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The Village Between Lives By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $9.99
The author began researching the supernatural at the age of 43 and now travels the world to study the phenomena that are scientifically unexplained. The Village between Lives is located in China.... More > This book is based on the outhor’s study, encounters and interviews he conducted with several people in China who remembered their previous lives and the afterworld. The book shows that there is an item that erases memories of our past lives, that applies not only to people but also to animals. Eastern philosophy has been sprinkled throughout the book. In this book readers will also learn about Eastern culture. This book will certainly attract an immense amount of interest as probably many people will wish they could be reunited with their beloved ones and their beloved pets who have left them through death and are now in the afterworld. Further, the book is interesting and thought-provoking.< Less
A VOICE FROM THE BAOBAB TREE By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $5.50
A Voice from the Baobab Tree is about environmental degradation and it’s conservation. Summary in Swahili Ni hadithi inayosimulia uharibifu wa Mazingira ambao unafanywa na wakazi wa kijiji cha... More > Kitebwe. Hatimaye wanaonywa na Mbuyu pamoja na Mlima kuacha tabia ya kuharibu Mazingira. Wanakijiji wanakubaliana na maonyo hayo na kuyatekeleza maagizo yao. Matokeo yake ukame unatoweka na hali ya kijani inarejea tena Kijijini.< Less
The 10 Keys on How to Make Your Marriage Work By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $6.65
Marriage is one of the most beautiful institutions God created for the procreation of mankind and the sustenance of the earth. A man and woman are meant to come together in perfect harmony, with each... More > person complimenting the other to achieve a common destiny. This male and female union, when properly knit together with common purpose and bonded with the belt of love, is transformed into an unstoppable force that go to great lengths and great heights together. Marriage is the core of family, the starting point and bedrock of society, when conceived, nurtured and established gives strength to families, communities, society and humanity at large. To get married is one thing, but, how long the marriage lasts is a completely different matter. Marriages do fall apart, ending up in divorce. Divorce is the last thing in the minds of couples before they get married, but, the reality is, many marriages do fail.< Less
The Aisle: The Story of How I Met My Wife By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $6.60
This book is a true love story of a Wife and Husband. How they the couple met, what happened during the courtship, the challenges they were able to overcome before they eventually got married? The... More > author writes, “This is a true love story, My own love story. It is a detailed account of how I met my true love and soul mate, Nanchin Debra Vincent. It describes the encounter, the excitement, our love and the hurdles we went through together on our journey to wedlock. When you find your true love and believe your have really found that one that makes you complete - go for it; let nothing stop you. If you are stopped on that journey of love, that means you were both never meant to be one. May you find “the-One” God has destined for you.”< Less
The Roaring Lion and Other Stories By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $4.50
For many generations, stories have been told by all tribes on earth. Some are funny, while others are frightening or disturbing. Each story told has a lesson to man, so that he may develop a moral... More > character. Stories fall into different categories: there are those about man, which basically speak on marriage and traditional rulers: their achievements, failures, cruelty, hunting powers and his ways of life and behaviour. There are those telling about animals. Our forefather’s first encountered animals during hunting expeditions. As they observed various animals escaping enemies or stealing crops in the fields, people were able to distinguish clever and foolish animals. In this way they developed stories. The Roaring Lion and other Stories is a book of seven traditional stories. They are told in an easy way to understand.< Less
