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The Haunting Melancholia By Neelam Sinha
eBook (ePub): $19.99
A master piece by Author, each rhyme reveals a condition of human-mind standing on crossroad… love, ambition, confession, soul search & enlightenment… this is a heart of... More > human-being… CONFESSION: When I close my eyes I don’t feel happiness My heart is broken and I am in deep mess What is in my destiny, alas! I can’t even guess All I feel is torn, unclear and helplessness. …continue< Less
Twenty Sonnets of Longing & Enlightenment By Neelam Sinha
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Two parallel lines,… one leading to mundane life and the other free from chaotic world,… a master piece by Author. Sonnet 5: Love 5: Why nights of March are so cold Why nights of... More > March are so cold, Colder and gloomier than the December's; March, of spring, of colors and of Marigold, Why seems of waste and in deep slumbers? Why night lingers and veils the day's mood, ...continue< Less
One Hundred Shades of Sadness By Neelam Sinha
eBook (ePub): $19.99
A master piece by Author,… each paragraph will take you in a world where we discover that each and everything of this universe is working in a very peculiar way … a mirror image of the... More > way of human-being … like : It is my blue with your yellow which makes this world green… the Water(blue) & the Fire(sun/yellow) ,we need to make this world green that is life: tree, us, etc… ONE HUNDRED SHADES OF SADNESS: It is called the doomsday, The moment… all the planets align themselves… …While revolving around the sun. My heart, my body, my mind and my soul,… All have aligned themselves …And have been revolving around you,… Since a very long time, And, my everyday has become a doomsday, So, be a black hole and engulf me. ---Trying to hear, my soul’s whispers…---Continue reading...< Less
We Met In Paradox By Neelam Sinha
eBook (ePub): $3.99
A master piece,...chapter by chapter reveals human’s mind, unclothing the civilized animal’s truth that the real symptom(Altruism) of human is in coma; only symptoms of a lethal... More > virus(Selfish Gene) are spreading. Well, the truth is that masses never wanted the crown of Homo-sapiens, but the invisible handcuffs forced ALL OF US to behave as a crown bearer. We as herd of innocent sheep followed The Shepherd but the struggle for survival has made, almost all of us, just a bunch of wolf living inside human skin. And here we are,… a wolf in human’s skin… a dirty, torn and tattered skin. We want to discard it but unable to lift even, seems too heavy because it is given by our dearest ancestors, religions and traditions. We all desire freedom to live as we want, whether it is going after merely basic needs or running after something more. But we cannot because we are cowards… The saving of Bloodline of Homo-sapiens is creating only Blood-Baths, nothing more. Oh Yes, and ‘A Wait for The shepherd’ too, again…< Less

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