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Poems from the Heart By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $2.56
Poems from the Heart is a Modern Poetry book; it contains a wide and colourful spectrum of poems, ranging from the comical to the more heart rendering type, that reflect real life, which most of us... More > can relate too. I am sure you will find a poem in here that resonates with your soul; be it, in matters of the heart, or if you are looking for comfort, after losing a loved one. A good book to turn to, no matter what your mood is, or what you are going through in your life; a great source of comfort on many levels.< Less
Broken Doll By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.21
'Broken Doll,' is Camilla King's second Modern Poetry book to date; 'Poems from the Heart,' being her first. In this book you will find an eclectic collection of poems, full of heart and soul.
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 2 - the Barn Goes Up In Flames By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.87
Katie, or rather Becky, as she is now known as, is having dental problems after the successful 8-hour jaw surgery she underwent. Life on the estate is hell for them both, the only time they get any... More > peace is at the office, where Becky has been known to put pillows on the floor and rest there. Henri is adamant that they will not be driven out of their home and this drove him to stretch himself financially to buy a weekend cottage, in a tiny hamlet called Melinbrooke. It seemed ‘trouble,’ appears to follow them. Their solicitor fails to disclose some vital information about Rose cottage, which has devastating consequences for the Berger’s.< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 3 the Trial By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.87
Police come to ask Becky questions about the burnt barn; did she know anything about it and had she seen anyone? She didn’t trust the police, after hearing in the background one of them... More > saying: ‘that’s the crazy, that thinks the planes are after her,’ after ringing them to initially report the harassment she was getting from the farmer. She remembers after putting the phone down, that the farmer’s cousin Emyr had told her that he was well connected within the police constabulary here and thought that was probably the reason she heard that and now regretted calling them. It was evident from that remark this demented farmer was spreading rumours about her around the Hamlet, trying to make out she was crazy and making the whole thing up, just to cover his tracks. The police had not taken her allegations seriously, in fact they had ridiculed her and failed to do their job properly, so she now felt no obligation to co-operate with them.< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 4 - the Trial By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.80
Becky knew in her heart she would end up in prison, but she wasn’t backing down by accepting the Haslem Office’s plea-bargaining strategy; the ones bringing the charges against her, not... More > the farmer! Henri was right, there was more to this than meets the eye and they wanted Becky at whatever cost. Had the barn been used to stash drugs by the farmer and were the police involved, along with the private plane that used to fly over the cottage regularly? Was somebody frightened Becky had seen something and wanted her silenced?< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 5 - Ricky Brown By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.87
Life is never the same again, for Becky or Henri. Becky no longer trusts Henri. Henri is losing his grip on Becky and knows it; maybe for way longer than he cares to admit. Had he, betrayed Becky?... More > Had his father put pressure on him, not to get involved; like he once threatened? His father had sent him to England to get away from his mother and it was here, he had a total breakdown. Becky was 100% sure that Henri was not being and hadn’t been totally honest with her. He knew he was losing her and maybe by lying and doing what his father had suggested, was the only way he thought he could keep her? So many questions and no forthcoming answers! Would she ever know the truth?< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 6 - Jekyll & Hyde By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.87
Henri can’t accept it’s over between him and Becky and loses it on more than one occasion. This makes her very nervous, because he has threatened to throw all this victimisation and... More > harassment in her face and cause her so much trouble, if she leaves him and she knows he would make good on that threat. She wants to move out, but has no savings or money; Henri had refused to put her through the books; she was not paid anything for helping him build his business up. She had felt beholden to him, because he had been the only person to help her, so she hadn’t pushed it; now she wishes she had. She decides to get a job, she knew it wouldn’t be easy with her physical condition and the constraints it put on her, but after prison she felt she could cope with anything. She soon meets Ricky Brown a freelance photographer, that works for the local paper in North Riglington and develops feelings for him.< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 7 - Foul Play By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.87
At last Becky’s divorce settlement comes through, although it is not much considering she had been with Henri for 16 years and had helped him build his business up, nonetheless she is happy she... More > has received something. Henri’s solicitor had contacted Becky’s and said Henri wanted it on record that he had been the one to instigate divorce proceedings, not her; she told him ‘no way!’ At last she could get this jaw/dental issue sorted and rebuild her life, or so she thought! She is still under surveillance, but there is no way to proof it and suspects this is the real reason this jaw/dental issue was not getting solved given what kept taking place before each dental visit. Henri had been right, somebody wanted Becky incarcerated, she was scared and knew the only person to get her out of this situation, would be her; she could rely on no one.< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part 8 - Corruption By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.87
Becky now realises that she has no prospects of ever rebuilding her shattered life, the government/system have made sure of that. A young reporter believes her story and it makes it onto the front... More > page of the local newspaper; but the reporter mysteriously disappears. A magazine contacts her, as the reporter had predicted and they claimed they would get her onto one of the well-known Day shows on T.V; then the usual happened, they never got back when they said they would. She is left chasing them up, after they had fabricated the facts of her story, to read another story entirely in their magazine, just as they had done in the paper. They make a fool out of her. She doubts if she’ll ever get her story out and this jaw/dental issue sorted in this country, or even be a free woman again. She is watching not only her face being destroyed through lack of the proper treatment, but her life too and there isn’t a thing she can do – she is trapped!< Less
The Girl and the Burnt Barn: Part I - Victimised By Camilla King
eBook (ePub): $3.81
This book is based on a true story. Katie Marston had a difficult childhood, which went on to serve her well. Katie meets Henri a Frenchman, just at the time her whole world is falling apart. She... More > is in a dilemma though, Henri helps her with an undiagnosed health issue and helps her regain her health back, but is not in love with him, as he is her; he tells her, in time she will grow to love him. She is torn and feels beholden to him and one thing leads to another and they end up living together. She changes her name to Rebecca Laine, in the hope to put her painful past behind her. They in time, move into their dream home, which is on a prestigious estate and it is here jealousy creeps into their lives taking the form of a bitter, unhappy woman, who enlists others on the estate to harass and victimise them, viciously tearing their lives apart.< Less

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