The Story of My Mother: A Story of Strength, Resilience Perseverance and Patience By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This is a true life story of a son writing a book as a tribute to his living mother. This can be done by every daughter or son to his/her mother or father. On the other hand, people are always... More > fascinated about real life stories, wanting to have insights about events that happen to individuals, about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them and see what lessons they can draw from them. This book does exactly that. It shows the strength, resilience and patience of a mother and wife, and how she was able to navigate through the myriad of challenges she was confronted with and still remain standing today. Today my mum is active, full of faith and thriving. She has become a source of strength, comfort and wisdom for us all. God Will Bless You – Mama.” This is a book that every son and daughter, young and adults should read.< Less
TEACH YOURSELF KISWAHILI By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
Paperback: List Price: $25.94 $23.35 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kitabu hiki kimeandikwa kwa kuwalenga watu wa ndani ya nchi na wageni wanaokijua Kiingereza vizuri, lakini, wana hamu/wanahitaji kujua Kiswahili. Lugha hii kwa sasa inazungumzwa na zaidi ya watu... More > milioni 140 duniani. Lakini, hata watu wanaokijua Kiswahili, wanakihitaji kitabu hiki, ili, na wao waweze kuandika na kuzungumza Kiswahili sanifu. Kumbuka kwamba si kila mtu anayezungumza, anayeongea na kuandika Kiswahili, anajua lugha hii kwa ufasaha. Kitabu hiki kitawasaidia watu kuongea na kuandika Kiswahili fasaha. Aidha, kitabu hiki kitawaongezea msamiati wa Kingereza watu wanaojua Kiswahili, lakini, hawajui maneno mengi ya Kingereza. Makundi ya watu yaliyolengwa Walengwa wa kitabu hiki ni makundi ya watu yafuatayo: Watalii, wawekazeji wa kigeni na wafanyabiashara wanaotoka katika nchi zisizozungumza Kiswahili .Wafanyakazi katika Balozi zilizo katika nchi zinazozungumza Kiswahili .Walimu wa Shule za Awali na Msingi, wanafunzi wa Shule za Sekondari na Wanavyuo.< Less
Oral Traditional Tales from the Democratic Republic of Congo By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This book is both interesting and original. It uses a compilation of some Congolese Traditional Tales for teaching English by having recourse to modern teaching standards. These tales belong to the... More > oral tradition: they have been transmitted from mouth to mouth. Parents or adults usually tell them to children in the evenings around a fire or under a starry blue sky. These tales have been reduced to the rank of simple folklore for a long time. But, thanks to this book, they have come out of darkness, have come to light, have been given their real value and can be let known to a large audience. This book shows that these tales are not told aimlessly; they have an educational objective in the sense that they inculcate in children’s minds values and principles which will permit them to get along well with the members of their communities and teach them to be cautious, shrewd and wise enough to cope successfully with life’s challenges.< Less
My Leadership Collections - Leadership Nuggets that will Help You Become an Effective Leader By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $7.80
My Leadership Collections This book is a collection of leadership principles and traits the author has learnt and practised over the years as an entrepreneur and business owner. These principles have... More > guided him on his leadership journey, shaped his wisdom and positively altered his dispositions on how he relates with people. A good leader should be humble, caring, sensitive, disciplined and always positively disposed. He or she must be visionary, have integrity and capacity. A leader who displays pride, arrogance, is insensitive, lacks capacity and vision, will not go very far. It is our hope that you will gain useful insights as you tour this book. We recommend this book to all current and future leaders. We are sure that once you finish reading it, you will be reborn for the good of your leadership.< Less
Deeper Secrets of Wealth Creation By Tanzania Educational Publishers Ltd
eBook (PDF): $6.65
Every person likes money. Even a child wants to own money. No body hates becoming a millionaire or a billionaire. But, why do all people, of different ages and nationalities, want to own money? The... More > answer is simple because with it you can solve most of your needs and problems. With money, you can purchase and own assets and services. With money, you can buy almost anything on earth. With money, you can be attended by the best doctor in the country and thus postpone death! There is no doubt that money elevates a person to a higher social level. In this book, as the author mentions in its title, he reveals Deeper Secrets of Wealth Creation. He reveals the very inside secrets which the current and past rich people used in order to be where they are to-day. People are still using them to become rich. You can also be rich if you so wish by reading the book and practice what you learnt. It is a compulsory book for all ambitious people who want to rise and become rich.< Less

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