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The Hands of Time By AA Isola
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A pool of several hundred ethnic nationalities, Nigeria secured her independence from Britain in 1960 and became a republic three years later. The journey into nationhood, like every other... More > independent African country, has not been a bed of roses. With a series of coups and counter-coups, the mistrust of one ethnic group another has not abated in over a century of her political history. Recently, having picked up the democratic process where she left off subsequent to the first military intervention in 1966, there is every reason to believe the political class has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. The face of the current Fourth Republic as depicted in the current work calls for prudence if the country is to move on in fulfilment of her destiny. To outsiders, there is barely any concrete evidence to back the suspicion that the country is at the crossroads. Yet with the benefit of a perusal through every component of existing data, there is no reason to have a double mind that this is so.< Less
Tinubu Lagos Is My Success Story By AA Isola
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Lagos, globally adjudged the best safety and security-conscious metropolis on the continent, is richer than several African nations put together. By UN estimates, one of the 7 most densely populated... More > in the world, the story of modern Lagos will not be complete without the solid foundation laid by the former governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a political whizkid whose selfless performance and devotion to upgrading the standards in public service while promoting good living in every citizen irrespective of background or where you come from is legendary. Of the national political experience, the success of Tinubu in the many fights for the enthronement and survival of democracy is unparalleled and a stuff that only classics are made of.< Less
Caliphatists & Democrats By AA Isola
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Nigeria, south of the Sahara is a land of mixed blessings. With 2/3rds of the natural resources of the continent and substantial oil reserves, in her favour is the advantage of a large market as the... More > world’s most populous black state. For any company interested in doing business on the continent, a foothold in Nigeria is key. As luck would have it, Nigerians including the eggheads would rather accommodate scornful Caucasian eyes spending their earthly sojourn enriching the white culture far away from home, where the weather is perfect all year round. There is a score card of poverty and inequity. On top of the fragile unity, the deceit of successive leadership what with the uncontrollable assault on public assets, an indictment that she is not getting it right, Nigeria at the lowest ebb of the twelve OPEC countries with USD1064 GDP is yet to hit her potentials.< Less
The Trajectory of The Tinubu Vision By AA Isola
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For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the opposition unseated the government in a free and fair election. The electoral victory of the mega alliance, the APC, much unprecedented as it was,... More > could only have sent a strong message that all things being equal the opposition could defeat the party in power on a continent notorious for a subsisting culture of electoral malpractices and the sit-tight syndrome. The bridge-builder whose political sagacity as much as untold sacrifice was instrumental to the emergence and success of the party at a time the presidential flag-bearer lacked the enabling home support is erstwhile Governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The chief architect of modern Lagos and a rare breed who has made selflessness the bedrock of his public service, the foundation he laid as also his continued visionary role in the affairs of not just Lagos the world's 7th largest city, but also of the country, Nigeria, is the central theme around which the present work revolves.< Less
A Dance of Democracy By AA Isola
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Nigeria, a country with the highest density of black population, came into existence with a formal amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914. Historians and demography experts... More > have continued to ponder if the British adventurers that did the fusion took time off to consider what the end product would look like. It is only real that more than a century since the capricious merger of the South with the North, the talk of amity and unity in diversity to forge ahead as a nation has not left the country. Aside from the continued bloody Islamist unrest, mass youth unemployment and infrastructural decay that are sure indices of a state under stress, the country is beset with an endless quest for self-determination by major ethnic nationalities. What with a startling catalog of ineptitude by successive nepotic leadership that has been the bane of the country and the highlight of the present work, the journey to nationhood of Africa's most populous country is indeed a bumpy one.< Less
The Bokoharamisation Of A Beautiful Country By AA Isola
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With the nefarious activity of the Boko Haram now in its tenth year, Nigeria continues to attract world attention for the wrong reason. The Islamist sect is unrelenting in a jaundiced mission to... More > teach the country a bitter lesson, carving out its name in gory tales of woe with reckless abandon. For a spell, the perpetration of horror, maiming and mindless killings of innocent Nigerians including defenceless schoolchildren and women culminated in arrant disorganization to governance in the entire North East of the country. If, however, the then administration was slammed for treating the sect with kid gloves at its inception, it is not as if the end is in sight what with the resort to the full use of force by the succeeding government. The nature of the conflict, according to security experts, demands for a proactive, multi-pronged approach other than mere application of brute force. These are steps the present work has enumerated in appreciation of the need for a speedy end to the bloodshed.< Less
Osun Osogbo Goddess Of My People By AA Isola
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Osun Osogbo, revered across the globe as goddess of fertility, is the focus and main attraction at the Osun Osogbo Festival celebrated by miracle-seeking people from all over the world. The case of... More > the Osun Osogbo renowned by devotees as a benevolent deity is the more complicated being intricately interwoven with the founding of the ancient community of Osogbo, which today is the seat of government of Nigeria's Osun State, named after the river goddess. A tourist attraction, the Osun Osogbo Festival holds annually at the peak of the wet season usually around August. The author of the present work, an indigene, takes the readership through the series of events leading to the grand finale of the festival in addition to a bold critique of the interconnectivity of humankind with the unseen super-nature forces.< Less

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