential in our lives? Can we live in a world without money?< Less
Who Is Jesus? By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
First book of the collection The Most Extraordinary Man of All History: More than two thousand years ago, the most extraordinary man of all time was born, who guided humanity to follow a religious... More > and ethical path. Considering that the life, works, teachings and legacy of Jesus are so spectacular, the following questions have arisen: Who is Jesus? Did Jesus exist?< Less
Who Is the Biblical Messiah?, Analyzing the Christian and Jewish Vision By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Second book of the collection The Most Extraordinary Man of All History: During the first century of the Christian era, the Jews longed for a powerful Messiah, who would free them from the Roman... More > occupation. While Jesus was a religious Messiah. Although two opposing points of view persist (Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah and He is the Messiah of the Christians), the biblical evidences confirm that Jesus is the true Messiah.< Less
Who Is the Lord?, Analyzing the Divine Condition of Jesus By Rolando José Olivo
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Third book of the collection The Most Extraordinary Man of All History: Although the great majority of Christians accept Jesus as God made man, the same God and the second member of the trinity, it... More > is difficult to understand these ideas that contain deep theological conceptions, while the New Age supporters question the existence of God, minimize Jesus and attribute anti-religious qualities to Him.< Less

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